TLC Marketing/Dockers reward

kim turck

Earning My Ears
Jun 4, 2007
I had a problem also with TLC. I finally turned my file over to the local Consumer Fraud Bureau, I think in November after many months of trying to work with out. I stayed strong and told TLC, that I wanted by airfare and not the money or the restaurant GC. CFB and TLC went back and forth with letters and phone calls for a few weeks. TLC was given a deadline by CFB to get the airfare credit to me. They finally called on January 12th and I booked Vegas for April all within about 30 minutes.

I did receive a copy of a final letter that was sent to Consumer Fraud by an attorney representing TLC and it was packed full of lies about how I didn't return any of their phone calls. They really tried to turn it around. It didn't bother me as I finally won against them

I won't be doing this type of promotion again.


DIS Veteran
Apr 13, 2007
After months of waiting, I booked a less-than-desirable date in January for my stay. They had nothing anywhere I wanted to go except for Williamsburg, and then "graciously" extended my date to mid-February (even though I asked for April since it took them so long to get back to me). It just so happened to be the weekend before the inaugural when we traveled, and there were lots of school bands and bus groups going to the event booked into the hotel. Not exactly a relaxing getaway as I had planned but it was ok.
I doubt I'll ever participate in one of those promo's again.

I'll have to check and see if I can find the number in my notes.


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2009
Just wanted to let anyone who didn't receive their airline tickets or compensation from the Dockers, JC Penney and TLC Marketing Promotion. A lawsuit has been filed in the Central District of the Federal Court. This is the second suit to be filed. We are waiting to be certified as a class.


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