Thin line tween Love and Hate WDW/Halloween TR Western Oct 24-Nov 6 updated 9/27

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    Nov 18, 2009
    Point of View:
    When I read the different reports I think about how in the world can I differentiate the story. The one thing that I may be able to offer is... my wife (now she is not sure) and I are not huge fans of Disney. I have my reasons which I' ll get into later. My wife has, IMO, just not had the time to make a judgement call one way or the other. My son is a kid. Put a cartoon in front of him, and it doesn't matter. So let's introduce the cast:

    Me- My name is Jonathan. I work as a delivery driver for a fast shipping company and a plan-a-holic.

    The DW- She is an awesome women that I talked into giving up her favorite holiday to go on a cruise. Halloween. Oh yeah, she can't swim.

    DS- He will be traveling at the mature age of 7. To give you a glimpse into his personality, today we were watching some people body build. They flexed their biceps, and he exclaimed, "HOW THEY DO THAT!?" Next thing I hear, 1,2,3,4 (push-ups).... I asked him what was he doing? he simply replied, "Working on my four pack!"

    The Background:

    So I told you, I'm not a big fan of Disney. Why? Simple.. .bad experience. I grew up in FL. Not long after we moved to Florida, I was 8, we went to WDW. We all couldn't wait. I watched the New Disney Channel that just came on cable almost religiously. I laughed at all the cartoons that I could find on Goofy and Donald. Even some of the other films, like Davy Crockett and Swiss Family Robinson, we real treats in my household. So the basics were there to enjoy the holy city of cartoons and fun.

    I can still remember the heat of the FL sun. What killed it for us was looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong lines. I am sure I am not the only ones that remember long lines and crowds, before there was ever a thought of fast passing. Then when we got on the rides, I was not exactly thrilled. I guess at the time my expectation were too high and there really wasn't nothing magical about it. I remember my parents getting frustrated at the 1 hour plus waits on all the rides. Anyways, I know this is a pro-Disney board so I won't go further bashing the place. Besides, you get the idea. I did start to change my mind about WDW a couple years ago when I visited again, but I am getting ahead of my story.

    I guess you are wondering Halloween Hating? Again, a simple thing, parents didn't let me celebrate it.

    So why a Disney Cruise and why Halloween?

    Cause oddly enough, Disney's theme of celebration is one that may end up saving my life. So join me in finding out if a 33 old man, can find the fun of Disney on a Halloween cruise with his family.

    1. 6 Months Ago
    2. Its November now..I think we could?!
    3. A Past, A Promise, A Purpose, A Plan
    4. The $15 Christmas
    Tangent Passing the time with 10 months?!
    5. The Disney Curve and Monster under my House
    6. The Last Email
    7. Charity and the Monster Lives
    8. MnSsHp, Leftovers, Tacos
    9. Budget Wars: The Phantom Overtime
    10.Moving to the Country
    11.In one brief moment... something bad.. then Magic
    12.SO confused?
    13.Invitations and Sometimes I'll take the screams!
    14.The Calendar

    Intro sorta:
    We are back! Quick thoughts


    When Hate and Love Collide<-- the begining

    The Trip Down and Day 1 :Sea World
    1. The Alarm and the Cast
    2. Life is a Highway
    3. The All Important Red Folder and the Hidden Mickey at SeaWorld
    4. Spooktacular and Tradition No More

    WDW and Day 2
    1.Pixie Dust explained
    2.A Hotel... Finally!
    3.Epcot: Signatures and Cars
    4.Epcot: A World's Character
    5.Epcot: Furture World the Sequel
    Before Mnnshp
    A.3 star to 5 star
    B.Ahhh Rest... Ring Ring Ring
    Mnnshp: Day 3
    1.The Thin Line: begins...Mnnshp
    2.Even Black Hearts Beat Red
    3.Even Blacks Heart Beat RED Part 2
    Magic Kingdom: Day 4
    1.The Palace and Some Mountains
    2.When Jacuzzi Attack and Mountains Redux
    DHS: Day 5
    1.1/2 at the Sudios
    2.The Unsung Hero's
    Animal Kingdom and Traveling to the Coast: Day 6
    1.His Fault!
    2.Working Hardly on the Railroad

