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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by DizneyDogs, May 12, 2001.

  1. DizneyDogs

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    Apr 6, 2000

    Ok a question for those in the know. Whats the best way to park hop between the parks? Will be staying at an off site can I take the monorail between the 2 parks? or do I have to walk or is there a bus?
    Also does the monorail stop in downtown Disney? Can anybody ride the monorail or do you have to be staying at one of the disney motels?

    Basically just need to know how to best get from park to park and the downtown disney area.

  2. PixieDusting

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    Apr 6, 2000
    The parks are about a 2 minute walk across a plaza from each other. No bus, no monorail. You can tale the monorail from DL to DtD, but there's no need to...unless you're already in Tomorrowland. It's about a 3 minute walk from the entrance to DL to DtD.

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  4. luvdsny

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    Jan 31, 2000
    Yup, Lauren said it best.

    The entrance to DCA and DL are a 2 minute walk right across an esplanade from eachother.

    The only way to hop is to walk....there are no trams or busses and the monorail does not stop at DCA.

    The monorail only stops in two Downtown Disney (a 2 minute walk from the entrance to either park) or Tomorrowland. If you board the monorail in Downtown Disney you have to get off in Tomorrowland.

    However, if you board the monorail in Tomorrowland you can stay on and go around one time and then get off in Tomorrowland.

    Basically, you have to get off in Tomorrowland.

    You cannot just stay on and ride around and around. :(

    I don't understand the monorail concept at all. :confused:

    BTW, DizneyDogs....e-mail me if you would like me to add you to a list of people who would like to attend our next Northwest DIS Meet...our last one in March was fun. :) :D :)

  5. Dodie

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    Nov 10, 1999

    Being WDW experts, with much experience on buses and monorails - we were SHOCKED to see that the parks entrances to the parks are just a few feet from one another.
  6. teri

    teri DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 1999
    Not only are the park entrances across the plaza from each other, but Downtown Disney is right there as well. The parks share ticket purchase booths. You can easily walk to any of the onsite hotels and many of the offsite hotels.
  7. Greg K.

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Am I the only one who thinks DCA would benefit from some sort of transit system? A monorail or tram or something?

    I know, given the park's other pressing problems right now, that's the LAST thing the Imagineers are worried about. But at the end of the day, when we were making our way back to the DL Hotel from Paradise Pier, way back by the roller coaster, it was a LONG walk.

    At DL, at least, you can hop the monorail. (A hardier soul might trek from DCA across that plaza, back into the park, and into Tomorrowland to catch the monorail, but that's hardly worth it, is it?)

    Also: I know Paradise Pier Hotel and the Grand Californian each has its own entrance to DCA...but is it possible for anyone else to use those entrances as exits? A short cut to get out?
  8. If you ride the Timon and Pumba Parking lot tram it takes you and drops you off almost right in front of the Paradise Pier hotel...

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