Too Tall to Ride? (6'7")


Earning My Ears
Feb 10, 2001
Trying to avoid last year's vacation dissapointment... Can anyone tell me where to find a listing of US/IOA rides that we can fit on? We range from a short 10 year old to a 6'3" 45 yr. old and a 6'7" 16 year old... Hard to find a place to go where we can all fit the height requirments (short and tall), as well as our varied interests... The 10 yr old wants IOA but will it be interesting for the 16 yr old and adults, too? Or should we opt for US? Only have one day and it will be next week, peak season.
IOA is geared more towards my bets are on that you should go there...


IOA is great for everyone and geared more for teens and adults than children. Next week the parks should still be very slow. This month is generally the slowest you'll find until Spring break crowds pick up in early March.


I've been told that basketball players have ridden the coasters at IOA. The bigger problem seems to be chest measurements. Over 50" it gets dicey, over 54 it's just impossible.,

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Studios Escape: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
"The Other Orlando: What To Do When You've Done Disney & Universal"‡


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