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    Sounds like he has a thing for orange food.

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    July 23rd, 2017 Part 3:

    My mom and I wanted to keep the character interactions going, so we walked the kiddos towards Town Square. Landon had no idea that Tinker Bell was in the Magic Kingdom; we were about to give him the surprise of his little 4 year old life.

    We scanned our MagicBands and walked through all the way down to the end of the hallway, where Tink’s meet was located. Landon had seen the seen a sign with her name on it while we were activating our Fastpasses and realized what was about to happen.

    Had we been forced to stop in a line I would have taken a picture of his face. It was priceless.

    As it was, we were able to walk straight in and get shrunk down to fairy size.

    “TINKER BELL!!!” Landon ran straight to her and hugged her as tight as he could. When he turned back to me, I saw he had tears in his eyes.

    Oh man…that joy. It was something else.

    Keeping the tradition of popping a squat with the girls, Landon immediately sat down and commented, “Oooh, I love your wings!”

    “Thanks, I made sure to put extra pixie dust on them today so they’d be extra sparkly.”

    “That’s a good idea, Tinker Bell…..Mom, look, it’s Tinker Bell….Tinker Bell how are you here?!”

    Landon kept saying her name over and over, like he couldn’t believe he was actually talking to THE Tinker Bell.

    He was absolutely star struck.

    And bless Tinker Bell’s heart she was so amazing with Landon. They discussed what happy thoughts Landon would think of to help him fly.

    “What about pumpkin muffins? Those make me happy.”

    Landon shook his head. “Pumpkin muffins? No, no, no…not that.”

    “What about pizza?”


    “Or what about those people over there? Are they your family? I bet they make you happy.”


    As the meet was nearing its end, I carried Evie over to the two and sat her down next to Tink. She had been watching the meet from my arms and wasn’t freaking out. She could tell Landon was comfortable and that helped out a little. She wasn’t as unresponsive as she was towards Rapunzel, but it definitely was not her favorite thing to do, either.

    Staring Tink down…


    Eventually, I had to say the words Landon was dreading.

    “All right, bud, it’s time to say goodbye so another family can talk to Tinker Bell.”

    Landon’s smile dropped. He looked at me, then at Tinker Bell, then back at me.

    He stood up and gave Tinker Bell a big hug. Started to walk towards me. Then immediately ran back to her and wrapped his arms around her again.

    “One more hug.”

    My mom and I turned to each other with the same expressions on our faces. Our hearts were full to bursting, and we knew that we’d just had the most special moment of the trip occur. Nothing was going to beat watching Landon meet his favorite character.

    Out in the gift shop, Landon was telling everyone he ran into who he’d just met. He was acting like he’d just spotted a celebrity walking down Main Street. Meanwhile Evie spotted the racks of mouse ears and wanted to take a closer peek at the princess one.

    I asked her if she wanted to keep it – Landon had gotten his plush toy but Evie still needed a gift – but when asked she put it back and refused to try any more on. Guess they were only cool inside the store…

    Back out in the afternoon heat, the excitement of the day and the shopping drama had caught up to Evie. She was tuckered out.

    We called it quits for the day, returned our rental stroller, and headed back to Shades of Green for some rest. Back in the resort lobby, I made the kids stand in front of the patriotic Mickey display to get a few pictures.


    They were so amused.

    While I don’t have a photo from every Disney trip here, I do have two or three and both my mom and Alex love looking at them and seeing Landon's growth between each one. So it’s kind of become a pseudo-tradition. Pretty much any time we stay at Shades, this photo has to happen. And this was the first time Evie was in one! The last time we stayed at Shades, I preggers with her, so we needed to officially initiate her into the club.

    I can’t wait to make them do this when they’re teenagers. Oh, the angst I’ll receive…

    Once back in our room, my mom and I discussed our options for the evening. We were in a bit of a pickle. We both wanted to see the new Happily Ever After fireworks, but we knew Evie would not respond well to the show. Her interests did not lie in big loud noises and dark spaces; if we took her with us she would completely freak and cry the entire time.

