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Discussion in 'Hotel & Accommodations Reviews' started by dyna, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. dyna

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    Jun 30, 2005
    We stayed here 3 nights August 30, 31st and Sept 1st of this year. Over the holiday weekend we paid 45.00 a night with our AAA discount.

    The hotel was CLEAN no mold any where in bathroom was not afraid to walk barefoot on the carpet our queen sized bed was comfy for sleepin and the sofa in the room was very comfy to sit on an relax. We didn't try the sofa for sleeping didn't need it.

    Where we like having a sink in the dressing area with DH and I it didn't matter that the only sink was in the bathroom as we was traveling without kids.

    The pool was Very clean we could see the screws in the bottom drain in 6 foot of water. The lounge chairs most of which was very new was nice too the older faded ones could have used a good cleaning we was just careful not to use those chairs as was most ppl.

    The free breakfast had good orange juice but the muffins an bagels left lots to be desired we knew that goin in an it didn't bother us. We not much on eating breakfast anyway.

    The laundry area was very basic but worked well. $1.50 to wash an same to dry. 1 cycle dried our clothes too.

    The sidewalks an pool deck was surprisingly clean, repairs being made to the pool deck where the top coating of cement had cracked an chipped away was being repaired while we was there. Someone was going around every morning touching up the paint on the outside of the building.

    Located about 3 miles from Disney's main gate didn't bother us as we was moving on site in the end anyway. We drove to disney market place 1 day then the next time we drove anywhere was to disney for our disney visit.

    We was able to walk to the east just a couple blocks an find a small grocery store that carried the diet cokes we needed an a few basic items $4.19 for a 12 pack but they was already cold too. An only about 20 cents higher than at home so not worth driving to look for better price.

    We walked to Old Town 1 afternoon it's about mile an half to the west so a bit of a walk but we enjoyed the walk an lookin around in Old Town for the afternoon.

    If you looking for a basic hotel for a night before disney or to stay offsite this is the place!
  2. dougsmom98

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    Feb 23, 2002
    Thanks for the review. I have always seen good prices for this place. It is good to know that it is a good value.
  3. kilee

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    Jan 20, 2003
    That sounds like a good value. Thank you for sharing. I'll keep this in mind. So many people are looking for a clean, budget friendly hotel for a night or two before staying onsite. This will be a great reference.
  4. emtntn

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    Aug 25, 2007
    Glad to see this good review. I placed offer on pricline for room night before Disney. This is what we got. I was very worried until reading this. Thanks
  5. MellyMouse

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    Jan 4, 2008
    We're looking at booking this for our June trip, as we're on a major budget, and we decided the hotel was the place to skimp (since we'll hardly be there anyway) This one seems to get the most consistently satisfied reviews of the budget accomodations. Any recommendations on areas/rooms to request or avoid? Has one section been renovated more recently?

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