Tips for 2021 B-day trip


Earning My Ears
Oct 8, 2012
My 17 year old son and I will be going to WDW for my 50th birthday next year! :bday:We will be staying at the Contemporary (which is a bucket list thing for me. My Dad and I loved the Contemporary, but we never got to stay there before he and mom died a couple of years ago.) Anyway, we are just going there for a long weekend over my birthday. I have a few questions, I am hoping you all can help with:
- Will we like the Contemporary? I've heard mixed reviews. We are in a Garden view room. I'm worried it will be a let down! :sad1:
- Suggestions on a place for a birthday dinner? I'm thinking Chef Mickey's for breakfast and California Grill for dinner?
-As much as I would like to say money is not an object, it kind of is. Ideas for getting the biggest bang for my buck, still having a great time and not spending a boat load of money so that I won't still be paying this trip off on my 60th birthday!??
-I am a DIVA on my birthday and will not be shy about announcing it! Any ideas for making it a b-day to remember?? Think I can get away with wearing my b-day pin on more than 1 day?! My son is very thoughtful when it comes to his GF, but not necessarily when it comes to Mom. I think if I want anything to happen on my b-day, it will need to come from me. Kind of a bummer, but it is what it is.
-Tips for going to WDW with a teenager?!
-I was thinking of MK on my b-day. HS would be the other option. Does that sound like a good plan??

Thank you all for your tips and advice! :-)


DIS Veteran
Feb 19, 2019
First of all I think this trip idea is Amazing!!
I cant help on the resort because it's also one that we will do someday (or AK lodge.)
Chef Mickey is a great plan because you dont have to go anywhere. We rarely eat breakfast at chef Mickey because we are at the parks. We eat a lot of QS breakfast with with the exception of Be our Guest. We go to Disney every March and my sons birthday falls the week we go by chance and yes he wears his button everywhere including Universal. Last year I made his trip shirt to say
"best birthday ever"



Jan 14, 2013
We have had 5 trips and 4 at Contemporary. this last trip we stayed in the main hotel vs the Garden Wing. Main difference for us was convenience. Main hotel you save a few minutes of walking to the garden wing. The rooms are the same. I actually think the garden wing rooms might be a tad bit bigger.
  • BobbyDukes

    Dec 30, 2016
    Topolinos Terrace is an amazing venue in my opinion for a birthday dinner. It fancy but doesn't take itself too seriously, food is amazing, venue is stunning not only the outside views but the restaurant itself is very beautiful.

    Best Aunt

    "That's the best-est present ever!"
    May 1, 2009
    When i stopped by pre-covid, contempo cafe had good cupcakes, but the gift shop also had cupcakes


    Earning My Ears
    Apr 23, 2018
    I hope you & your son have a great time & you are spoilt rotten on your special day! My daughter will also be 17 for my 50th and I also hope to do a special trip for the both of us @ the Poly.

    loves to dive

    DIS Veteran
    Aug 21, 2011
    I wear my button the whole week I'm there, you will get lots of happy birthdays. California Grill is great so I'd stick with that. As far as teenagers, my son and I have been going together since he was just shy of 3 so even as a teenager we liked being with me (single mom). He was never a big fan of MK even when he was small so it's a half day park for us, I like to spend the actual day at Epcot but my b'day is in April so F&G is always happening and I like going around to booths. Your son will probably enjoy HS more than MK but it's your day so go with what you want.
  • paradesintherain

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 17, 2013
    Sounds like a magical trip! If you can swing it at all, I think the tower is a much more unique experience. Even the lake view tower rooms I would rate over the garden view. That said, they're both very nice rooms. I just loved having a balcony and staring out at the lake, and also walking out into the tower was so cool AND convenient.

    Definitely wear your pin the whole time, it's a birthday TRIP! As for birthday breakfast, I really like Kona Cafe, and it would be fairly convenient since it's on the monorail line.



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