Transportation to Universal from POFQ


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Jan 27, 2016
Lyft has better first time rider promos than Uber usually. I would set up both apps and then pull them up when you want to travel and pick the best price and availability.
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    Jun 2, 2014
    what is the cheapest way to get from POFQ to Universal? Uber?
    I would caution you on Mears transport. From our experience of going to Universal from POFQ. We had conceirge schedule Mears pick up the next morning at 7am for an early entrance to Universal. We listened while she made the appointment.
    Well, 7am came and no one showed up. We gave it to 7:30 and no one showed up. We then hailed a cab which was sitting across from us at the time. We don't have smart phones, so we couldn't do uber or lyft. I believe the cab cost around 30 dollars but can't remember exactly and it was a few years ago.
    That was our one and done experience with Mears at WDW.
    Others have used them and had no problems, though, but one and done for us.

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    Feb 18, 2021
    what is the cheapest way to get from POFQ to Universal? Uber?
    LYNX bus $2. $4.50 for All day Pass.

    From Disney Springs take LYNX 350 (former LYNX 50) to Destination Parkway Transfer Station. Transfer to LYNX 38 which takes you to Universal Transportation Center/Universal.

    LYNX 350 runs all day


    There's also LYNX #303
    *This only has one trip from Disney Springs in the afternoon.
    It goes from Disney Springs direct to Universal in 20 minutes.


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