The weekend of 4.2 parks in Fall 2000... on a 2 week visit to California


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Oct 23, 2013
Hello. I found my notes and some pictures from my Fall 2000 trip to California. So I thought I would write a trip report.

The reason for the trip is that I was a bridesmaid for my friend who was getting married in Napa Valley. We extended our stay so that I could visit my relatives who live in Northern California.

My cousin planned an amazing October weekend of Halloween fun for us that included 4.2 parks:
Disneyland park
Universal Studies
Magic Mountain
Knotts Scarry Farm
and a visit to a small park that has Racecars to drive.

Stay tuned to hear more.


Cant wait for another trip to DLR
Oct 23, 2013
The planning

This trip in Fall 2000 takes place in 3 different areas of California.
Napa Valley for a friends wedding
Northern California/San Francisco/San Jose visiting relatives
A very full weekend of Southern California Theme parks.

On New Years day Jan 1 2000 my friend L calls me from her home in California to tell me she is getting married in Napa Valley and asks me to be her bridesmaid. So I called my relatives in California to let them know that myself and DH would be flying down. My cousin S says October is the best time to go to Southern California, and tells us about all the haunts at the parks. So he plans a big weekend of theme parks and haunts for our visit. We plan to stay for 2 weeks.

A few days later, in early Janaury, I find out that my work wants to send me on a week long training. I have the option of taking the training in Phoenix Arizona or San Francisco California! So of course I choose San Fransciso. I call my friend L and my Cousin S and tell them I will be in San Franciso in April ! And then make plans to spend the weekend before the training at my Aunts, and the weekend after the training at my friends!

Stay tuned to hear about my 10 days in San Francisco!


Cant wait for another trip to DLR
Oct 23, 2013
10 Days in San Francisco in April 2000 *Edited to add a few pictures*

I had been sent on a training course by my work in San Francisco.
I cant remember the exact dates in April. But I flew in on a Friday and Left on a Sunday 9 days later.

The first weekend I spent with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Freemont. My cousin S took me to San Francisco on Saturday (including a boat cruise tour of the bay), and my aunt had a big family dinner for me on Sunday. Then Sunday night my cousin S drove me to my hotel, which was the San Francisco Marriott on Mission street.

April 2000 mariott.jpg

Monday- Friday I attended the training. Monday evening Cousin S came and took me out to dinner and we did some shopping at Norstroms shopping centre. He also brought me a box of Krispy Cream donuts for me to snack on in my room. Tuesday evening Cousin S and my Friend L both came and took me out for dinner to Planet Hollywood. Wednesday Cousin B and his wife Cousin S drove me to thier friends place in San Francisco to meet some of thier friends. Thursday night I just ate in the hotel resturant and finished up a project I needed to complete for the training. Then Friday, the training course ended early at 11 am. So I spent the afternoon shopping! Then I went back to the Marriott to get my luggage from their concierge desk. Then I met my friend L and some of her friends. We went out to eat and then out for some drinks in San Francisco and then went to stay the rest of the weekend at my friend L's house in San Jose. Saturday friend L and her fiance took me shopping, we walked around Stanford University grounds, and out to eat. Sunday I flew home.

The Sea Lions at Pier 39
April 2000 sea lions.jpg

Some pictures from the San Francisco Bay boat tour. (Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge, and San Francicso )

April 2000 Alcatraz from boat.jpg

April 2000  Golden gate from boat.jpg

April 2000 San Fran from boat.jpg

Up next.. back to my Fall 2000 trip report.....
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Oct 23, 2013
Day 1 - Thursday October 5, 2000- Travel Day. Day 1 at the wedding venue in Napa Valley.

DH and I take a taxi to the airport and meet DF "J" at the airport. DF-J is also a bridesmaid at the wedding. Our flight leaves at 6:50 am Winnipeg. We fly via a Denver, and arrive at San Francisco airport at 11:18 am California time.

After we gather our luggage, and rental car, we drive up into Napa Valley to the wedding destination.
The wedding was taking place on Saturday at Rainbow Ranch resort in Napa Valley, close to Calistoga.

