The Share a Dream Come True Parade is just disapointing


Aug 20, 2001
Is it just me or is the Share A dream Come True Parade a dissapointment. The Parade is one of the main attractions for the 100 year of magic celebration, and its just horrable. This parade just does not stack up to the Remember the Magic Parade that was here before it. The Christmas Parade from last week definatly blows this one away. Spectro blows it away. And I even believe that the new parade at MGM is much better then this thing. Maybe because of seeing the Christmas Parade recently, I expect more from a disney parade. The Christmas parade has the Toy Soldiers, the Dumbo float that is on fire, the Mrs. Clause with the sweat smell of ginger bread, the real ice skateing float, the horse carage with Mickey and Minnie, Goofy Clause and the guys from Toy Story singing Toy Land, and of course a real talking Santa calling out little grils and boys names in the crowd. Gosh how I live that Parade. It felt like a special event. Even the Remember the Magic Parade from last year was special. Each float stoped and had its characters sing songs from the movies they were in. On the Lion King Float kids would bang drums and sing Haukuna Matata. While Aladdin will sing You Never had a friend like me on his float. And these floats were beatiful.

The new Share A Dream Come True Parade is just a mess. The floats just have a fake quality to them. I hate having the characters stuck in those large bubbles. It makes the characters feel locked up, like Mickey is not actually out there with us. These floats main purpose was just to sell you snow globe merchandise. And most of these floats are small. They do stop and come to life. Basicaly the float rotates 360 degrees. They dont totally transform into any thing special. The worst float in the whole parade is the princess float. Yes it is big and massive, but its boring looking. And if the float stops in your area you are going to be disapointed. First of all the float does not rotate or do anything special when it stops. It just stops. Now if the float stops and your on the side wall of the float you will see nothing. The fairy god mother will say bibidy bobbidy boo. And then the Horrible Share a dream theme music will play. THe Prince and Princess stuck in the big plastic bubbles just stand there because there is no room to dance like on one of the water floats from fantasmic. The best float in the parade is the villians float thats because the witch transforms in it, from the queen to the witch in all white hair. The music to the parade is horrible and unsingable. It just does not stick in your head after you see it, unlike the imagination songs from fantasmic. Plus this is one of the shortest Parades ever. Its like 6 floats long. If you see this parade once you will never have to see it again. I expect more from disney and this parade is not it. And the interaction parts of the parade is just getting the kids to hold hands and dance in a circle. Some interaction huh? Got to fly.
While I may not feel quite as strongly as JacksBack!, I, too, feel this snow globe parade is disappointing--and I have been literally begging for Recycle the Magic to die away. I'm not sure what it is, exactly, that causes this parade to pale in comparison with others, but one thing I'm tiring of is the Magic Kingdom parades' insistence on pausing the parade every couple of minutes to bring a couple of dozen kids into the streets to participate in a senseless circling ritual. This activity totally destroys the pacing (as it did with Recycle the Magic) in a parade with floats that are too similar in design to delight, too few in number to be worth the investment of time, and with music that is very unparadelike compared to--God, I can't believe I'm saying this!--Remember the Magic.

In my book, Walt Disney World's best parade is Mickey's Jammin' Jungle parade in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

While I love the snowglobe idea, I have to agree that it is WAY TOO SHORT! I have seen it twice now and I am disappointed as well. I expected it to be longer and more detailed.
My question is, who decides what movies and characters to use and which not to use???
This parade could have been so much better. There are so many characters and movies that sum up the 100 years of magic and they are left out of the parade.

The globes are a great idea, but there is not enough to make it worth sitting on the curb.


and by the way, the music is fine to me. :)
Good point JacksBack! I, too thought the music was disappointing. It was the first parade I saw last month. Truthfully, I don't remember a note of it. Usually, Disney music is hard to get out of your mind once you heard it (I still have princess tunes going through my mind after listening again & again to DD4 tape). BTW DD loved the princess float - those princesses(including my DD) all stick together! I very much liked AK, and MGM parades.

Aww, I'll have to stick up for Share a Dream Come True. I think it is a great parade. I saw the Remember the Magic parade several times and I enjoy this one much more. I do feel the music is memorable and I enjoy it very much. The princess float stopped by me, and while it wasn't necessarily my favorite float, it was enjoyable to watch the kids dance around the float. They were having a great time. I still enjoy Tapestry of Dreams more, but cannot wait to return to WDW this summer and see Share a Dream Come True.
I also have to back the parade up. I think it is the best that WDW has ever done and the music definitely stuck in my head. I went right out and bought the CD. I also LOVE the new show on the Castle Forecourt Stage "Cinderella's Surprise Celebration". Great work WDW Entertainment!
In general, I agree. Compared to the 25th Anniversary (turned Magical Moments) Parade, it's a disappointment (we loved that parade.) It's an enjoyable parade, but it is too short and the music is weak in my opinion. Not nearly as catchy and "stick with you" as "Remember the Magic."

I have to disagree too. I loved the parade! We had 2 small children with us and they just loved it when they got to interact with the parade. This was one of my favorite MK day parades!
I too felt the "Snowglobe Parade" was way too short and too much stopping for the kiddies. I think once would have sufficed. I think that was just Disney's way of trying to extend the length of the parade without adding floats. Really disappointing!!
I dont understand how Share A Dream Come True is shorter than Remember the Magic. Remember the magic had 6 floats, Share a Dream Come True has 7 plus one that is 3 sections long. The music of Remember the magic repeated after only 9 minutes while the Share a Dream come true loop is over 14 minutes long. How can you complain about the parade stopping to interact with the kids. Is that not what it is all about? Creating a magical world that both children and adults can enjoy?
sorry going to disagree.... I absolutely loved it ! Matter of fact it brought me to tears ! Loved the music, the snowglobes, peter pans involvment...all of the parade ! I also had a fantastic viewing spot. I will agree however that the parade is too short. Wished it could have been alot longer...just like I wish my vacation was !
I like the parade, I too just wish it was longer. Remember the Magic was great, too, but it was getting stale.

I didn't say that Share a Dream's music wasn't nice, nor did I say the loop was shorter. I just said (and do believe) the melody of the former is better. More catchy and certainly more memorable to us.

As to the scope of the parade. I am struggling to recall 7 floats in the current offering. I get: 1) It was all started by a mouse [Mickey], 2) Wish upon a star [Pinocchio], 3) 1000 dreams to see [Aladdin], 4) Face the darkest fears [Evil Queen], 5) A dream is a wish your heart makes [Cindy and Charming], and 6) As long as there is imagination left in the world [Pan & Tink].

That puts it at the same length as Magical Moments. However, the floats in Magical Moments seemed larger in general. The Cinderella unit used the oft-duplicated (e.g. MVMCParade) Spire float which is very long and a very long finale unit.

Don't get me wrong, we like Share a Dream Come True... We just liked Magical Moments better.

For the record, both are better than the Character Hit Parade, the 20th Anniversary Parade, the 15th Anniversary Parade and most certainly better than Donald Duck's birthday parade.
It's funny you mentioned Donald Duck's Birthday parade. While I don't remember much about the parade, I still vividly remember the tune. Alright, I won't sing the tune (even DD4 knows I can't sing!) Was that parade back in '84 or '87?
...Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!..D-O-N A-L-D D-U-C-K DUCK!

It wasn't a classic, but it certainly was a tune that stuck in your mind!


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