TRIP REPORT @003-2004 New Year's Cruise Day 2

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  1. disneycruiser4

    disneycruiser4 Earning My Ears

    Jan 3, 2004
    DAY 2.

    We were all awake at 8:00 because the ship was creaking so much we couldn't sleep, so went for breakfast at Topsider's. Not many there.

    I'm at Atkin's diet freak, so I had lots of eggs, bacon and sausage. My 5 year old son loved the Mickey waffles. My 10 year old daughter loved the chocolate croissants. It was a rough and windy morn with a lot of sea sick travellers. No one was sick in our family, and we did not use any pills or patches. After breakfast, our daughter took a walkie talkie and roamed the ship, while our 5 year old son headed for the Kid's club. We sunned and read on Deck 10. The seas were so rough that Mickey's and Goofy's pools were like wave pools. Fun for the kids!

    Daughter met a friend and headed for Pirates of the Carribean at the theatre and son was ready to join us at the pools. There are always first run movies to see now and Disney has really upgraded this part of the cruise. Even premeared a movie while we were on board. AND, they now sell snacks--popcorn, candy, etc.--just outside the theatre. Or, you can bring in ice cream, cookies, etc. from Scoops.

    No one was hungry for lunch, so we snacked on fresh fruit available from 12-5 at Scoops. The kids had a hot dog at Pluto's by the pools. Daughter tried out the arcade and didn't realize that if she put the Key to the World card in the machine, we'd be charged for it. She had 6" pink bear to show for her efforts, at a cost--I was later to see--of $60.00. Oh well, it's only money. I did have charging privileges removed from her card after that!!!:rolleyes:

    At 5 we prepared for dinner at Parrot Cay. Attendance at dinner was light. The sea was just too high, with a medium gale blowing--GET ME TO LAND! Dinner was okay--the ship was 100% full and the kitchen and servers just hadn't clicked with the guests yet. I made the mistake of not taking our server's suggesstion and got the mixed grill. It was awful, so I ordered another entree, but had to excuse myself as I was ill. WEverone else went to see Hercules. I'd seen it twice before, so didn't miss much. I went right to bed, hoping I wasn't getting the flu. (I didn't)

    A couple of tips: Disney gives every child card charging privileges--go to guest services and take that right away from your kids, unless you are made of money and don't plan on teaching your kids the value of a buck. The cast has no sympathy for crediting back to you what your kids charge.

    Also, unless your kids drink a gallon of soda pop a day, don't buy the soda mugs. There is free milk and lemonade all day at a stand just outside Topsider's.

    There are no milkshakes on board, but we made them by getting a cup filled 2/3 full of ice cream at Scoops, then mixing in milk.

    Finally, do try the alcoholic drink of the deal. It's a steal at $3.50 and is a generous portion.

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