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    Oct 8, 2003
    Oh my gosh, I've just stumbled on this site while I was trying to pull some last minute WDW stuff together - it appears I may have underestimated what we're in for and I may be ill!
    This all started with a business trip my dh has in Orlando next wk. Since we have twin 4 yr old girls we thought "hey, this would be a nice little trip to all go on" I said I'd take care of rsvr's for hotel and whatever else we'd need. I HAD NO IDEA this was such a big deal. As I've read these Forum postings I've picked up suggestions of things to do. I've made a rsvr for a Character lunch w/Winnie (I know Cindy's is THE place but no luck getting in so I took this). I also picked up a WDW w/kids book at the library, it suggested watching the fireworks from certain restaurants so we have a rsvr at a restaurant in the Grand F. (sorry, can't remember the name at the moment). The reason I'm here is to ask for any suggestions that might help make this trip more enjoyable and less stressful. Right now my biggest issue is tix. My MIL is coming along but I doubt she'll be on the front seat of Space Mtn, in fact, I doubt she'll be doing more than Epcot. I called WDW and asked if more than one person can use the same PH tix, they said yes, does this sound right? I was thinking I'd get a PH tix for her and after she had had enough for one day I'd give it to my 23 yr old daughter who's also coming down but won't be around the ENTIRE time. Am I missing anything here?
    Ok, this is probably way too long, sorry, thanks for any info you can provide.

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