    Embarkation: Day 1
    1.Cash Only Hell
    2.When Life Gives You Lemons
    3.Lemons Cont: Bucket List- CHECK
    4.Mass Confusion
    4a.Something I Forgot about Checking In
    5.The One Thing I Desevred
    6.I Know I'm Forgetting Something
    7.Emails a Flyin'
    8.Dinner Mates and Disney Service When It Comes to Allergies.. O boy
    9.She Made Me Go
    Key West: Day 2
    1. Woke Up and WoW!
    2. A Pleasant Surprise
    3. Allergies: Dinner #2 goes from Bad to Worse
    4. The Best Hidden Meal On the Ship
    Sea Day: Day 3
    1. Fab 5 and the A-Team
    2. You Just Don't See That Everyday
    3. Adventures in Babysitting
    4. Dinner 180*
    5. Hurricane
    Day 4: Grand Cayman
    2. Its only $20

    On the same cruise, but other DisTR:
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  2. Otimon

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    Mar 4, 2000
    Yes you can, and will, find fun on a Disney Halloween cruise with your family!

    We sailed last Oct. on a Disney 7-night Western and Halloween was celebrated on the ship. I believe they celebrated it on every cruise in Oct.

    Can honestly tell you I don't know who had more fun - the kids or the adults. Candy stations were set up all along Deck 3. I stood just outside the lobby by the mid elevators with my video camera as the youngsters and adults in costume swept by me on their way to see what was offered next. So many of the costumes were original designs and a delight to see.

    Enjoy and we'll be waiting to hear all about your Halloween adventure.

    Best wishes.
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  4. Fastpaks

    Fastpaks Living the Dream, One Image at a time!

    Nov 18, 2009
    In what seems to have become a custom when a family member has had a vacation of any sort, our entire family will get together and discuss the trip of whom ever is returning. In this particular occasion, it was my mom, dad, sister, nephew, and my sister's b/f. They had just returned from trip to the Caribbean on a DCL cruise. They had been on a Halloween Cruise of '09.

    The whole group was in a good mood. My DN (9) LOVED it and starting telling my DS(6) about the trip. For the most part, I was expecting this....except I wasn't expecting my sister's b/f to be so happy about the trip. He would talk to me about his trip for the next 3 hours. It takes a lot to impress him, and boy was he ever impressed. He would tell me over and over that I should really consider trying a cruise, specifically, a Disney one. It wouldn't take too long to decide.

    My wife and I have been talking about vacations, but it just hasn't been doable since the economy went south. We did promise our self that if the opportunity could arise that we would like to take our son to WDW before he is "too old" for it. So I contacted Dreams Unlimited and Small World Vacations to inquire about a trip. It was then I realized we might be out of our league with a cruise.
  5. djblu883

    djblu883 DIS Veteran

    Jun 5, 2006
    Hello and welcome to the DCL thread. The great thing about Disney vacations is in my book so very doable because you can pay down and on your vacation like a layaway!!!! In fact this year I'm doing a land and sea adventure because I started paying in mine last Oct.! I was at WDW and booked this year's deal and got 40% off my deluxe resort which ended up covering the cost of my dining!!! If you see the cruise is out if your budget I highly suggest you go to the resorts thread and read the tricks to getting a great rate on a Disney vacation!!!! Look at the codes and rates thread found in the sub titles!!! Happy planning!!!
  6. Fastpaks

    Fastpaks Living the Dream, One Image at a time!

    Nov 18, 2009
    Thanks for the wishes. I'm driving myself nuts atm with all the planning and changes. This journey to the trip seems to be taking a life of its own. More on that as the report goes on.

    LoL I was about to get to the desicion in my TR, but I fell asleep at my computer last night trying to type some stuff up.:rotfl2: Ultimately, I just hope ALL this work going into the vacation pays off.
  7. Fastpaks

    Fastpaks Living the Dream, One Image at a time!

    Nov 18, 2009
    So after being contacted my the two travel companies, I wasn't sure really want to do. I decided through the emails that I received that I would go with DU as a agent, if I decided to go. I shot my agent TracyH several emails sometime 3-4 times in a morning.(I work 2nd shift) She always got back to me in a timely manner and didn't mind the dumb questions. It was about this time that in doing my research I came across TheDis. I mainly stayed in the cruise forums and read everything! If I was to attempt to go on a cruise, I would need to know as much as possible about all the expenses I could incur.