This is a beautiful resort/conference/meditation centre on a mountain range in Napa. The resort is huge, with various types of accomodations from individual large suites to dorm-room type accomodations.

The bride was staying in one of the large suites with the single bridesmaids. All the wedding party who were with thier spouses were staying in the large dorm style accomodations. (private suites with a large shared co-ed shower/washroom facilities.) DH and I were supposed to stay in this dorm accomodation, until we saw these cute little A-frame cottages ( like a Yurt) and asked if we could stay in one of these instead, since they were so cute. The resort accomodated us and we stayed in this for the duration of our stay at the resort. Its an A-frame cottage with a mattress on the floor and a carpeted area to sit. We loved it. It felt like we were camping in a tent. And the view from our little cottage was amazing.

We spent the day hanging out with our friends and checking out the resort grounds.

Stay tuned to hear about day 2


Cant wait for another trip to DLR
Oct 23, 2013
Day 2 - Friday October 6, 2000- wedding rehersal day. Day 2 at the wedding venue in Napa Valley.

On Friday we went for a drive to Calistoga to check out the town and do a bit of shopping. The drive between the resort and Calistoga was full of beautiful vineyards.


Calistoga was a cute town full of resorts, spas, winetasting, food and shopping.


We spent the afternoon decorating the inside venue for the wedding. Then we spent the afternoon at the pool and hottub. What an amazing view from the pool.


In the evening we had the wedding rehersal, and dinner.

Stay tuned to hear about the Wedding.....


Cant wait for another trip to DLR
Oct 23, 2013
Day 3 - Saturday October 7, 2000- wedding day. Day 3 at the wedding venue in Napa Valley.

We spent the moring getting ready for the wedding, and helping with any last minute set-up.

The resort set up for the wedding outside with white chairs for guests and a beautiful arch. The wedding took place outside overlooking the mountain range at 2:30 pm.

After the wedding, the wedding party took pictures, while the guests were treated to a wide range of amazing hors-d'oeuvres and beverages at the poolside.


Guests then had time to themselves to mingle and relax.

The resort then set up tables and chairs outside. Then we had the most amazing meal outside with a fantastic view.

lisa wedding.jpg

After dinner, it was getting cool/windy. Then we moved the reception to the indoor venue, were we had speaches and dancing.

Stay tuned for day 4 of our trip - Drive south to Freemont California
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Oct 23, 2013
Day 4 - Sunday October 8, 2000- Leave Napa and drive to Freemont to stay with relatives.

We spent the morning have brunch with the wedding party and guests at Rainbow Ranch. The bride and groom opened thier gifts, and then gave all the wedding party gifts.

Then DH and I drove down to Freemont to my relatives house. We spent the day relaxing and chatting. We were staying with my aunt (DA), Uncle (DU), cousin S (DC-S) and cousin J (DC-J) . (my other cousin B (DC-B) and his wife S (DC-S) would be coming over later in the week.

It was great to catch up with family. This was the first time my DH met these relatives.

up next a vist to my favorite city.....
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    Oct 23, 2013
    Day 5- Monday October 9, 2000 - Visit San Francisco

    DH, DC-S and I spent the day in my favorite city, San Francisco.
    This was DHs first visit to San Francisco, so we decided to vist as much as we could.
    * We got a cable car pass and road the Cable cars
    * Had clam chowder at Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39.
    * Got some Ghiradelli chocolate
    * We went to Chinatown
    * Drove down Lombard street. ( crooked street)
    * Walked around the Palace of Fine Arts
    * Walked on the Golden Gate Bridge

    stay tuned for more ....


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    Oct 23, 2013
    Day 6- Tuesday October 10, 2000 - Visit Santa Cruz and a family dinner
    DH, DC-S and I drove to Santa Cruz and hung out at the beach area.
    In the evening my Aunt had prepared a big dinner and my DC-B and his wife DC-S came by. It was a nice visit with family.

