Travelled to EuroDisney from UK?

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by JenniferW, Feb 24, 2002.

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    Wanted to get some info about how easy it would be to travel from the UK to EuroDisney. Might go over to UK in May or July and could easily get the train and wonder if anyone has done it. Is it cheaper to go by train or plane? How far outside Paris is the park and how is the public transportation to it? Also, are there lots of hotels in that area, some even reasonable? Do most people book a package or something? Any info would be appreciated. Have never been to Euro, but have been many times to WDW and DL so would like to try something new.

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    Hi Jenn,

    Firstly, you might like to head over to the UK Boards which is where most of the Brits hang out...and plenty of them have been to Disneyland Paris! :)

    My own thoughts on it are...

    If you are in London, the train may not be cheaper than the plane, but it is certainly easier. It takes just over 3 hours from central London to the Park gates, but obviously you don't have to worry about traveling to the airport or checking in early (20 minutes for the train) so whilst the train is faster overall and easier.

    There are two trains - one that takes you direct from London to the Park and Disney hotels (the budget ones hotels are the Sante Fe & the Cheyenne - if you have DisneyClub, you can get a discount - all hotels are in walking distance to both parks though) or you can get the train from London to Paris (that way you can see a bit of the city too) however, Paris, like most capitals, isn't particularly cheap either! There are regular trains that run from Paris to the park, this will take you about half an hour as the park is actually a fair way outside the city, but it's an easy trip.

    As I say, head over to the UK Boards (you'll need to re-register your user name before you can post) and ask on the Trip Planning Board, and I'm sure you'll get lots more opinions and input there :)

    Penny :)
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    We took DS for to Eurodisney for his 5th Birthday as we had been in WDW for oldest DS 8th Birthday, we flew with one of the budget airlines and it only cost us £25 ($34) each and we caught the train straight through. We did enjoy it but it does not compare to WDW and you have to take into account the attitude of the French and ohhhh what an attitude, nowhere near as polite or accomodating as you americans but as long as you are prepared for this you can still have a great time - we did but the boys said they would prefer WDW any day so shall save all my money for that in future


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    Thanks for the info. I am supposed to accompany my hubby to visit family (he's British) and he also plans on doing a week conference and thought I might pop in!

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    Train is very convenient if you are in or near London. Visit for details and prices of the service.

    The new Walt Disney Studios theme park at the Disneyland Resort Paris opens in a few weeks, so you will be able to visit two parks if you want. The exisiting Disneyland Park at Paris is regarded by many as Disney's finest Magic Kingdom, and is well worth two or three days by itself. The new park is very small (it was built on a very tight budget, unlike its big brother next door which had no-expense spared on it), but it does have a couple of unique Disney attractions which are great fun. is the best website for Disneyland Paris. It should answer lots of your questions, but feel free to post here is you have any more thoughts about visiting DLP.



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