    Finally, with all this information, I sat down a looked at the bills and income. It was the end of Nov, looking at the numbers, I was a little shocked. This could be possible. The only problem was which cruise and would my wife go for it now that we are a few weeks removed away from the "hype" of my family returning from their trip. See my wife doesn't swim and is prone to sea sickness. So I gathered all the information, I asked her "hypothetically" if she could go where would she want to go? She said eastern, then western. We discussed all the options and I told her that adding all things up, considering there was only 3 of us going, I think we could go in a Cat 11, have DCL transport us, and stay at a value resort before hand. However, there would be a HUGE sacrifice.

    I was a little surprised that we talked as long as we did about it because I interrupted her Desperate Housewives (a big NO NO on a Sunday). It would come down to 3 weeks in October '10. One was next to a dry dock, the other was an Eastern, and the last was on Halloween. UH OH. Halloween. My wife LOVES Halloween and there is NO WAY she is going to give that up. NONE. If she had her choice of Halloween or a Christmas it was Halloween. We decided that we would like to go on the first 2 choices. So for Halloween, I hardly knew ya... or so we thought.

    To be continue...
  8. JKSWonder

    JKSWonder Twelve plus trips and counting

    Nov 25, 2008
    Now, this is going to be a fun one to read since we are on the same cruise! :goodvibes

    You and my DH have a bit in common: he is not a lover of Disney either. His parents were Disney fanatics and he just never got it. He tolerates WDW because our kids love it so much.

    And yet....he LOVED our DCL cruise in Oct. 2009. Said it was the best vacation he ever took. Why? Because the kids were so happy and because people brought him drinks on trays! He said it was still the same fun vacation for the kids, without all the rush-rush feel of WDW (Although I am still making him do WDW for two days prior to the cruise). He actually insisted that we re-book the October 2010 cruise while we were on board.

    He is not, though, a hater of Halloween. Like your DW, this is also his favorite holiday. He and DD both. They go all out decorating our house every year. But we figured we wouldn't really be missing it, since they do at least some Halloween themed stuff on board. Me and Halloween? Eh. I don't get their glee over the whole thing, but I'm happy they are happy.
  9. disneychard

    disneychard Mouseketeer

    Feb 16, 2008
    Looking forward to reading more.

  10. TinklednPants

    TinklednPants DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2008
    You started your trip report six plus months before your trip???
  11. miztigg

    miztigg this place for rent or lease please make checks to

    Sep 18, 2006
    thats why its called a pre trip report :rotfl:

    popcorn:: Cant wait to hear the details Halloween is my FAVE holiday i work at a hosp ill work xmas over halloween anyday!!!!
  12. TinklednPants

    TinklednPants DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2008
    I know it's a pre-trip report, but how much is there for the OP to write about for 6 months??? There's flights, and packing, and that's about it.
  13. Fastpaks

    Fastpaks Living the Dream, One Image at a time!

    Nov 18, 2009


    If ya only knew. I had plans to start about 90 days out... but when you haven't been on a vacation in nearly 3 years, I didn't realize that it would be all I can think about. In addition, all the plans that have change to make it a wild ride to hopefully a vacation. I know there has to be people like myself that plan for things to be one way, and then find out just about everything will change. Either way, this is definitely an outlet for me to release the built up excitement.
  14. nenner1

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    Mar 1, 2007
    OK I'm here! The party can start now! ;)
  15. lsjones

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    Mar 9, 2006
    Me too, me too!! Hey, is this another meets thread?? I am really getting ansy now!!
  16. dizney-cruiser

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    May 13, 2004
    OH!! Here you all are!! Please pass the popcorn . . . :surfweb:
  17. Fastpaks

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    Nov 18, 2009
    ** photos will be coming I have to get them off a comp that is currently not working**
    About 4 years ago, I went to Florida for a week getaway with my secret wife. LoL Believe its a longer story. My parents agreed that they would watch our 3 year old as we would travel Orlando. I won't lie and say we didn't have fun. In fact, we had a great time. But due to circumstances and the situation at the time, the trip was not what it could have been. We kept saying that if we ever came back, that we would have to bring our son.

