Traveling to Disney Alone 2013

Discussion in 'Gay and Lesbian at Disney' started by DisneyFreak1976, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. DisneyFreak1976

    DisneyFreak1976 Earning My Ears<br><font color=red>Too Hairy to be

    Aug 7, 2012
    I just booked a trip to WDW for Feb 2013. I'm traveling there alone. This will be my first time going to the Happiest Place on Earth alone.

    Have any of you ever traveled there alone? Any tips for this first time solo traveler?

    I do look forward to going alone as I can go at my own pace and do what I want, when I want.

    One specific question I have is, as a solo traveler and going the first week of February, should I worry about making ADP's?
  2. dmwang9

    dmwang9 Agent P's sidekick-in-training

    Feb 18, 2007
    I love doing WDW solo for exactly the reason you give -- you get to pick your pace and do what you want.

    One tip that I really enjoy: talk to Cast Members. My favorite is asking CMs at attractions to tell me about the little details or back stories that I would otherwise miss. Sometimes they're not into it (or too busy to stop and chat) but sometimes, their eyes light up and we have a fantastic conversation.

    As for food, I'm not really a table service fan, but I've had good luck just walking up and asking for a table for one. Lots of places also serve food at the bar, and that's often faster than waiting for a table. Plus, you get to talk to the bartender or other diners if you want.

    And finally, I sometimes play lunchtime resort roulette to determine where I eat lunch. I usually hit a park at rope drop and leave around 11 for lunch. I'll jump in the first resort bus that arrives and go there for lunch. It's a fun way to explore new resorts that I otherwise wouldn't visit.

    Have fun!

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  4. Rememberingthe70s

    Rememberingthe70s Old School

    Oct 25, 2008
    I go solo every Winter, five or six days. All the same reasons - I love being there alone.

    Also, I'm easily irritated and selfish, so solo is heaven for me. LOL

    But seriously -

    Especially if you're there during a low-crowd time, it's very easy to cover lots of ground very quickly and ride multiple favorites multiple times, even at a leisurely pace. Have lots of "extra" lists of things to do. After four days, I started to run out of things to do (crazy), but I also didn't get hoppers last time. That was a mistake for someone like me. Not having a longer, more interesting "wish list" was a bummer. In other words, after being in one park alone for 6 hours, after four haunted mansions, four Splash Mountains, three Thunder Mountains, etc, by the fifth time I came out of Buzz Lightyear and walked right back on, I started to think, "You know, maybe it's time to go back to the hotel."
  5. DisneyFreak1976

    DisneyFreak1976 Earning My Ears<br><font color=red>Too Hairy to be

    Aug 7, 2012
    Thank you for the replies. I will definitely take your ideas and put them on my list.

    I like the idea of resort roulette...that's one of the things I was thinking of doing. Explore some of the resorts I've never seen. The last couple times I've been it's been a whirlwind tour with other people so no time for exploring.

    I think that's the word I want to use for this trip...explore.

    Talking to CM's is a great idea, I think during a low crowd time would be perfect for that.

    I'm also thinking of taking the behind the scenes tour one day. Haven't decided yet.
  6. glenpreece

    glenpreece DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2008
    The resort bus roulette is a great idea!!! I love visiting other resorts maybe I'll try that next time I go. Which mioght be soon if I keep looking at these ridiculously low airfares

    MADnNOLA DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2012
    I love my solo trips! As you mentioned, being able to go and do things on your own schedule is wonderful.

    I have gone on 4 day trips and usually on the go the whole time. The next trip (planning on May) will be a week long one. So I am going to explore more and relax!

    I will usually make ADRs if there is a specific TS restaurant I want to enjoy. Last solo trip in October, I ate at Brown Derby for lunch and the Wave for breakfast. I have a list of others on the May trip I will be making. I have heard it is difficult to get ADRs for one and people will make them for two. But I have never had an issue with this.

