The post-post-post, pre-pre trippie!

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    Sep 25, 2006
    Are you :confused3?

    Wellllllllllll :rotfl: we have been to WDW 3 times so far this year for a total of 23 days :eek: and we're headed back for another week in just 6 days :banana:

    Post trip #1 (January 10 to January 24)was a wonderfully packed trip that included 5.3 friends for the first week, and a second week with just the hubs and I.

    Post trip #2 (May 23 to May 30)was a half and half trip...half for me and half for hubs.

    Post trip #3 (June 5 to June 7) was an ALL hubs trip!

    Now we are at the current trip. Almost. Only 6 more wake-ups in South Carolina!!! :cool1:

    And for the other "pre"? We're going back again in January 2010. More on that later!

    I'll be going through all of my pics from this year to piece a few stories together explaining all of those trips :goodvibes So, who's going to follow my post, post, post, pre, pre trippie? popcorn::

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