The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread part2

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    Before the mods close it down(DisBoard rules,no thread can go over 250 pages),I want to reboot it again to keep it going.I will add links to the origanal that way we can look back at past posts.Also I,m putting on the 1'st page with all the links that vettechick99 worked so hard at compiling for us.

    The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread! (pics and reviews)


    **This thread started out as my resort report (see posts #6 and #10) but has morphed into a BC thread. In this post, and throughout the thread, you'll find additional information like who to rent from, what buildings to request, and floorplans. Flip through the pages but also see the bottom of this post for where to go.***

    Welcome to the Bonnet Creek FAQ page
    created by Lisa0620, SparKeLLy, and vettechick99
    Please see below for the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, Log In and the ‘Search this Thread’ tab will appear on the right just under the page numbers. Enter your keywords and it will list all the posts containing those words from newest to oldest. It works well, is very easy to use and is actually faster than typing a new post that begins “I don’t have time to read all 100 pages of this thread, so…”

    Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort
    9560 Via Encinas, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

    What/Where is Bonnet Creek?
    Bonnet Creek Resort is a 70-acre area located in the southeast corner of Walt Disney World. It is not owned by Disney, but is bordered on three sides by Disney-owned land. The entrance is located just east of the entrance to Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort. The concept was to set up a cluster of luxury hotels. There is currently a Wyndham timeshare resort: Wyndham Bonnet Creek (the focus of this thread), the Waldorf Astoria and Hilton Bonnet Creek complex, the 400 room Wyndham Hotel still under construction, and an 18 hole golf course.

    How do I make a reservation at Bonnet Creek?
    Wyndham Bonnet Creek is a timeshare resort. You can rent units from Wyndham timeshare owners. People on this thread have had luck with rentals from ebay and through Ken Price at

    The best price is available when you book within 60 days of your trip. If you make a reservation through Ken Price at, he will automatically check at the 60-day point if there is still availability and rebook you at the lower rate.

    You can also reserve online through Wyndham, but if you reserve through Wyndham, you will be paying much more than what you would pay renting from an owner. or call: 800-610-9558

    Is there a parking fee at the resort?
    Parking is free at Bonnet Creek but you will have to pay to park at the theme parks ($14).

    Is there a shuttle from the airport to the resort?
    No, a rental car is recommended.

    Can we walk to the Caribbean Beach Resort and use their transportation?
    No, although the resorts are next to each other, there is no safe walking path between them.

    Does Bonnet Creek provide transportation to the parks and Downtown Disney?
    Yes, there is a free shuttle. There is one bus for both MK and Epcot and another for DHS and Animal Kingdom. If you use the ‘Search This Thread’ feature there are several shuttle schedules posted on this thread. Some people report good experience with the shuttles, but the majority recommend renting a car.

    Layout of the resort:
    The resort consists of 6 timeshare buildings/towers and a future hotel (currently under construction.) Puerta de Leon, the main building/clubhouse and Building 1 were built in 2004. Building 6 is the newest building completed in 2010. The only building still under construction is the hotel, which is located between buildings 3 and 6. The pool labeled “Pirate Pool” in front of Building 5 on the map is actually a fort themed pool with a lazy river. The pool in front of Building 6 has a pirate ship pool and slide.

    Building 1 (Torre de la Tierra) has 7 floors. Even numbered units face the lake.
    Building 2 (Torre del Vinto) has 9 floors. Even numbered units face the lake
    Building 3 (Torre del Mar) has 9 floors. Even numbered units face the lake.
    Building 4 (Torre del Cielo) has 15 floors. Odd numbered units face the lake.
    Building 5 (Torre de la Luna) has 15(?) floors. Odd numbered units face the lake.
    Building 6 (Torre del Sol) has 19 floors. Odd numbered units face the lake.
    What types of rooms are available?
    The majority of units are 2 bedroom suites, there are fewer one bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom suites.

