This is Us- Season six


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Aug 27, 2011
Geez, tough crowd. I guess I’m in the minority because I loved it. I’m glad they had the big moment last week, but then wrapped it up with making a point to focus on the small moments.

I agree. I liked it.

The after the funeral interactions with family are important in my family.

We had very memorable evenings after my aunt's funeral, grandmother's funeral and dh's step father's funeral.

All gave us time to process what does our family look like now. What gives it meaning? What do we take with us in our memories? All part of the grieving process.

And for such an intense tv program for the last six years, it gave the viewers a bit of closure.

How many times have there been tv show reboots to give fans another look at those characters? And how many times do we think wonder what would have happened to xyz character in the future.

This wrapped up a lot of that for me.

And the interaction with Jack and Rebecca at the end had the tears streaming one more time.


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Jun 21, 2007
Beautifully done. I am so sad it’s over.

I was doing ok until kid Kate said, (during pin the tail) as long as I know where you are, I’ll always know where I’m going. Ugly crying, just typing it out lol
And my water works started again just reading it.

I loved this episode. I don’t know if it’s the events of today, the show as a whole or both, but I appreciate it not ending on a huge episode. This show has always had a pulse on real life and this is no different. Life does go on after death and I love seeing them come together with their hopes & fears; all of them very real.


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Jul 26, 2016
And my water works started again just reading it.

I loved this episode. I don’t know if it’s the events of today, the show as a whole or both, but I appreciate it not ending on a huge episode. This show has always had a pulse on real life and this is no different. Life does go on after death and I love seeing them come together with their hopes & fears; all of them very real.

I really liked that it was just a lazy Saturday episode. A little new info sprinkled in, but no new story, because what would be the point? Loved that Nicky’s final word was…well, you know what it was lol

Interesting that we saw Toby, but not Phillip. I think Toby will always drift in the same direction as Kate.


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Jun 24, 2010
I've been reading along since the beginning here, but haven't shared because I'm rarely signed in. Loved the episode and will miss the show so much. I loved that the show focused last night on the small moments, on the memory making. The Big Three communicated how those small moments left such a big impression. Those moments were the anchors in all of their lives.

The show makes me focus on my own mothering. I want to make sure that we too are collecting memories. I want my three to look back at their childhoods and feel loved and safe and anchored.

This is Us also hits a nerve with me. I've had a troubled relationship with my parents where they stepped out of my life and my children's lives for seven years. They've recently stepped back in, and I'm trying to rebuild, but all my memories are sullied and I'll never have what the Pearsons have. That hurts. I deal with it by vowing that I will do better and that my kids won't have my experience.


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Dec 9, 1999
At first I was like “Really? That’s it?” Then after sleeping on it I realized there was so much beauty in the simplicity of the episode. It was about enjoying the here and now, and treasuring the simple pleasures in life. My favorite parts:

Beth and the worst case scenario game


Nicky and his chat with Kevin

Randall’s reaction to Deja’s news that she’s having a boy

How the simple things they did as children became traditions for future generations

Rebecca squeezing Randall’s hand was really her squeezing Jack’s hand that she was ready to join him

And now I am crying all over again.


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May 16, 2006
How the simple things they did as children became traditions for future generations
This, so much this. The episode broke the "when did she tear up" record for me - before the opening credits, when "baby" Jack was pushing his daughter on the swing. Just all those generations, and all those so-called "little" things.

I agree with both those who said last week's show would have made a great finale and those who loved this week's. Either way worked for me, and I thought it was just a beautiful episode.

I've also always been a lot like young Kate in this one, in that I was sort of born with that hint of nostalgia. I was in no hurry to grow up at her age either, and I've always been the one taking pictures and recording things, even as a kid.

I loved seeing William again, and Randall being so happy to have a grandson, and learning why they bought the game...

I'm sad it's over, but I'm glad I watched.


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Aug 23, 2008
I watched both last week and this week's episodes last night. I probably need to sit with all of it a bit longer to assess my true feelings. On first blush though, the train theme was unique and interesting. So many small details to pick up on. Clearly a lot of thought went into it. The final episode felt like a bit of a let down for a series finale though. I get that it was about the little moments. I get that it was to reiterate that it's about the small moments in our lives, and about how we touch each others' lives. But as a series finale, I felt a little underwhelmed. I get it though. Hard to wow when your message is about the importance of the little things. So I'm conflicted.

That bit with Deja and an email about the sex of the baby was odd. She just found out, hadn't even told Malik yet, but was emailed the sex of the baby?

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Jan 20, 2012
I took it as accenting that you can impact lots of other lives, even if you never met them.

