The Sloneckers’ January Trip to Disney–Epcot, Departure Part 7 of 8

Obsessed w/Disney in OH

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Sep 25, 1999
The Sloneckers’ January Trip to Disney–Epcot, Departure Part 7 of 8

Slonecker Family:

Russ-DH, a converted Disney fan after trip in summer of 2000

Lisa-the compulsive planner–fanatical DIS fan; been dying to go back to Disney since summer of 2000

Holly-13; wants to set a new record for the number of times on Rock n Roller; definite list of “have to’s” and “can skip” attractions

Emily-10; Has enough energy and curiosity for all of us! Ready and raring to go–most excited about missing school to go to Disney

Jana-6; Says she is ready to go and see Mickey and Minnie again. Thinks she’s brave enough to try Rock n Roller!


5 nights, 5 days at Port Orleans Riverside. January 16-22

The girls slept in a little since we intended to go to Epcot and it did not open until 10. We finished packing :( :( :( --this is the worse part of going to WDW. Russ went to the food court to see if they had any pralines this morning. They didn’t yesterday but when I asked about them they assured me they would make some for me if I returned the next morning. I had never had these before, but of course in my research on DIS ;), I had heard rave reviews. These delicious, melt-in-your-mouth treats were just what I needed to help with the packing-to-go-home blues. ;)

The girls wanted to check out the playground at POR, but had not had a chance, so we sent them to do that while Russ and I finished up in the room. The last time we were here, the poor man who came from bell services had to put up with all of us girls crying (going-home-blues) while he tried to pack our bags on the cart. I decided to spare bell services the drama this time! :rolleyes: Bell services came promptly–gave us our claim tickets right there at the room, and we met up with the kids at the playground.

We saw some characters by the food court–must have been POR’s day to have their character caravan day. We never checked this out while we were there. I’d much rather have my EE!!! We were additionally unimpressed with this since we only saw Tweedly-Dee and Tweedly-Dum at the character visit that was just concluding. We did have a good laugh though recalling seeing these two characters at another park one day. Holly was walking along and these two characters were running along. (The inner seam of their pants are fastened together except just below the knees–which you can imagine makes their running hilarious to watch. In addition, they do this hand slapping thing on their legs as they run along.) So, we had a laugh recalling them scaring the daylights out of Holly as they came running along/slapping their legs beside her. It’s quite a sight to see–simply too funny!! :D :D

We got to Epcot and they were letting people in to wait at the rope by innoventions. We joined the line–everyone was heading for Test Track. We went straight there with the crowd–Holly once again took the passes and got FPs before we could even get there. The standby line was short–so we joined it. It took about 15 minutes. Our time for FP was not until 11:00, so we popped in Innoventions for a little bit. Holly and Emily did some sort of dance thing and Jana explored some of the games. We also saw the “smart house”–wow, it’s hard to imagine what our future will hold!!

We headed back to TT and did our fast pass ride. By this time, we knew at what point during the ride they took the photo. The girls always raced to see the pictures after the ride. This time, Russ and I were in the back seat while the girls were in the front. We decided to kiss each other while they took the picture just to tease them. When we went to preview our pictures, the girls were mortified!! :o We had a great laugh from it–they did not think it was that funny since “other people” could see them in the same car with us. YUCK-kissing!! We still chuckle about it–they still do not! ;)

We grabbed some warm soft pretzels and headed to Honey I Shrunk the Audience. This is fun–but I absolutely hate the mice part. I tried to raise my legs, but this thing just kept getting them!! UGH!! We headed to Electric Umbrella for lunch. This was a great lunch. The girls had chicken fingers–real white meat :), and I had a burger and Russ the chicken sandwich–the toppings bar was great.

We headed to the WS and I guided them straight to O’Canada. This was the only show we had not seen the last time, so I insisted on “torturing them” and made them go. This is a beautiful show. We wandered around. We decided to walk through France–went in and quickly out of some smelly perfume shop, and then stopped in the bakery. A cream puff called our name :D and we shared it. It was piled high with cream and was impossible to eat without sticking your nose in it when you take a bite. It was hilarious and we enjoyed it immensely. While we were eating our way around the world, we also tried a chocolate crepe in France and a fruit smoothie in Italy(?).

