Tips to get DH excited about upcoming WDW trip


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Mar 1, 2001
DH has never been to Disney and doesnt' quite understand why I'm going insane, having 55 days left until we head there. I was wondering if anyone has any great little tips of things I could do to incorporate Disney into our daily lives, meals, etc. to get him a bit more excited. Not overkill mind you, just little subtle things.... :D

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As an adult (I was 26 when visited Disneyland for the first time) you don't really get the magic until you are there. In that travel, I just wanted to see the place I couldn't visit as a child.
Before entering the park, there was that big post "Welcome to Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth"... yeah right, sure it is...
At the end of that day... well I don't have to tell you. :)

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