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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by pyrxtc, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Jan 21, 2004
    I booked our trip and have made the downpayment. I have 1 room at POR. I chose to get the Dream maker package with the prince and princess plan option. The price was not so bad but depending on what discounts come out I may change later. I am going in Oct 2005 and we want to be there for MNSSHP which would be on the day we arrive. (I think)

    I am considering changing resorts in the spring to 2 Pop century rooms instead. What would be a better use of my money? 2 rooms are only $60 more for the package at Pop. We'd get 4 lanyards, pins instead of 2. We'd get 2 Gift certificates for DTD or two legacy tiles. We'd get free character breakfast, and preferred viewing for certain shows for the kids and something was said about special seats for the fireworks. We originally wanted to rent DVC points or stay at the BWI but price kills that.

    We are me and DH, 3 kids 2,4,8, and babbysitter 15. Where would you stay and how would you do your tickets to make the best of your time there.

    We are driving and will get there Sunday mid-day (MNSSHP night?) and leave Saturday. I was thinking the package would let us do breakfast with Cinderella on our final day there and let us do dinner in a park on our first day? Better way to do this?

    Any idea's would be appreciated.
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    Technically, a person over the age of 18 would need to be in each room.

    Additionally--I'm not sure that 5 people and a baby can stay at POR--but if you've already booked it and they let you, then I guess it is okay.

    There is just something cool about the pop---and I remember when I was a kid--that when things came free and there wasn't enough to go around, someone's feelings got hurt.

    If you can guarantee an adjoining room with connecting door--then I would switch to pop!
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    Mar 11, 2001
    Personally, I would go with the PopC. You'd have 2 bathrooms instead of 1, 4 beds instead of 2½ (that trundle bed can hardly be considered a complete bed!). You'll have 2 TV sets (fewer arguments over what channel to watch) and some space for privacy. Make sure that it is very clear that you need connecting rooms, not just adjoining rooms. You will need to have that connecting door between the rooms. You can then put the older kids and babysitter in one room while Mom, Dad and the toddler use room #2. Keep the doors open between the rooms in case of emergency.

    If you're going with the Dream Maker Package, then you will have length of stay passes (UPHs). So, from the moment that you check in until midnight of the day you check out, you will have unlimited admission to the 4 theme parks, the waterparks, DQ, WWoS and PI. You can go to any of these, or skip some but when your stay is over, your passes expire. You would have no problem going to the parks when you arrive on Sunday but you will need to purchase separate tickets for MNSSHP. As long as you have reservations for CRT, then you would have no problems getting into the MK on your last day to have breakfast.

    Have fun planning!

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