Tiffany was great.


Nov 13, 1999
I just got back and we used Tiffany again. We had our previous driver Ronnie and he was great. He was on time to pick us up and going back he was 20 minutes early. I would recommend Tiffany highly.
Welcome back and I'm glad you had a good experience with TTC! We did too, last year, and will be using them again in a week and a half :)
Tiffany is the only towncar for us. We used them in October 2000 and was completely satisfied. Our driver met us at the baggage claim area and helped us locate our baggage. He then escorted us to his waiting area. In a few minutes he brought the car and whisked us off to Disneyworld.
Whenever we go to Disneyworld I leave my car at home and never drive again till we get home.
I get a towncar to pick me up at home and take me to the airport. Then Tiffany takes us to our hotel, including a half hour stop at Goodings.
When it's time to come home Tiffany picks us up and takes us to the airport. Then there is a car waiting at the luggage pick up to take us home.
I called Tiffany to take us to Universal and back.
When I am on vacation I really want to be on vacation and some luxury.
When we were checking in at AKL concierge and the staff member said there is 2 towncar services she would recommend and one of them was Tiffany. Some of the other towncar companies are known to not pick their guests up. I wish I had noted the other towncar service she said though.


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