Transport to LAX hotel followed by Universal?


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Aug 21, 2007
We are considering going to universal on our last day. Let me know if this is a stupid idea, or if manageable, which transport option should we pick?

We have an early fight out on October 18th, so I've booked the night of the 17th at an LAX airport. If we checked out of HoJo earlyish on the 17th and check in at the LAX hotel just so we can leave our bags there. Could we then spend the day at Universal?

Ideally I'd like to book transport that would pick us up from Hojo, take us to the LAX hotel and wait while we check in, and then take us to universal.

Who would you recommend to book that through? Is it going to cost us far too much money? We have driven in the US before, but never in and around Los Angeles/Anaheim, so I would only rent a car if it was absolutely the best option.


Oct 9, 2018
Traffic can vary quite a bit out here. Traffic builds early and quickly driving into the city weekday mornings. One accident can really throw things out of whack.

I just put HoJo to "LAX" into Google Maps departing this coming Monday at 0630, and got a drive time estimate of 40-80 minutes. A generic LAX to Universal search leaving at 0730 gave a drive time of 45-80 minutes.

I think pricing on Lyft/Uber would likely vary widely for trips like this. If you want to contact specific car services others on the boards have mentioned for trips between DLR and local airports, here are two that come to mind:

They're both geared towards servicing the airports, so I can't guarantee they'd meet your needs, but it's a start!

Others may suggest staying at a Universal hotel and taking a car service to LAX the morning of the 18th to save a step on the 17th. I am inclined to say the same, but totally get the peace of mind being able to hop on a hotel shuttle and be at the airport in minutes (and getting some extra sleep!) provides.

Ross Kratter

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Apr 5, 2019
For car service, I would go with In Style Transportation. I used them three times last year. Wonderful service, fantastic drivers, and the best fleet of cars in the area.
What you’re asking for in terms of making a stop to check in probably means they’ll book you at a charter rate.


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Aug 15, 2017
I wonder if it would be practical with your park reservations at Disneyland to do a day trip with a car to Universal before that last day? Pick up a car near your Anaheim Hotel, go to Universal and drop the car off back in Anaheim the next morning. You could make the 17th your last Disney day leaving your luggage at your Anaheim Hotel then all you have to worry about is a rideshare to your LAX hotel that evening.
Otherwise see if the services listed above or Karmel Shuttle, Lansky Limo would work out.