The Sloneckers’ January Trip to Disney-Flights, Arrival, Hoop-Dee-Doo Part 2 of 8

Obsessed w/Disney in OH

With hope, the imagination soars.
Sep 25, 1999
The Sloneckers’ January Trip to Disney-Flights, Arrival, Hoop-Dee-Doo Part 2 of 8

Slonecker Family:

Russ-DH, a converted Disney fan after trip in summer of 2000

Lisa-the compulsive planner–fanatical DIS fan; been dying to go back to Disney since summer of 2000

Holly-13; wants to set a new record for the number of times on Rock n Roller; definite list of “have to’s” and “can skip” attractions

Emily-10; Has enough energy and curiosity for all of us! Ready and raring to go–most excited about missing school to go to Disney

Jana-6; Says she is ready to go and see Mickey and Minnie again. Thinks she’s brave enough to try Rock n Roller!


5 nights, 5 days at Port Orleans Riverside. January 16-22

We stayed at the hotel near the airport, but still got up at the crack of dawn since the hotel and airport advised arriving 2 hours prior. So, up at 4 am–on the shuttle at 5 am and to the airport no problem. The girls are bursting with excitement–they are READY. The new airport security is new to us–a little intimidating to see armed patrols. We got to security and of course I am the one chosen by security to be searched. Actually, the bag I was carrying had CDs, cassette player, etc. They said they weren’t able to “see through it” in the scanner so they took everything out to look. I also had to take off my shoes to be scanned. I had even bought new socks for everyone in preparation for this aspect of airport security! :) No big deal really–everyone was kind and reassuring. The girls looked a little scared–we had tried to prepare them, but it was still a little frightening to have their mom searched, I guess.

The flights were OK–first leg, Dayton, OH to Chicago. Jana slept during take off from Chicago, so she didn’t “chew and swallow” much. We won’t make that mistake again because by the time we were descending in Orlando–she was in tears with ear pain. :( :( I flagged down a flight attendant who brought her styrofoam cups with hot wet paper towels stuffed inside them. She told Jana to hold them over her ears. The cups, along with lessons from Emily about how to stretch her mouth to make her ears pop--had smiles on Jana’s face again within 5 minutes. Pretty amazing! I was sooo glad! We landed and could feel the heat of sunny Florida as we walked off the plane. WE’RE HERE!!!!:D :D :D

We had signed up for a ride with Tiffany Town cars-had not told the girls. When we descended the escalator–were they ever surprised to see a sign with our name on it!! We gathered the luggage and our driver, Amin, helped us haul it to the pick up area. It is sooooo warm here–we took off coats and stuffed them in a suitcase. (From what we heard from everyone we arrived at the right time–they had 40* weather the week before!) Amin went to get the car and the girls were excited when he pulled up–they liked this service(so did I!). We barely got everything in the trunk...I really truly tried to pack light, but planning for any sort of weather took much more room than just shorts and t-shirts! :o :o

Amin showed us some sights, but basically didn’t have much to say. He was very accommodating and polite–just quiet. We stopped at Publix for a quick grocery stop–snacks, bottled water, and a styrofoam cooler. This place was very crowded–wow, but fine selection. We had no room left in the trunk, so we held the cooler in our lap and put the bags around our feet. The girls got more and more excited as we neared. The billboards on the way are so neat–3 dimensional and just makes the anticipation even greater!!

We arrived at POR, Amin went on the search of bell service. Someone came promptly, loaded things up and after we settled up with Amin and finalized pick up plans, went in to check-in. There was absolutely no one around besides people that work at POR. It was really strange to see things so empty. So, no waiting in line–right up there and got our keys, tickets, etc. I had faxed a room request–we got Building 14, my first choice :) We also got our tickets for the Hoop Dee Doo Review. We got back outside, someone loaded our luggage in a cart–man, this cart is full(!) and we arrived at 1424. The girls wanted to swim immediately–the novelty of swimming outside in January was too hard to resist, so we agreed to let them swim. I unpacked and they swam.

