Topolino’s Terrace vs Trattoria al Forno


Sep 23, 2008

We are staying at the Boardwalk for the last 3 nights of our stay next month and wanted suggestions re the above question from anybody who has eaten at both of the Restaurants above?
It is just DW and myself and we already have Shula’s Steakhouse and the Flying Fish booked so have 1 more night free while at the Boardwalk area!
We already have an ADR for Topolinos which I know can be difficult to get but after watching lots of online reviews my wife isnt too impressed with the layout of the restaurant (prefer the hustle and bustle of Trattoria al Forno…plus it will be literally downstairs!)
All/any advice greatly appreciated!


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Nov 29, 2004
We do both each time we go to WDW and we like both very much. I guess it would depend on what you like to eat, Trattoria al Forno is Italian food, at Topolino's you can get a steak or even duck which is my DH's favorite. If I could only pick one, I guess it would be Trattoria al Forno for the convenience factor of being right on the BW but it would be a tough choice. If I wanted a good steak, I would pick Topolino's and DH would be very happy because he can get the duck, I always get the filet which is very good.

I think whichever one you choose you will be happy.

Her Dotness

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Jun 18, 2016
I'd give a slim edge to the Tratt.

Both are excellent, we thought, but the TalF seemed homier to us.

If any food issues are a concern, we had lovely dishes made for us both. The TalF chef asked what protein we each preferred and said he'd fix us something special, given our likes/dislikes. We thought that likely impossible as much difficulty as several other restaurants said they'd have fixing anything for us because of our dual sensitivities. We had delicious meals there.

The Topolino's chef was able to modify menu items wonderfully and was conscientious in asking what exactly we each needed.

A rave for both places foodwise.

I tend to agree with your wife that Topolino's is big-open-room with generic-upscale-restaurant decor. As DH would say in that regard, "Happy wife, happy life." That may be the dealbreaker right there. :D


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Jun 15, 2009
My DH & I love both of those restaurants! The food and service is great at both!

We recently did a split stay and ate at Trattoria while staying at the Swan & Topolinos while staying at Riviera.
It is so nice to get ready for dinner and easily get to the restaurant and then also go back to your room after dinner.

I would look at the menus and decide what sounds better. Either will be great!

Have a wonderful vacation!


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May 3, 2004
Have not been to Trattoria, but been to Topolinos on 3 different trips and loved every meal. For us, Topolinos is a clear winner.


Jun 8, 2020
I love both! Topolino's is more high refined both in space and menu. Food is more French/italian fusion while Trattoria is more traditional Italian. Also, youcan't beat the views from Topolino's. If you're able to do both, do it. I usually skip the Italian restaurants at Epcot and either walk to Trattoria or Skyline to Topolino's.


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Jun 3, 2022
We go to Trattoria every trip! But you go wrong with any of them. Both are great. Check the menu's and chose what type of meal your family will enjoy


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Oct 6, 2011
I think both are great--keep in mind that Toppolinos isn't that far when you are at the boardwalk. You can hop on the skyliner back by Epcot and be to the Riveria in less than 10 minutes. That said we always have good meals at Trattoria too.

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Oct 1, 2001
Both of these were our top 2 restaurants during our November BWV stay (Flying Fish was closed at the time, and that’s a long-term favorite as well). You can’t go wrong with either!


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Jun 13, 2019
Dined at both in January and they are the only two that made our list for the October trip. I would go with the wife and book Trattoria. Enjoy.


Jun 6, 2018
My rule is, always try the restaurants at the hotel where you stay. So I vote Trattoria!

Next trip, stay at the Riviera!