Times portraits are taken?

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  1. herrmannpt

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Sailing next wk with my son who will be turning 3 on the cruise and my 6 month old daughter. Planning to bite the bullet and spend the $500 for the photo cd and prints. I want to make sure We get the most out of it and take some family shots and of course ones of the kids. Do they take pictures every evening and what time do they start? What are the background options? Do they do any "magic" photos like they do at WDW like add Tinkerbell, etc. into the picture? Any tips for getting the best value out of the CD?
  2. kcashner

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    Dec 4, 2003
    Best value--every time you see characters, get in line. Portraits are done each evening before the dinner seatings with various backgrounds. They are not usually out on the first night for family portraits, but are doing characters then.

    BE SURE to check your folio to be sure that all the appropriate photos are on your CD.
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    I always called the PALS line at night to get detailed listings for the exact time and place each character will be out the next day. It allowed me to plan and get most if not all of the characters with minimal stress. Get in line 10 minutes before the character is scheduled to come out -- you will most likely get at the end of the line for the current character. I check with the CM who is at the front of the line to make sure that the schedule is the same and they will tell me to start the line for that one. If anyone comes after me I let them know we are waiting for the next one and if they want the current one they get in front of us -- until the CM closes the line and then a CM stays there to ensure it is known. When the kids were young I stood in line while DH took the kids to walk around the area so they didn't get restless.

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