    1 bedroom layout:

    1-bedroom layout:
    Occupancy of 4 (including 2 on the pull out sofa)
    Master bedroom with king sized bed
    Living room has a full sized sleeper sofa

    2 bedroom layout:

    2-bedroom unit:
    Occupancy of 8 (including 2 on the pull out sofa)
    Master bedroom with king sized bed
    Second bedroom with two full sized (double) beds
    Living room has a full size sleeper sofa

    3-bedroom layout:

    3-bedroom layout:
    Occupancy of 10 (including 2 on the pull out sofa)
    Master bedroom with king sized bed
    Second bedroom with queen sized bed
    Third bedroom with two full (double) beds

    4-bedroom presidential layout:

    4-bedroom presidential suite layout:
    Occupancy of 12
    2 king master bedrooms
    2 bedrooms with two full (double) beds

    What is included with the units?
    A kitchen with full sized appliances, washer/dryer, iron and ironing board, TV and DVD in the living room, TV’s in each bedroom (flat screens only in the newer buildings.)

    There is a port for free internet hook up located on the phone on the kitchen island. You can bring your own router and plug it into the jack for a wireless connection.

    The closet of the master bedroom contains a wall safe, which might fit a smaller laptop.

    The kitchens come fully stocked with dishes, flatware, knives, basic pots and pans, colander, hand mixer, blender, toaster, coffee maker (takes cone style filters), standard gadgets: corkscrew, can opener, cheese grater, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop. The units come stocked with a few days worth of coffee, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tabs and laundry soap. The bathrooms have trial sized toiletries and a wall mount hair dryer. Refills of all supplies are available at the front desk for free.

    Click here for a photo essay of the inside of a 2-bedroom and its kitchen supplies.

    Is there daily maid service?
    No. You can request a cleaning during your stay for a fee, but it is not otherwise provided. You are expected to wash your own towels during your stay. (There are towels provided at the pool for swimming.) There will be instructions in the unit for check out day: you are asked to strip the beds, put all the linens in the bathroom and empty your trash into the hallway chute.

    Are the pools heated?
    Yes, except the kiddie pools near the main building have been reported as not being heated.

    Are there towels at the pool?
    Yes. Pick up and drop off right at the poolside.

    Is there Internet and what is the cost?
    Yes. There are hookups on the main telephone and it is free. YAY! It has also been reported that there's wireless Internet in the main lobby and its pool. Some of the closer buildings may be able to log in as well.

    Will you have to attend a timeshare tour?
    No. After you check in, you will be asked to visit another desk to pick up your parking pass. They will ask you some questions which you can choose to answer or not. You will be asked to sign up for a tour. I have declined each trip and never been asked again.

    How can I buy into Bonnet Creek/Wyndham properties?
    Check out the tug groups at Also, there has been some chatter on this thread about points and fees. Read throughout or check out the random posts on pages 13-16.

    shuttle info compiled by SparKeLLy
    Does Bonnet Creek provide transportation to Disney Parks and Downtown Disney?
    Yes, there is a free shuttle. There is one bus for both MK and Epcot and another for DHS and Animal Kingdom. Some people report good experience with the shuttles, but the majority recommend renting a car.

    CLICK HERE to view Shuttle Schedule to Disney Parks (September 2010)

    The schedule may change, use this as a guide, but be sure to look at the current schedule when you get to the resort. You will be given a schedule at check-in.
    They generally do not change too much - I have a schedule from 2008 and it's very similar to 2010, mostly due to adding the additional pickup at Tower 6.

    *Shuttles depart from the Clubhouse (main lobby) and Tower 6.
    *Scheduled Times are Departure Times.
    *Arrive Early. At least 10 min. is suggested. If the bus is full, you may have to stand.
    *Riders with disabilities and wheel chairs call 2 hours prior to boarding. (407.390.0000)
    *Magic Kingdom gets dropped off first, then Epcot.
    *Shuttles are operated by Maingate Transportation.
    *Bonnet Creek Shuttles to Disney Parks are not shared with any other resort.
    *There are no shuttles to Disney Water Parks.