    There was no need to put her through that kind of unnecessary fear. Therefore, I told my mom to go ahead and go back to the MK for a solo evening while I kept the kids in the room. My mom seemed a little hesitant to do this; she felt guilty about ditching me and she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of doing Disney alone. She much prefers to visit the parks with people, which isn’t necessarily my philosophy but it’s one I can understand.

    Still, if she wanted to see the fireworks this was the only way it was going to work.

    Eventually, she agreed and made herself a Fastpass for the Haunted Mansion.

    Around 5 o’clock, she and I took the kids down to dinner at a buffet restaurant Shades operates. I’m not really a fan of buffets, particularly dinner ones, but it was the closest and easiest option at the time.

    And I will admit, the food wasn’t half bad. Definitely not the greatest food on Earth, but there was nothing I could complain about. Plenty of kid-friendly options, lots of vegetables cooked perfectly, and several chefs on hand to answer questions. If anything, the restaurant surprised me with how not bad it was.

    The kids really seemed to like their meals and ate healthy portions.

    Evie with her broccoli.

    And Landon with his watermelon.

    When dinner was complete, my mom left us to head to the parks while I got the kids back to the room and gave them a long bath and some Ipad time. They fell asleep around 9p.m. and then I watched some television for an hour or so. Right about the time I was getting ready to go to sleep, my mom got back. She said the Happily Ever After was good, but not as good as Wishes.

    Her exact words on the show were: “Meh.”

    With an additional shoulder shrug included.

    Hmm, interesting. I needed to see this show for myself to figure out what “Meh” meant.

    Up Next…This is the Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

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    Oh my goodness! I'm getting a little misty just thinking about this! Those magical moments are what it's all about :goodvibes

    :hug: This is so sweet! I love this whole story.

    :lmao: I really hope you continue to write about your travels at that point so I can see these reactions!


    Haha I don't know that I would have called it "meh," but I'm with your mother that I had a bias due to my love of Wishes.
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    Oh my gosh, the story of Landon meeting Tinkerbell is just so heartwarming! Exactly what Disney is all about! I'm glad even Evie got slightly into the meet ;)

    That's nice that you offered your mom to go have a little solo evening. I'm sorry she didn't end up loving HEA!
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    Landon's reaction to Tinkerbell was precious! I can't wait for my little 4 year old princess to meet some of her favorites next month!
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    I loved Landon's reaction to Tinker Bell. Reminds of my daughter when she was around that age and meet Rapunzel for the first time. I miss that age in the parks. I am now boarding on teenagers.
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    Oh wow, Landon and Tinker Bell ... that's incredible. Reading that story made me smile. That's the magic of Disney ... moments like that make all the ridiculous prices we pay worth it.
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    Mar 16, 2017
    Just so adorable!
  10. Dentam

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    Feb 6, 2015
    Oh my gosh, reading about Landon meeting Tinker Bell had me misty eyed - SO PRECIOUS!
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    Oh my word....your pictures and description of Landon meeting Tinkerbell had me tearing up. When people ask me why we started taking our kids when they were so young and why we return time and time again, those kind of stories are what I tell them. I'm glad that Evie decided that she would sit for a picture or two with Tink.

    We watched Happily Ever After twice this past trip and, at first, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. By the second time, I realized that I actually did.
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    Landon and Tinkerbell = :lovestruc:lovestruc:lovestruc
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    Oh. My. GOSH!!! Reading about Landon's meet with Tink had tears in MY eyes!!! Love those special moments.

    I'm reserving passing judgment on Happily Ever After until I actually get to see it in person, but man I'm really going to miss seeing Wishes when we go back to WDW. :sad:
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    Dec 27, 2013

    This gave me the feel goods!

    Awww, so perfectly sweet!

    Sometimes splitting up is the only way.


    Things I never thought I'd read in a TR. LOL!

    Sorry for so few quote this time! Just super behind with the move at work sucking all my time. Just now finding some margin.

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    Such the little conversationalist! Love it. That is just one of those moments you want to bottle up and save forever!

    Tinkerbell should have suggested Carrot Sticks!

    Awesome pic!!! I love that he has his doll too. Just perfect.

    Killing me! So cute!

    Poor Evie, she was having a rough go, huh? It's hard being the younger sibling.

