Totally Tiffany fans? ScrapRack, carts or all those different plastic scrapbook pages.....


aka Kathy
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Oct 2, 1999
A few months ago I bought my first Totally Tiffany (TT) products (i.e. glue gun holder; plastic border pages) and then finally a ScrapRack and a Companion Cart to slide under my crafting table!

It didn't take long to fill the 7 binders (spinders) on my ScrapRack with just Disney stuff (and a little bit of Universal). I need another but I'm waiting for a TT sale to buy an expansion rack.

Anyone else have a ScrapRack? Anyone else use any of the different pages for things like embellishments? Or any of the carts like the Companion Cart? Just looking for someone to chat about the different TT products and how you use them. I have absolutely no connection to the company; I'm just a fan of some of her stuff.

Here's a link to the TT site: and Pinterest has tons of info including how to make your own scraprack.


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
I don't have one... I have mine all in drawers divided by park or theme... and I just go through as I need them... because then I find items/embellishments for upcoming page that I can pull out and have ready!

If I had more room I might consider a scraprack but the new space is limited which I the way I like it! I have to use what I have to bring in new items!


Earning My Ears
Feb 19, 2017
I have had a scraprack for years. So long that the glue is no longer holding the velcro on. I have searched for other ways and this is still the best. I am actually in the middle of reorganizing as we speak. What is the companion cart?


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