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    Nov 12, 2008
    What would be the best way to book it? Should I do it straight through disney or should I go through a travel agent. And if I do go through a travel agent any referrals. I live in North Carolina. I want to book a disney cruise for me and my two kids for November 2010. What category is good 10 or 11? Does disney cruise have character meals onboard because we will be celebrating my daughte birthday. What kind of things can I do to celebrate her bday. Thanks.
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    We have been on two Disney cruises, (third cruise booked for Jan 2010). One booked through a travel agent and the other 2 I booked myself.

    I preferred booking the cruise myself as the paperwork was sent from DCL directly to me and not through the agent. I always feel more in control doing things myself. That way I can always contact DCL directly about the reservation and not have to go through an agent. The online booking was very very easy.

    As for your daughters birthday, mention it during your booking. Also, at your first nights dinner they will ask you if there is any special occasion you are celebrating while on the cruise. They will bring your daughter a small cake and sing her happy birthday at dinner on her birthday.

    I prefer the cat. 10 rooms as they have a split bath. Someone can be utilizing the facilities while another is bathting. Especially handy with the kids.

    All I can say is that you and your kids will LOVE the cruise....

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    I tend to book online myself so that I maintain control over my reservation in case I want to change things but then transfer it to our agent in order to get the shipboard credit. Evidently, as I found out today for another DISer, the commission to the TA is reduced for transferred ressies, but my agent has never brought this up to me and says it's fine for me to do it like I did.

    Some agencies have groups going so you might be able to get in on a group rate and save some money there too.

    I know the Magic has the character breakfast but I haven't been on the Wonder yet (not until Dec 2010) so I'm not sure about there. I thought I'd read that they do not but I know other DISers will be able to confirm that for you.

    We've done the birthday celebrations on both our cruises. Special cake at dinner and etc. But it was always for adults - again other DISers will be able to share info on celebrations for the kids. You can always have a birthday gift basket delivered to your stateroom to surprise her when you arrive...

    I have always had a Cat 9 or above because I wanted the larger porthole. I've seen some of the other rooms but have not personal knowledge of them. Location wise, the first time we were on Deck 2 Midship on the Magic. Wasn't bad location and depending on your kids' ages, there is a club on Deck 2 that they may be able to enjoy and be close to your stateroom. I don't believe they have that particular club on the Wonder.

    The last time we were up on Deck 6 Forward. We REALLY enjoyed the location. It was between the kids clubs deck (5) and still close to popping up to the pools and etc. We liked being forward because it was easy for us to pop up to the adult area (if the kids were in the clubs) and back down without going through the kids areas. Some have said there is more motion forward but we never noticed anything...maybe we were just lucky.

    In 2010 we will be forward again...but on Deck 7...and on the it'll be a little different for us and a chance to compare and learn more about DCL.

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