TRIP REPORT 2003-2004 New Year's Cruise Day 4

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    Jan 3, 2004
    DAY 4 12/30


    We had arrived and were on dry land. We took a snorkling excursion to Penil Island, a short bus ride and boat ride from the ship. Had a great time, and were back on the ship by 1. Snorkeling was excellent and the guides used a float for the children to hang onto as he pulled them along.

    Daughter and wife went shopping. Son and I stayed on ship and sunned and swam and had lunch.

    That night we had Palo's reservations. Wish I could eat there every night of the cruise. While the rest of the restaurants are noisy and busy, Palo's is a pampering respite. Awesome food. We both had 2 appetizers and 2 desserts. Do tip well when you go to Palo's.

    The kids had room service and stayed in the room, enjoying that very, very much. They had friends in, watched a movie and ate.

    A note on the kids' clubs. We've been on the cruise 3 times, and every time the kids have a different view of them. My daughter loved it the first cruise and never wanted to leave (then 5), now at 10 she wants nothing to do with it. Son at 5 didn't like it at all. Do keep an eye on your child's reaction and go with his/her needs. I saw a sad sight one night after dinner as 4 and 5 year olds--in a line- were being led off to another part of the ship with 5 of them crying and screaming asking for their parents.

    Tropicalifragilistic Deck Party that night.

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