We met up with the Character Bus in Japan and Jana enjoyed grabbing some more autographs. We stopped to see “Masquerade” in Italy. This was fun as the girls posed with the masked people. They even had masks on a stick for the girls to hold in front of their faces while we took the pictures. Our big disappointment of the day was NO LIVING STATUE(Imaginum they call it now)–dark on Mondays. :( :( We loved this attraction last trip.

We went to Germany and Jana decided to start a mask, so she got only a few stamps because we just couldn't back-track--WS is way too big!! But she didn’t mind. This was fun. We stopped a while in China and tried some egg rolls. Emily started watching the ladies there play with the Magic Sticks–sort of a juggling of two sticks with another one. She asked them how they did it and they were very kind to help her out. She ended up choosing this for a souvenir and has since mastered quite a few moves with them!

Jana decided she wanted a stuffed wolf dog she had seen in Canada, but we were tired of walking. Russ volunteered to go after it while we went on to Innoventions. I stopped at the pin stand. We didn’t really get into the pin trading, but I had been looking at a couple of them. I decided on the Mickey shaped red, white and blue flag. I also had been looking at the Mickey that was in the starter kit, but I didn’t want the whole starter kit. Suddenly, I spotted a CM that had one on her lanyard. I asked her how I could get that, and she sent me over to purchase a pin to trade with her. This made me quite pleased–I had my eye on this one since we had arrived.:cool:

We went to Innoventions and did the Video D-mail. It was fun–about a 10 second message that you record and can e-mail to people. Holly and Emily did the dance thing again and we all played Mickey tag against each other. We also did the “Living Technology Challenge” (I think that was it–you get a passport picture taken and then race along a track competing with other players). We watched the short presentation from IBM and got our free photo from that and sent some e-mail postcards. We explored some of the new computer games–so loud in there-you couldn’t hear the instructions from your own game–need headphones or something.

We zipped by TT–had time for one quick spin around again and it was time to head back to POR. Emily and Jana cried on the way back on the bus–another good time at WDW; another sad time saying good-bye!

We claimed our luggage and dug out our mugs for our last refill–grabbed some pizza quick and sat outside. Right on time, Tiffany Towncar arrived and we packed up and headed to the airport hotel. As we went down the highway, we could see the fireworks from IllumiNations– :( :(

I had booked the night at the Marriott Airport through Priceline. We got it for $35. We had a 7am flight and I was glad we were near the airport. We were exhausted and fell into bed dreading our long day tomorrow.


Up and at it the next morning at 3:45am and to the airport via the shuttle at 5am for our 7am flight. We had heard they were starting the mandatory screening of all luggage–even checked luggage, so we were surprised they were still doing curbside check in but we had no problems doing this. We were glad when we saw the lines inside! This time, Russ got pulled aside to be “wanded” but other than than, no problem.

The girls were so tired, and Jana fell asleep in the gate area still holding the book she was reading. I had such a hard time keeping her awake as we descended into Chicago. Then, we had to endure a 4 hour layover in Chicago, before flying 45 minutes to arrive in Dayton, OH. It was a long day!!

We headed home, did some unpacking, and rested up. Back to school and work tomorrow!! :(

Stay tuned: Next segment, “Conclusions, Off-season touring, Suggestions, etc.”
Boy thats a long layover.. Glad you guys got home safely.
I've really enjoyed all of your trip reports...taking my DD & DGD back to the world in October and was especially enjoyed reading how your youngest handle some of the big rides. I loved reading about you daughter at Millionare.....extra special. Thanks again....can't wait until the last one & your tips.

It was a joy reading these!

Great report! It definately show that there is still lots of Disney Magic around. :)
I feel your pain when it comes to that last day. Packing is the worst! I (or my DW & DD) haven't cried yet, but we've all come real close!
Lisa, I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip report. You seem to have such a nice family-- and the girls sound like they're very well behaved. You must be very proud.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us!


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