I had forgotten how much I like the rooms at POR. The shelves above the double sinks, the big shelf beside the sink area makes things so much easier to organize. I optimistically put shorts and t-shirts in the drawers and left the jeans in the suitcases! I stored the food, iced the cooler, and turned on the TV to watch what’s new at DISNEY!!!!! The girls returned thrilled with their swim, showered, and got ready for HDDR.

The desk clerk told us to allow an hour to get from POR to HDDR. He told us to take the bus to DD then to FW. On the first bus, the driver says you can’t do that. You have to go POR to DD to WL to FW. Next bus driver says they shouldn’t have taken us that way. He said next time, go POR to MK to boat which goes directly to FW. This takes about ½ hour vs. and hour that it took us. Oh well, now we know!!!!! However, one good thing about this route was when we were at WL waiting to find the Boone bus–we saw glimpses of fireworks from MK. OOOH–did that get the anticipation started!!:cool:

We got there in plenty of time and checked in. When they led us to a table RIGHT in FRONT by the stage–the girls’eyes got round as saucers and I started getting dirty looks from DH. I had told them that audience members are “picked on” and asked to participate. They thought I had arranged for them to be right up front so they would be picked on. I told them I didn’t know and had nothing to do with where we sat, but I still don’t think they believe me!!:rolleyes:

We had salad, ribs, chicken(the best), corn, beans, bread, and strawberry shortcake. We enjoyed this meal a great deal. The show was HILARIOUS!! The girls laughed themselves silly. I enjoyed it because they enjoyed it so much. “6-Bits” and the song about Clementine, porcupine, lemon rind, frankenstein, etc. was hilarious. The girls did not eat much, especially Jana–just too much to watch and laugh about. They move the food in and out very quickly. Russ and I enjoyed a cold pitcher of brew.

We left there still laughing about the show with the tune “Hoop Dee Doo” stuck in our heads and got on the bus that was waiting outside to take us to POR. To POR and ready for bed–4 am was a long time ago!!

Tomorrow is breakfast with princesses and MK!!
A great start to your trip. I will have to remember the trick with the cups. Thanks for posting.
I thought that the earlier you booked the dinner show the better the seats are.......thanks so much for reminding me of that is one that is similiar to the one at MK :rolleyes: stays with you forever and ever...thanks for your report

That is a good tip about the could also try clearing your ears as scuba divers do. Just hold your nose closed (gently) and try to blow your nose! This should cause your ears to clear promptly. lin
Thanks for the hint, TrvlLin--I tried to explain to her how to do this, but she was a little unhappy at that point! :( I appreciate the hint.

Loved the "new socks" part! Reminds me of Mom saying to wear new underware in case your in an accident!
Lisa, I just had to smile - you and your family remind me so much of ours. We also have three daughters (ages 16, 13 & 8), I am the compulsive planner and had to convince my hubby, I always buy new socks before we go on vacation, we stayed at POR when we last at WDW and we always start our Disney vacations with a night at the Hoop-Dee-Doo!

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your reports!
Great report!

I am curious on how having the cooler worked out. We are a little hesitant to rent a fridge for $10 a day, but would love to keep milk, fruit and cheese in the room for a quick breakfast (we are not big breakfast people).

Are there ice machines in each building at POR? What did you keep in your cooler?

We just bought a cheap styrofoam cooler at the grocery when we stopped for supplies. The lid didn't fit well, so we had to refill it with ice frequently(morning & night). However, the ice machine was very close so it wasn't a huge deal, just sorta a hassle. We were on the second floor, and the ice machine was right there in our section. I don't honestly know how many machines there are in each building, but both times we've stayed at POR, the ice machines have been fairly close.

We only kept pop, bottled water, juice boxes in ours. If I had planned to keep more, I might have been tempted to pack a collapsable cooler or buy a small non-styrofoam cooler at the grocery. For the price of the fridge rental, you could easily buy a "real" cooler once you get there. I personally think $10 for a frig. is pretty steep!!

Have fun! Thanks for the response!


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