    Day 7- Wednesday October 11, 2000 - Gilroy and a movie
    DH, DC-S, and myself drove to Gilroy to to Indian Motorcycle shop and a few other places along the way.
    We also went to see the movie "meet the parents" at a theatre.

    Day 8- Thursday October 12, 2000 - Visit with some Sharks
    In the morning we went grocery shopping and then spent the afternoon making Traditional French Canadian Metis Tortiere (Meat Pies) for my Aunt as a thank you for all the meals she prepared for us.
    In the evening DH, DC-S and myself drove to San Jose for dinner, and then went to a San Jose Sharks vs Phoenix Coyotes hockey game.

    up next the start of my weekend of 4.2 parks trip report.....
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    Oct 23, 2013
    Day 9- Friday October 13, 2000 - Magic Mountain Theme park.

    We got up early, ate a quick breakfast, and then drove from Northern California down the I-5 to Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita. DH , myself and DC-S drove in one car. A few of my cousins friends also drove down as well to join us. I believe we stopped somewhere for a quick fastfood lunch along the way but I cant remember where.

    As soon as we arrived at Magic Mountain I was awestruck with the massive roller coasters you could see from the parking lot.

    The park adult ticket price we paid was $ 20.50
    mm tickets.jpg

    In 2000 the Goliath Rollercoaster was brand new. We rode it and It is still one of our favorite RollerCoasters ever. We especially liked the drop into the fog/darkness.

    mm Goliath.jpg

    We rode many rollercoasters and other rides. I can not remember all the ones we rode, however I remember riding the following:
    Batman The Ride
    The Riddler's Revenge
    Superman The Escape
    Log Jammer

    mm guide book.jpg

    mm park map.jpg

    MM ride list.jpg

    It was getting chilly out, so DH and I both both some sweatshirts from Magic Mountain. Sweatshirts were about $50 each. We then walked around the park and rode some more rides.

    Then we all headed to Buena Park to our hotel, which was the Fairfield Inn in Buena Park.
    Our room cost $51.30 per night, plus $ 6.16 taxes, for a total of $57.46 per night. So the 3 nights cost a total of $172.38.

    Stay tuned to hear about our next park.....
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    Oct 23, 2013
    Day 10- Saturday October 14, 2000 - Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night

    For Saturday we had tickets to Universal Studios Halloween Horror night, the gate opens at 7 pm.

    We had the morning to ourselves. DH wanted to check out a few stores and we headed out to Irvine California ( about a half hr away) and went to Truck Toys. DH bought a t-shirt, and when they found out we were from Canada, they threw in a tank top for me.

    Truck toys.jpg

    We went back to the hotel to pick up DC-S and then our group headed out to Hollywood for the afternoon.
    We did a bit of shopping, DH get a T-shirt at Harley Davidson Hollywood.

    harley davidson hollywood 2000.jpg

    And I found the handprints of one of my favourites, John Travolta.

    john travolta.jpg

    Then we drove to Universal Studios. The parking at that time was $ 7.
    parking universal.jpg

    We did alot of shopping. I think we also did some sort of virtual reality driving thing in Citywalk? We then went to the Hard Rock Cafe for food and some drinks and hung out there until we could enter Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights at 7.

    Hard Rock hollywood 2000.jpg

    I can not find my ticket stub, so I do not know how much the Horror Nights tixs were. I remember alot from both the Universal Horror Nights and the Knotts Scary Farm. However, I am getting them both mixed up, and not sure which memory was from which park. So instead of detailing what I remember about Horror nights right now, I will do a summary of both parks a little later on.

    universal front pic.jpg

    If I recall, I think we did All the Mazes?
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel ; Rob Zombies American Nightmare ; Clive Barkers Harvest ; WWF The Undertaker, and Blood Theatre
    They were all amazing, it felt like we were actually in a horror movie.
    universal mazes.jpg

    I remember that we also watched the Chucky's Insult show, which was hilarious. And we rode Jurassic Park The Ride, which was awesome.

    universal map fold out.jpg

    The Universal Studios Horror Night was amazing.

    Up next Knotts Scary Farm ........
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