    I will usually line out a rough outline of what days to do what parks based on EMHs (love them) and crowd level predictions. But being solo, it can be very flexible. Last trip I hit AK at rope drop, hit Kali River before leaving (soaked) mid morning and went back to the resort to change and then on to MK for the rest of the day.

    Do the behind scenes tour. I plan on doing one as well in May. I did the 3D Dessert at F&W in October. It was a stand out event of my trip. I want to do more "special" things in future trips!

    Most of all, HAVE FUN! :yay:
  8. disneykin

    disneykin Earning My Ears

    Aug 7, 2012
    Most of the postings on this thread reflect my love of going solo at Disney almost exactly! I'm wondering if we were all separated at birth.
    WDW is my happy place. I can set my own pace and, if I see something that's "oooh, aaah, pretty," I can go right up to it without hurting companions' feelings or getting them annoyed.
    Interestingly, I find that, at least once during each stay, a Cast Member (photographer, vendor pushing a cart, or the like) will start up a conversation. I'm always happy to talk to a CM, as they are invariably pleasant and respond happily to my Disney enthusiasm. I do find myself wondering if, as a single middle-aged guest, I raise red flags? Being totally harmless, I have no objection to being scoped-out by undercover security people who want to find out if I'm a functional adult or not, but, I'm just wondering...
    And, THANKS for the "Resort Roulette" idea. Sounds like fun!
  9. mrsandreahawkins

    mrsandreahawkins Earning My Ears

    Dec 11, 2012
  10. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    Sep 5, 2012

    I love the idea of Resort Bus Roulette too!
  11. DebºoºS

    DebºoºS DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 1997
    I love the Resort Bus Roullette! What fun! Traveling solo I find walk ups are very easy with little wait time.
  12. pennyheart

    pennyheart Earning My Ears

    Apr 3, 2012
    Hi, I love all your ideas, I am traveling solo Jan 25-29. Looking forward to sitting by the pool for some r & r. MK a must to see the new Fantsyland. Dinner at Le Cellier reservations, breakfast at Boma. Should be fun.
  13. MassJester

    MassJester DIS Veteran DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Oct 25, 2001
    I make solo trips frequently--in fact, on one now.

    After a while, you get to know enough people so it isn't really a solo excursion anymore :)
  14. greenkai3000

    greenkai3000 Mouseketeer

    Sep 10, 2011
    You'll have a wonderful time for sure. I've done the Magic Kingdom by myself and enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe you'll do a Trip Report afterwards? :wizard:
  15. mrunn0080

    mrunn0080 Earning My Ears

    Jan 7, 2013
    I went solo in 2011, it was exciting but it had it's bad moments. I wish I went with someone I could relate to. My friends here don't like disney at all, so I tried to meetup with another DISer from here and.. well.. it turns out we had nothing in common and did not surf the parks together or do anything after we met in person. Next time I go, I definitely want to go with someone I know better. I liked having the room to myself mind you but I found it was hard for me to break the ice and mingle with others in the park. The worst parts, walking around in the park by myself, I felt as if everyone was starring at me. I still had a great time thou and enjoyed the rides and fireworks shows the same.

  16. future84

    future84 Earning My Ears

    Aug 14, 2009
    I usually make a friend or two while drinking around the world, or playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

    I also always make sure to have my Kindle with me. As someone else said about riding an attraction over and over, there are only so many times I can enjoy the 20 minute queue at Haunted Mansion before I get completely bored. Also helps pass the time on busses (though I always carry a book with me when I'm riding public transportation).

    As for eating, I do like table service meals, and the CM servers are pleasant and will make polite small talk. (Again, a book helps for when you are alone.)

    Finally, I join in on conversations. When people who are clearly fans start talking, I might politely add my two cents to their conversation. This happened once at the Sunshine Seasons Cafe at The Land, and we wound up hanging out in Future World for several hours together.

    No matter what, enjoy it!

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