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    Hey everyone, I posted this information elsewhere, but thought it was important enough to start a thread of its own.

    John and Pete talked about the group space only being available for a short amount of time. The exact date that we won't have group space any longer will depend on a number of factors. The point is we can guarantee the pricing right now with the group space that we have. We have a good selection of rooms available in most categories, but it won't be that way for long.

    Once the group space is gone, we will only be able to get pricing at the current rates. They may be higher at that time, there is no way to know. They certainly won't be lower.

    More importantly, you have a better selection of rooms right now than you will as we fill the ship more. There are not very many category 6 staterooms remaining available on the ship that can be reserved in advance. There are a few that are not part of a connecting set, but the rest are connecting rooms. If you want a room later that is not connecting and more midship, you will have to look at a category 5, which is more expensive.

    So as you see, location and room selection is much better earlier. Other than suites, the deposit is fully refundable up until 75 days prior to the cruise (September 27, 2010) so what have you got to lose?

    If you want to book only for one person right now to avoid paying the full deposit, you can do so as long as you let me know how many will eventually be in the room and understand that we cannot guarantee there will be space later (so you'll want to add them and the deposits for them just as soon as you can).

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