The Sea Witch Stole My Voice! Our Two Week Land and Sea Adventure! COMPLETE 4/12

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    Hey everybody! I am back from my fantastic two week land and sea vacation and I am ready to get this, my third trip report started! As with my other reports you can expect lots and lots of photos and detail, our photo count is right around 5000! Also there will be some video for your enjoyment. I am also going to try my best to get an update out AT LEAST once a week or more so there will be no long waits for updates here. I love and appreciate all my readers so if you are reading please don't be shy, post and say hello! :goodvibes Lastly I will be keeping a table of contents here in this first post for easy navigation and at the end of each update there will be a link to the next installment. I do this as I know that not everybody wants to read the chatter between updates. With that said, onto the report!

    For those of you who are new to my reports let me give you a brief introduction to my family and myself.

    Traveling this year was myself, Lessa, and my mother, Beth. Usually my crazy brothers, Alek and Erich, come along as well but they opted to stay at home this year. What trouble could they have gotten up to while we were away? :scared:

    First there is me, Lessa (25), your dedicated trip reporter. I love traveling and WDW is one of my favourite places to visit. I also love to take pictures so you can be sure that this report will be full of them. :thumbsup2 I graduated from university a few years ago and I am heading back to school in the Fall to start working towards a Nursing degree. Since school will be taking up a lot of my time and money for the next couple of years this was our last Disney trip for a while. :sad1:

    Next there is Mom, Beth (46) to the rest of you. ;) She is a great Mom and loves to indulge me, thus agreeing to go on this lovely two week adventure. Not that I had to twist her arm or anything, she loves Disney and WDW just as much as I do. :rotfl: She works for a hospital fundraising foundation, very busy and stressful work so she really deserves her vacations.

    (No we are not crazy people who walk around wearing napkins on our heads)

    Of course I can not leave out my brothers. Of course they did not come with us physically to Florida but their influence is far reaching and I felt like they were there with us in spirit if not in body. Of course the fact that Mom wanted to call them everyday to check on them helped keep them fresh in my mind as well. ;) Keep a look out for them as they like to pop by and make contributions to my reports which usually turn out to be hysterical. ;)


    With the introductions out of the way now I can get to the details of the trip! We visited WDW from May 16th - May 23rd staying at Pop Century and then we set sail on the Disney Magic for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise!

    Table of Contents

    May 16th

    TSA thinks I'm a terrosist? Mom on the no-fly list?
    Yes please come sit in my lap strange lady
    A Dis meet, Spectro, Wishes, and Haunted Mansion. Did we manage to stay awake for it all?

    May 17th

    Getting Charmed by Goofy
    Photopass Has Arrived!
    I found Nemo!
    Chip down my shirt!
    The chip returns!
    A riotous good time with Pooh Bear
    The Mammoth May Meet
    O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
    The rash is back!

    May 18th

    Pixie Hollow
    Mom's first Splash
    White Knight to the rescue!
    If you like Pina CoLava's and long walks in the rain
    The Epic Battle for the Cinnamon Roll

    May 19th

    A Rainy Day at the Animal Kingdom
    Social Hour with Ms Hippo
    A Royal Audience
    The Yeti Attacks!
    Can we get any wetter?

    May 20th

    The Mystery of the Rash is Solved!
    Beautiful Fluttering Butterflies
    Pixie Hollow
    A Little Piece of Edible Heaven
    Alek interrupts this trip report to bring you a very special message
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock
    Japan Floods!
    Chefs de France
    A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me!

    May 21st

    Toy Story Madness
    Someday My Prince Will Come
    The Sun Will Come Out!
    A Sci-Fi afternoon
    The most negative girl on the planet!

    May 22nd - Star Wars Weekends!

    Crazy Stalker Lady!
    Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade
    The Return of the Crazy Stalker Lady
    Hanging out at the Animal Kingdom Lodge


    May 23rd

    A Rainy Start
    Welcome Aboard Lunch Buffet
    The stateroom and safety drill
    Adventures Away!
    Sailaway Party Vidoes
    All Aboard! Let the Magic Begin
    Meeting the tablemates
    Daily Navigator and Boarding Documentation

    May 24th

    The Rain Curse Strikes Again!
    The sun is finally shining!
    The Golden Mickeys
    Formal Night at Lumiere's

    May 25th

    Palo Brunch
    Relaxing by the pool and some character meets!
    Twice Charmed
    Who Wants To Be A Mousketeer?
    Daily Navigator

    May 26th - Tortola/Virgin Gorda/The Baths

    Lost at Sea
    Virgin Gorda aka The Fat Virgin
    An Island Tour
    The Baths
    Searching for Pirate Booty
    Swimming with the fishes
    Devil's Bay
    Back to the Magic
    Exploring Road Town
    Pirate Night on the Magic!
    Pirate Party Videos

    May 27th - St Thomas/St John, USVI

    A Beautiful Morning in St Thomas
    Thank You Mr. Rockefeller!
    Our first glimpse of Trunk Bay
    Snorkeling at Trunk Bay
    Attack of the One-horned buttfish
    The little tug boat that could
    Paradise Point
    A leisurely lunch
    Snails for dinner! Eek!

    May 28th

    Mickey's Island Jam
    A Crooning Canadian
    Disney Dreams
    How to choose? Too many yummy desserts!
    PremEAR at Sea!

    May 29th - Castaway Cay
    Mom's Disney Magic Video Walking Tour
    Land Ho!
    Captain Jack Sparrow!
    A closer look at the Flying Dutchman
    Character fun
    Snorkeling at Castaway Cay
    Exploring Castaway Cay
    An unexpected encounter!
    A Fearsome Wee Beastie!
    Davy Jones approaches!
    And the rain rain rain came down down down
    Remember the Magic
    Farwell Dinner
    Till We Meet Again
    A night of lasts

    May 30th
    The final morning

    BONUS REPORT: Family Trip to British Columbia aka The Crazy Stepmother Chronicles
    Hunting for Wasps
    Family Brunch with Grandma and the BlueNose Mountain Hike
    Revelstoke National Park:Eva Lake Hike Part One
    Revelstoke National Park:Eva Lake Hike Part Two
    Revelstoke National Park: Eva Lake Hike Part Three
    Winery Tours and a drive around the Okanagan Valley
    Twin Lakes Hike:Part One
    Twin Lakes Hike:Part Two
    Twin Lakes Hike: Part Three
    Twin Lakes Hike: Part Three
    Engulfed in smoke
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    Yay Mo!
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    Found ya!!!

    That's a great picture of you and your mom.. oh my gosh, she looks so young!:goodvibes You are both so pretty.:cutie:

    Can't wait to read along!:dance3:
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    i am reading another trip report about a 3 day disney cruise and i already want to do one... can't wait to hear about a 7 day one!
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    :laughing: Thanks, people will probably look at it and wonder why these crazy ladies are wearing napkins on their heads. :rotfl:
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    The 7 day was fantastic! I can't imagine only doing a 3 day, the 7 day went by so quickly! Any Disney cruise would be great though in my opinion.
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    I'm in! Two weeks? Wow!

    You and your mom look so much alike. At first I thought those napkins were baby bonnets on your heads!
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    Welcome! Glad to have you back for another TR!
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    I didnt realize you went for 2 weeks! wow!
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    :woohoo: Yep, 2 whole weeks, it went by fast. My e-mail inbox went I got back was crazy though!
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    I've always loved your writing style!

    Let's get this party started!!:cool1::cool1:
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    I must ask what's up with the napkins? :rotfl: Your brothers look like they have quite the sense of humour too!

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