Tim's Surprise 30th B-Day Trip Nov 2010 Pre-Trip

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    Hey Guys!! This is my first Pre-Trip report, so bear with me!! I need somewhere to talk about this trip, so I can keep the first part a surprise!! My DH turns 30 next Thanksgiving, so DMIL and I decided that we should make our trip next year over Thanksgiving and the next week...we get more for our vacation days that way, anyways!!

    The Cast: (I'll add a picture soon!!)

    Me (Mary): I am a Disney addict created by my DH's family!! I went to Disney once in middle school and didn't go again until I was dating my DH. Now, i've been about 12 times...I am officially addicted!! I'm an accountant (actually, I have my second CPA exam tomorrow so I should totally be studying right now) and I want to move to FL someday soon!!

    DH Tim: The whole reason for this trip!! We have been married almost 5 years :scared1: in just a few days, on October 22nd! DH has been to Disney about a zillion times or so, ever since he was a baby. Seriously, DMIL has been over 50 times!! His very favorite hotel is Contemporary, followed up very closely by the Yacht/Beach Club. Which leads to the few plans I have made so far.....

    We will arrive on either 11/23 or 11/24/2010. I usually like to fly in after work and stay somewhere less expensive (I am a Priceline Queen!!) because I like to start my first day of vacation off in FL!! We're staying at the Contemporary, Tower MK view for 11/24 - 11/26 to celebrate his birthday!! I am a HORRIBLE secret keeper when it comes to him...but i'm going to try my best!! I haven't figured out where we'll stay after that yet...

    The only thing I know for sure that I want to do (weather permitting) is go to the water park in the morning on Thanksgiving. We did that a couple of years ago, and it was so FUN to be at a water park when everyone else was home freezing...plus it was totally uncrowded that day!!

    More to come........:wizard:

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