Told dd no disney this year...

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by rmvite, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. rmvite

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    May 4, 2003
    I told her last night. She was unbelievably (sp?) Great. She didn't even cry. I was crying though. She said maybe we can go to Branson instead. Maybe we will. My dm was disappointed and said she would pay for all of us but I said no. I'm not comfortable with that. My family is going to Sell things and Save as suggested on this board and dm is going to save to.

    To everyone who was so understanding, I truly Thank You.

    To everyone who gave me so much info, Thanks a Million.

    BTW, dm said she can take the car ride to Fl. We may rent a SUV or Van, our car is too small to travel, even to Branson. Maybe we can go to Panama City Beach this year. We went last year and loved it. My dm has taken care of my father for 5 years. He had 2 kinds of cancer. He had an ostomy bag. It was a horrible death that he died. He passed away this past March. Mom really needs a break. Talk to everyone later. Thanks Again.

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    Feb 17, 2003
    I firmly believe that kids are much more resilient than any of us give them credit for. Big Hugs to you and that big girl you have at home:D She sounds like a keeper;)

    It does sound like your DM needs something fun and relaxing. Before I thought I could afford WDW this year (been saving for a while), I thought I would take DD to the beach like I do every year. Gulf Shores is MUCH cheaper and a little bit closer (We live in Memphis). If you go to, I priced many nice homes for little $$. Some were right on the beach. That might be a way to save a little more money for the next WDW trip and get a nice beach trip in this year. :D Also, Arkansas has some really nice things going on for their yearlong celebration. I got a trip guide from and found some fun things to do that might be inexpensive and fun for your family. Some have historical significance if you are a history buff or want to incorporate some educational things in there. Plus, it is closer as well. I can understand your disapointment, but you can still get away on a budget and have more for WDW next year!

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