    Can I make it to rope drop using the shuttle?
    Yes, we made rope drop and the opening shows at every park with time to spare.
    Are strollers allowed? Yes. There were strollers (big & small) on nearly all of our shuttles.
    Where does the bus pick up from at the parks? There is a separate lot for tour bus parking and Disney has signs to direct you. Each parking space has a number. The bus schedule tells you what number parking space the Bonnet Creek shuttle will pick up from at each park.
    Do Shuttles go to the Magic Kingdom during the Halloween or Christmas Parties? Yes. However if you want to stay to the end of the party (midnight) you will need to get a taxi back to the resort. The last shuttle from the Magic Kingdom is at 11:40pm.

    Does Bonnet Creek provide transportation to other attractions?
    Yes, but it is NOT free and you must make reservations.
    CLICK HERE to view Other Attraction Shuttle Service Information (September 2010)

    Where can you find a grocery store/Walmart?
    Vineland Rd Walmart.
    Exiting Bonnet Creek make a right on Buena Vista Dr. Make your 1st right on Epcot Center drive (towards I-4). Cross over I-4 and make a right onto 535 (Vineland Rd). Walmart will be a couple miles down the road on your right.

    Turkey Lake Walmart.
    There are 2 ways to get here:

    Option 1.
    Exiting Bonnet Creek make a right onto Buena Vista Dr. Take I-4 "East" Towards Orlando. Exit off Sand Lake Rd. 74A. Turn left under I-4. At the first light, make a left (Turkey Lake Rd). Walmart will be on your right.

    Option 2.
    Turn right on Buena Vista Drive towards Downtown Disney. Turn right onto Hotel Plaza Blvd. Turn Left at the Crossroads shopping center light. (Vineland rd). At the first light, make a right. (Palm Parkway). Follow this road all the way down. It changes names to Turkey Lake Rd. Walmart will be on your left.

    Where to go for more info...

    vettechick's March & July 2009 stays - pg. 1, posts #6, #10
    Resort map & floorplans - pg. 3, #35
    Many, many, many pictures - pg. 7, #97, 98, 99
    More pictures - pg. 7-, #101-106, 109-110
    Activities Schedule - pg. 9, #126
    Bonnet Creek location map - pg. 9, #127
    Names of buildings & numbers of floors - pg. 9, #133
    Spring 2010 Activities Guide - pg. 17 or here
    Sample shuttle times (March reported) - pg 20, #299
    Live report from ttfn3 - pg. 22, #326

    And here is the link to the 1'st page of the origanal thread.Thank you and enjoy posting more about it!!:thumbsup2
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    Thanks for starting a new one and moving things over.
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    Feb 15, 2010
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    Just subscribing for updates!
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    Subbing to the new thread... popcorn::
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    Subscribing to keep up with the updates.:surfweb:
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    Just stopping in to say 'hi!' We will be there in less than 3 weeks!!:banana:

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    Hi All, I am sorry but I am repeating a question that I asked on the wlbc part I, but did not get much response. We are first time renters, so I have no idea what to expect from the owner. We are about 50 days away, what I did receive at booking was a receipt and a document with a certificate # on it and my name and resort and room type info. What and when can I expect to get more info. We are staying in a 2 br pres, and owner says he does not have room # yet. From info I have on these boards, I was under the impression that with presidential units the room is assigned at booking. Can anyone clear this up for me. Thanks.
  11. Justbranches5

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    Sep 1, 2006
    Can't wait til our next visit WBC!! My kids loved the resort more than the Disney Parks.
    Thought of another thing I forgot to mention. The Gatorland "mini show" at WBC outdoor amphitheatre was very good...funny & infomative. There were scorpions, alligators, snakes, etc...the kids loved it. I think they do the show at least once a week...
  12. TotoToo