Yes. I did too.

The PP asked if Deja knew William. She didn't. But after telling Randall that the baby was a boy and she wanted to name it William she was answering his question on what is the point of all of this. That is why there is a point, the impact you have on others - even those whom you have never met.

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Jan 20, 2012
Rebecca squeezing Randall’s hand was really her squeezing Jack’s hand that she was ready to join him

This is how I would have had the show end.

Like I said in a previous post, if they took The Train episode and made it about 15 minutes longer with Jack telling Rebecca it was ok to leave and that she would still "be" there with the squeeze of Randall's hand and then the squeeze of hers and Jack ... ugh! Perfect ending to me.

I didn't hate this last episode, but The Train was so good it was going to be nearly impossible to top it imho.


Sep 3, 2011
When I was training to be a social worker, we were taught not to leave a therapy session with the client in the middle of raw emotion. You need to be present with them to help their nerves not be so raw when they leave you. That's how I felt about the final episode. Last week was raw emotion, this week was reflection and closure.

I loved the scenes on the swings with multiple generations. It wasn't anything important or special to the Pearsons. Everyone takes their kids to swing. That is why the show's title is so perfect. This is us.


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Jul 31, 2007
I liked it. It was not a big flashy huge finale, but that was the point. The whole show from season one has been about the small stuff and how it impacts people and becomes the big stuff. The things you remember in the end are the simple times, the real times, the lazy Saturdays when you did nothing and it turned out to be something.

My favorite moments:

Nicky and Kevin. Always love Nicky and Kevin

Randalls reaction to Deja's baby being a boy

Deja and Randalls conversation. They always had a special connection.

Rebecca squeezing Jack's hand after Randall told Kevin and Kate that Rebecca squeezed his hand


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Feb 9, 2017
Ok now that I’ve had to process.

As I said earlier, no one knew what was going to happen yesterday so even though we would’ve cried some tears, it hit so much different.

I love how much they filmed in advance. It made it a far more poignant finale.

I also love that we didn’t really hear the speeches and song. I don’t think anyone could’ve been able to handle that.

Do we think Randall becomes President In 2034? (Sterling’s Instagram post showed Rebecca’s memorial program and listed her being born in 1951 and passing in 2033). Is like to think he has a huge shot.

I knew Kevin hadn’t fully given up acting yet. It was a nice confirmation.

I love that we saw the original little big three one last time.

While I was expecting a bit more flashforward (maybe even a photo collage credits which someone on Twitter mentioned they were thinking they were gonna do), I really liked how it ended with Jack looking at Randall and Randall looking at Deja.

It was a very simple and satisfying finale. Nothing big. I liked that. It’s like they gave us a proper goodbye twice, but one with more lessons and less tears.

Big three? Big three!


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Feb 9, 2017
Yeah last week should have been it.

Toby and Kate , why did they divorce again. We know that Jack gives them grandchildren.

Funny only Deja got to really say anything. Was Deja even there when William was around. It was nice for Randall to finally get a boy but why didn’t he tell Kevin and Kate? The whole email thing to find out the sex of the baby made no sense either.

I was surprised they let Nicky say that speech…lol

Well miss this show , what will I watch Tuesday night now. Miss coming to this thread to see what others thought.
Deja actually even said to Randall “I’m naming him after a man I never met but I know him” so presumably when Randall told William that Tess and Annie would remember him, he was correct because Deja knows all about him.


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Sep 19, 2000
On one hand I hate to see the series end, on the other it was brilliantly done from start to finish and I am not even sure I want a spin off series as I feel it will never live up to or compare to the original. Then people will start complaining about how it's not as good......etc.

I will truly miss all the characters. I have to say that SKB played Randall so brilliantly. When Randall cried, I cried. When Randall laughed the big belly laugh, so did I. When he became too serious and full of himself, I was like Beth and wanted to tell him "enough."

And Mandy Moore left very large shoes to fill for any actor/actress to play an aging character role in the future. I would forget how young she was when she was playing aging Rebecca and then I would forget how young, vivacious and beautiful she when the flashbacks came. Truly a marvel for her to stay in character whichever age she was playing.

It will be interesting to see the next roles for these actors/actresses. As we know, some will be one hit wonders, but I hope they all have their chance to shine again.

I will miss the after show reflections of everyone in this group. It has been a pleasure reading everyone's thoughts. You made me think of things I never thought of and widened my perspective on many episodes.

Hopefully, another show will come along that is worth chatting about and we will cross paths again.


Apr 28, 2020
I am with the group that felt this is it. Last weeks should have been the end. I did enjoy seeing them as kids again. Sorry the show has ended.