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Dec 26, 2001
Hi! We are thinking of maybe going on another Disney Cruise and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with who to go through to set up the cruise. We have gone through a travel agent both times and it was worked out but does anyone have an oppinion of which source to use such as a Travel Agent or Dreams Unlimeted. Thank you so much!


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Feb 4, 2000
I have used DU to book a land/sea package and a 7 night cruise. I have never used any other travel agency for Disney. I would recommend DU for a couple of things: knowledge about Disney; frequent rebates or shipboard credit offer, and what I feel is the most impressive; if you book with DU and later a promo comes up that will provide you a better deal, they "catch" that and will have you rebooked at the better rate. I have tried 2 times to get quotes from other agencies (AAA) and another, and were unsuccessful at getting any help.


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Mar 25, 2001
We used a TA for our first two cruises and were less than impressed. For the third cruise we got a quote from DU and then Disney Travel. Disney Travel beat DU, not by much but they did beat them, and did a great job with all details. I have already used DT to book for this years cruise as well. We also used DT for a wonderful Christmas trip to DW this past December. Again they handled everything with perfection.
Use your computer to get the best prices from DU and DT and then call DT. See what they can do over the phone.


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Nov 22, 1999
Even though I generally like to plan things myself, we have found two main advantages to using DU. First, we like the staterooms credits they offer. Second, I don't have to worry about watching for the prices to drop because they do it for me. A lot of travel agencies don't know much about Disney cruises (ask them what a secret porthole room is!), but at DU they are fellow Disney fanatics so they know their stuff.
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