Trails End and Chip & Dale's campfire: arrival day

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  1. jenidot

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    Mar 8, 2013
    I was thinking we would do trails end and campfire on arrive day. Can you assist with logistics? What time to eat dinner, best way to get to Ft wilderness (mk boat or vehicle) etc. it's our first trip to disney!
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    We love doing this, just did this our last trip.:thumbsup2 FIRST, Double check the times for the singalong campfire-summer season I believe it's @ 8:00 instead of the winter season 7:00 time.

    Give yourselves a good 1 1/2 - 2 hrs between the time you make the dinner TE ADR and when the sing a long starts so you have some extra time if you wait to be seated and then to get to the campfire from TE via internal bus.

    Best way to get to the campground is to take the boat from MK. It takes you to the dock right by the Settlement Post where TE is located. (You can also take a boat to FW from CR and WL).

    If you drive you will need to park in the main lot in the front of the campground and then take a bus from "the Outpost" to the "Settlement Post" where TE is located. Feel free to check out our experience of TE:

    Our Trails End Dinner Buffet Experience

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