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    Not to say it may not happen but we have never received a room assignment - even the Presidential - prior to check in. And given that they always try to located those in good areas we never cared. If they do assign them early and let the owner know then they should be able to pass that information on to you.
  13. MapleGirl

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    I'd like to stay here on our next trip but DH is not excited about the timeshare pitches. Can you please tell me what to expect aside from having to go to the 'parking pass' desk? Do they really pester you at the desk? Do they call your room or knock on your door? Are there gremlins roaming the grounds trying to get your drunk so you'll sign up for a timeshare?
  14. TotoToo

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    Once you get by the "parking Pass Process" , where you can show up unaccompanied by your partner thus making it possible to refuse the meeting (as you obviously can't commit without him/her there to say "OK") or by accepting but then simply blow it off, they will continue to make calls to toyur uint, often quite early or late, so the best advice is unplug the phone(s)! Anyone you WANT to speak to will call your cell (assuming that like most you have one) - just plug in & check messages a few times if you worry you might miss something of importance.

    DO NOT accept the in room visit no matter what as that puts you in a bad position to get the heck out as they are in your room. Unless you are there on a deeply discounted special offer that requires the attendance to a "torture" there is NO requirement that you talk to sales. Best to simply avoid them, period. Should you opt to have a visit with them NEVER, EVER sign up for any Direct (Developer) puchase from Wyndham as you can always get the exact same thing resale for 5% of the retail or less (as in often FREE!).

    They haven't been known to use the drunked up round up system, a popular Mexican trait in timeshares, yet but you can never say they won't! Just say NO to sales.
  15. arthur06

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    We are thinking of a late September trip to BC, as our DVC plans may have changed! I have been wanting to stay at WBC for a while.
  16. MapleGirl

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    Thanks for the info.

    wow! I was joking about the drunk round-up. That's crazy! :eek:
  17. TinkOhio

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    Jul 6, 2003
    We reserved a 2 bedroom through an owner but would now like to add 3 additional nights. The problem is that they are probably long gone. We are trying to find a 1 or 2 bedroom for Dec. 29-Jan. 1. Is there any less expensive way to do this than calling Wydnham and reserving with cash?

    TIA for any help!:goodvibes
  18. Zoebear

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    Feb 1, 2008
    Hi all,
    Looking forward to our first trip to WBC too. Can anyone help with the following -
    1. I'm looking for current or fairly recent activities schedules just to get an idea of what may be offered
    2. I'm also wondering about creatures (flies, bugs, snakes, crocs etc(!)) at WBC. I'm a Canadian who is not used to the last two for sure. The flies other bugs I can handle :)

  19. Catira

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    Sep 24, 2003
    Tink I own wyndham points and just checked the website for you. Nothing available with a check-in for either 12/28 or 12/29. But, owners can cancel 15 days before check in dates and that's when you might be able to find the dates you are looking for. Have you thought of contacting the person you rented from so they can reserve the dates if they become available?

    Last xmas, I had 2 split reservations for the 10 days we were there. One was check in 12/19, check out 12/26. BUT, what I did was reserve the 2nd reservation for 12/25 so they could overlap and avoid having to checkout at 10 am and then WAIT for my room to become available at 4pm. Prior to our arrival I called Bonnet Creek and had them merge my 2 reservations so I wouldn't have to change rooms.
  20. TerBear4

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    Jun 30, 2004

    This is the link to their activity page. There is a .pdf file you can download from this page which should have all the current activities available. I just printed this off myself since we are arriving on Friday :yay:

    As far as bugs and critters, I sure don't remember much of anything there. There are usually the small lizards...........they are all over Florida. My kids love trying to catch them.

  21. photobob

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    Jan 13, 2003
    I am a DCV owner and I am getting pretty excited about our upcoming Bonnet Creek stay. Apparently my in-laws own enough points they can request a view? We are going down the week after Thanksgiving, staying in a one bedroom deluxe. Can anyone recommend an area to request? I like an upper room with a view that maybe you could see fireworks, if there is such a view.

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