    Me too! But so worth it!
  16. cindianne320

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Ah! That Tinkerbell meet- so perfect! Sorry your mom didn't like HEA- I hope to see it for the first time in May!
  17. vamassey1

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    Oct 13, 2005
    I loved your Tinkerbell story. What a perfect memory. He really enjoys the characters so much and says the most precious things. Landon is the perfect age. The first time we took Danielle she was 3 and believed in all the characters. Even if she doesn't remember it I do. Evie looked a little more responsive to Tink. Hopefully she'll get there in time.

    That was very generous of you to send you Mom to see Happily Ever After. I didn't think too much of it the first time I saw it but now I've seen it twice and enjoyed it more. We were closer so I got to really enjoy the projections. They come pretty fast at parts.
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    I have a feeling Landon is going to make my Disney vacations interesting for many years to come!
    Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to to sick of writing trip reports, but I've been doing them since December 2010 so I guess not! Almost 8 years and still active on the DIS...

    I feel like I say it every time I take Landon, but this was one of my favorite ages for him to be when we were at the parks. I really hope I can get Evie to WDW when she's in that preschool age. I think she'll like everything a bit more then!

    I hope she loves meeting them all! It seems like 4 is a great age for character interactions.

    Because I'm in the midst of toddlers and their big emotions and particular ways, I'm always looking forward to vacationing with the kids when they're older. However, I'm sure when I get to that stage I'll miss these days when I can tell them where to go/what to do and get less pushback.
    Every age comes with its own advantages and disadvantages...
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  19. amazingact21

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    Nov 6, 2010
    That's very true. I won't hesitate to keep paying high prices if I get to see my kid so happy. And now that we've traveled a bit more to other places, I will be the first to admit. My kids are better behaved at Disney than they are anywhere else! Landon knows if he wants to get another ride on Small World, he's gotta listen and be a good brother. I don't have that kind of leverage in a museum!

    This was one of my favorite meets of the trip!
    It's a shame Tinker Bell doesn't meet anywhere at Disneyland Paris (or I don't think she does). He'll miss seeing her in June!

    I'm sure he'll wish I hadn't commemerated this meet in words once he's older, but I'm so glad I recorded it. Before too long he'll outgrow the magic and I won't get quite the same interaction again.

    You're never too young or old to go to Disney for the first time! Taking kids so young comes with its own set of challenges, but magical moments like the Tinker Bell meet make it worth them all.
    And didn't Hunter take his first steps on Main St? Or am I mis-remembering? (That's completely possible.) If so, just another example why every family knows when it's right to take their young ones to the parks.

    Landon watched Peter Pan again over the weekend, and I was reminded how sweet his meet and greet with the characters were.
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  20. amazingact21

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    Nov 6, 2010
    You liked the Disneyland Paris fireworks, right? I think I remember you enjoying them. And if that's the case I think you'll like Happily Ever After. It had that good integration of projections, lasers, and fireworks that Paris used.

    I am always for some solo time in the parks, but my mom prefers to travel in a party. Personalities, I guess. I'm very introverted while she's extroverted...

    When you don't set the bar for a restaurant's food very high, it doesn't have to do much to surprise you.

    Hah, YES! Oh, that made me laugh...

    He was so excited to show Tinker Bell his doll of her.

    Evie would have everyone believe being the younger sibling is a hard job. Her biggest problem is she's just sooo shy and her older brother is...well, he loves to live in the spotlight. So in order to get attention, she usually reverts to grumpy and unhappy. Thankfully, Landon's started preschool full time since this trip and so she has made her own set of friends and hung out with sitters on her own, so she's kind of come into her own. Hopefully in April, Disney will be a little easier for her. (I'm sure having her Dad there will help with things, too.)

    You won't be in Disney on the 1st, will you? I don't think so, but a DISer can hope....:rotfl2:

    I am really hoping Landon's still in that magical age when we go in April. (He'll just have turned 5.) Because I'd love for Alex to see him and his belief in the characters and magic. If not, then hopefully we can make it back when Evie's around 3/4 and she's maybe more into Disney.

    We booked the dessert party for the fireworks and are optimistic that will help with our opinion of Happily Ever After.
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    What a special meeting with Tink! You can see the pure joy on his face - so sweet!

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