Travel Channel - Utah with Donny Osmond..

Mackey Mouse

Me read the Navigator? I don't
May 21, 2000
Did anyone see this last night?? OMG.. I wanted to hop the next plane and go to Utah.. I have always wanted to go to Sundance.. Has anyone done that and I would love to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in person.. I have been to Salt Lake City.. I was 15.. Yikes that was a long time ago...
Didn't see it Marsha, but the MTC is magnificent in person. Gives you a steady case of the chills.
OK, I admit that the MTC is probably very impressive, but I would have watched the show to see Donny Osmond...Dang it!!! Had I known I would have watched it...he is definitely a fave of mine....He was awesome in Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.... hmmmmmmmmm now that was some great scenery :D :D :D :D :smooth:
Donny looked pretty cute, I must admit.. but the thought of going to Sundance and maybe catching a glimpse of Robert Redford makes my heart sing.. and I know that if I saw the MTC in person the tears would be flowing..

well, Donny is a hottie...he was great in Joseph...especially with his shirt off. Man, not at all bad for his age...Now I would not mind running into Robert Redford either. Not bad at all....Still think either of them would be as cool as the MTC.


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