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gelatoni fan

Mar 18, 2018
I have a split TDR trip next month and was wondering what the best way to get to and from the Sheraton Grande on the Monorail Loop would be.

I need to get from HND to Sheraton early in the morning (flight lands 6AM), go to Yokohama and back and leave from NRT (leave TDR area by 2PM). So I was thinking of taking the subway on the day I land because it's before the bus starts and then the limousine bus from the hotel to NRT when I leave. Since there's no direct bus from Bayside Station to Yokohama, I was wondering if I should just take the subway or if the bus from DisneySea will be significantly faster.


DIS Veteran
Apr 2, 2010
I am not really sure of the answer to your question but when we stayed there we mostly skipped the monorail loop and just took the shuttle from the Sheraton to the Manheim station/welcome center. I can't recall what times the shuttle ran but ti was fairly frequent and started before park opening.


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