    Every night, we called are son. He is a HUGE FAN of Woody from Toy Story. He didn't know where we were in Florida, but he eventually found out we met Buzz and Woody. He said to me, "Dad next time you go to Florida, you take me so I can meet Woody."

    A couple months after we returned, my sister gave him a bank from her WDW trip. It was a house with Toy Story people on it. I had some spare change in my pocket and gave it to him. He said to me, "Dad, when I save all my pennies and when they reach the top, I'm going to buy my way to Florida. That way you and mom won't forget me." I told him that if he saves really hard, I promise to let him meet Woody. This will crush me if I fail. (crossfingers)


    Not long after we had decided to go on either the 10/16 or 10/23 cruise, I contacted DU again about what should I be doing next. Tracey told me that I would need a deposit of $750 the sooner the better. She explained to me that that cruises were filling fairly fast. It was November. At the time, I only had about $200 saved, no credit cards, and little money elsewhere. I was begining to lose my drive.

    Later in the month, I began to have some pretty serious issues waking up at night. I was gasping for air. My wife would slam her hand on my back to try and force me to breathe. I had tried getting a diagnosis. Sleep apnea? Nope It always came back as the same thing....obesity. I had managed in about 10 years to gain 110lbs and hitting about 310. The Doctor had been telling me for years to do something about it. I had heard his advice but was never really motivated. Then I read something on this board.

    I have always had a goal in my life to run. Even in my younger days, when I was quite athletic, I wouldn't run. LOL Its the one thing, I have never ever done. I read about a guy that got up early in the morning to run a 5k on Castaway Cay. It was strange. I felt motivated by his reward. He talked about how he returned, and a little note was slipped under the door. It wasn't a medal or trophy, but just a little certificate of achieving the run. I told myself that this would be my purpose for the trip. :idea: I don't know if I ll make that goal that I have, but if I was trying at it, I just might lose a pound or two in the process.

    I was excited to tell my family and my wife. After we all shared a laugh about the run, it was sorta clear that the picture of me running a 5k was just.. ridiculous. Not to mention, the only way we are going on this cruise is if I can find some money.

    I realized that this was going to be the hardest part of them all. We were behind already in the budget:teacher: for the cruise and with Christmas coming there would be a tough decision to be made. You see, much like many families when the economy went south, I made critical errors the years prior and nearly had late payments on my house. We didn't have a Christmas in '08 b/c we went $-19 the week prior to the holiday. I realized in order for us to go on a cruise, we (my wife and I) would have to skip Christmas in '09. In addition, I would have to work through my vacation in order to get enough money. I talked to my wife and she, after plenty of talking, agreed. WE NEED A VACATION!

    So on Dec 15, I sent an email to DU that we had the deposit. Only one problem, the Eastern cruise was filled in our cabin we wanted. In fact, it was nearly booked! Cross that one out. So I told my wife about that. I asked her one more time about Halloween. I was sure going to say no. I was wrong. She had reconsidered because she had heard about the Magic being in dry dock. It made her a little uneasy. Not to mention, I told her there was some Halloween activities on board.
    So the Halloween Cruise, here we come!
  18. Fastpaks

    Fastpaks Living the Dream, One Image at a time!

    Nov 18, 2009
    I'm thinking about lightening up. That's if I can find the right costume![color]

    Thanks for reading... and LOL the :grouphug: Gang is nearly all here! :P

    I know that there is a lot of information that some people may not care to read and that is fine. I will try to keep the Pre TR and the TR separated on the main page. Part of my openness is so I can have a "scrapbook" I can come back to after the whole vacation is done. For everyone else, hopefully the pre TR is coherant as I tend to write late at night and like to ramble. :thumbsup2
  19. canabrits2

    canabrits2 Mouseketeer

    Mar 2, 2010
    I'm enjoying the read! Thanks for posting!
  20. dizney-cruiser

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    May 13, 2004
    Do we have to wait until 3 am for the next installment? :surfweb:
  21. Fastpaks

    Fastpaks Living the Dream, One Image at a time!

    Nov 18, 2009
    I'm pacing myself. :thumbsup2

    I want to get a few of the pics up before I continue. That being said, should have something next week, at about 3am....Love me some second shift life.

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