Too much food for one day?? Help me decide please

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by tjknitz, May 12, 2009.

  1. tjknitz

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    Apr 11, 2009
    Hi everyone!

    I've never been to WDW and I have no idea how the portions of food are (although I've heard that they are huge).
    There are 3 days while at WDW that we plan on taking in 2 table services (one for early AM breakfasts and then one for dinner)

    AM: CRT (hopefully 8am)
    PM: Chef Mickey (hopefully between 4:30/5pm)
    AM: Crystal Palace (hopefully 8am)
    PM: Ohana (hopefully around 7:30/8pm)
    AM: Askershus (hopefully around 10/10:30am)
    PM: Coral Reef (hopefully around 6pm/7pm)

    Do you think we should schedule a CS lunch for these days? Or do you think a snack between meals would suffice?
  2. ancestry

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    Jan 27, 2009
    It really depends on how you are used to eating.

    On the days at Disney when we only do two meals I usually do a later morning 10:00/11:00 and an earlier evening 5:00/5:30ish. Otherwise we do three meals a day.

    I, personally, couldn't go from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM without eating especially considering I would be burning a lot of calories walking around the park and I tend to get dizzy when my blood sugar levels get low (hypoglycemic). However, if you and your family members normally only eat early in the morning and don't eat again until dinner then you should be fine.

    It really depends on what you are used to.
  3. RahRah573

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    Nov 4, 2008
    Are you on the DDxP? I ask because with DDP you won't have six TS credits to eat at all of the above places - you'll have 3TS, 3CS and 3S I'm assuming you're going DxDP?

    I did the CRT lunch, so I'm not sure if the breakfast is much different, but with lunch the food was a fixed amount - pre-plated and brought out to your table. I'm sure it's enough if the breakfast is similar to lunch since the lunch there was really the right amount without being too much or too little. Getting there around 8:00, you'll be done around 9:30....only you can know if you'll be okay without eating until 4:30-5:00.....CM is buffet, so there is plenty to eat.

    CP is buffet, so plenty to start the day with....will you be okay without a lunch until 7:30-8:00? That's a pretty wide period of time for no food!

    Askershus is great - family style and you can ask for more of anything if you're still hungry....Epcot's World Showcase opens at 11:00, so you may want to make your reservation a touch earlier to be able to eat and be just leaving around the time WS opens, that way you're there and ready to go....maybe right to the water ride in Norway?

    It looks like you're planning to work your way over to Coral Reef in time for dinner? So, maybe the above doesn't apply if you're eating and then going to the other section of Epcot and working around to CR.....I'm also not sure how late CR takes dinner ressies since that side of Epcot closes earlier?

    If you're on the DxDP, you're not even close to using what you're paying for it and I'd suggest looking at other options.....if you're DDP, you're over budget for TS credits you'll have available to use......if you have no dining plan, ignore me!

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