The Thong Story (As Requested By Several Teen Boarders)


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Sep 11, 2000
Ahh the Thong Story. Here we go! It started a while ago on the CB, as our semi (ok rather)-disfuncatioanl One Line Tread Family. We got into a discussion on Thongs, and I asked for several people to loan me theirs. Dana was nice enough to lend me hers, as did Jules, Norah (I think) and Hes!
Just to get this straight... did you actually get sent the thong? lol I'm confused!

If Katie is slow I must be too cause she and I were thinking the same thing! Ya'll r some crazy people! I wish ya'll could live near me! The people in this state r BORING!!!! I am was to hyper for this state. Did u know that South Carolina owns half a theme park (carowinds) and does not completly own a PRO sports team except hockey? Like I said BORING!!! I wanna move back to Georgia. But then I would leave some of my good friends. OH-WELL. Guess I am stuck!

Carowinds! I heard its a great park!
I am not slow!!!!! lol :D I seriously thought you sent them to him and then I would've been a little scared... lol
Ahhh Katie I thought the exact same thing when I read all that!! LOL!!
I have been correted. South Carolina DOES NOT even have a pro-hockey team. BORING
I miss the OLT!! :( We have another board (not on the DIS) now, but it just isn't the one posts there lol.
Any place called Sparkle City can't be all bad.....

Do you mind if I ask why you needed a thong, Brad? :D


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