The prince finally meets his princess

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  1. tutti

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    Jun 15, 2011
    This will be short & sweet because it's a trip I am not even on. But don't go away it is a good short story & the reasons we love Disney :)

    Long story short, I was supposed to be going to WDW this past week but due to scheduling we could not go. My mom and nephew took our reservations instead.

    Last night they had tickets to go to MNSSHP, after a week of hearing about their so/so weather I was worried about the night.

    Well my mom sent some pictures early in the night


    That's Tylor, dressed as Prince Charming carring Cinderellas glass slipper...

    A little back story, he LOVES heels & Cinderella as well as the other princesses, but she is his favorite. It was the only kid friendly movie I had when he would come over so that's what we would watch.

    They left Old Key West Resort after dinner, expecting the worst because of the rain and hopped on a bus to Magic Kingdom. After having some trouble with the bus driver & the way he was driving, my mom felt her night going downhill already.

    They had a far walk in the rain to get into the park and hid out for awhile, it began to thunder and lighting. Of course no one wanted to leave the park because of the MNSSHP tickets they paid for so they started to walk around when the rain started to give up. Only to find NO candy, no hopes of parade & characters were no where to be found.

    This was the last & only night of their trip that the MNSSHP was taking place. :sad1:

    Well they headed over to Frontier Land to find the Toy Story cast playing and dancing with the kids, after stay awhile they decided to head out and find something else.

    They came across the princesses, the ONLY thing Tylor wanted to see & was looking forward to the entire trip...

    90 MINUTES. NO WAY JOSE! 8 O'clock was approaching and my mom knew tylor would not last and be completely cranky by the time it was his turn.

    So they hopped on the 35 minute line to meet Mickey & Minnie... They wound up being the second people in line and met the mouse family. Well the began to talk to some CM's who asked all about his wonderful costume that they had never seen before! Tylor expressed to them how he promises Cinderella the night before he would be back with her glass slipper (I guess she wasn't wearing one when he met her the previous day) and the CM's asked my mom if she was going to be meeting them tonight, she said No we'd never make it... :sad1:

    The AMAZING CM, told them to wait one minute and let them see what should could do... She came back & told them to come with her, My mom said she was in awe that they were doing this for Tylor.

    They took him through a room and let him meet the 3 princesses and their princes, INCLUDING Cinderella. :cool1:

    The Prince FINALLY met his Princess!


    He was so happy when he told me on the phone, of course he had no idea of the wait and how special this really was. But it was the highlight of his trip.

    All of the CM's were going crazy with his costume & in awe! Asking my mom where she got it or came up with the idea! (I'm sure she was loving it because she made the "pillow" with the slipper)

    After meeting with the princesses another CM took them through a door to meet the Evil Step Mother & Stepsisters! :thumbsup2

    He got to play in a room alone with them and had the girls try on the slipper & saying "Oh no Mother! It doesn't Fit!".

    What melted my heart was Tylor getting on the phone and telling me "I told one of the step sisters I would still marry her even if the slipper didn't fit!".

    He was so happy & I cannot begin to explain how happy I am with WDW and how they really made his trip SO much better & memorable.

    Tylor's parents aren't able to take care of him for a lot of reasons so he lives with my Mom and calls her his Mom. So this means so much to us when something this special happens. Thank you DISNEY!

    We will of course be writing a letter and telling them thank you for the Disney Magic everyone hopes to experience, the only thing better would have been if I could have been there.

    Thanks for listening, I was too excited not to share!
  2. windi622

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Moments like these are what make WDW so special. pixiedust: I hope Tylor and Mom enjoyed their trip!
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  4. Grumpy's Wife

    Grumpy's Wife Dollar Tree gal here

    Jan 28, 2005
    Taylor and his costume are adorable. What a great story.
  5. disney212

    disney212 DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2011
    Wonderful story. You made my day! :)
  6. tinkerbells mum

    tinkerbells mum DIS Veteran

    Feb 22, 2009
    That's pure Disney magic. I just love Taylor's costume he looks adorable. Thanks for sharing xx.
  7. tutti

    tutti Mouseketeer

    Jun 15, 2011
    Thank you for reading! He was thrilled and seeing all of the photopass pictures those stepsisters paid such good attention to him it was really special. :)
  8. TinkTink78

    TinkTink78 DIS Veteran

    Oct 17, 2005
    That picture melted my heart! Thank u for sharing his magical trip!
  9. lilsk8nmac

    lilsk8nmac Sweet Cream Cheese pretzel addict!

    Mar 18, 2011
    So amazing, this is why I love Disney. Tylor is adorable and I love his costume. I am so glad he got to experience this!!! :)

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