The Muppets take Disney World--Prologue


New Mama to Baby Jacob!
May 31, 2000
This trip occured way back in the first week of January. When I got back, I was too busy to write a report for a while, and then it seemed like I had waited to long. But I was recently encouraged by Beth E's better late than never report, so here's mine.

Cast of characters--DH and me. (Yes, I'm a woman, even though my name is Kermit. You wouldn't expect me to call myself Miss Piggie would you?:) ) We had both turned 25 just before we left.

Background--I went to WDW twice when I was in high school and have been hooked since my first trip. When I first met DH in college, I knew that I had to take him there. But there was a problem. He said he hated vacations!:eek:

After talking about it further, it turned out that when his family took vacations, all they did was go visit family. They didn't do anything once they got there but sit around and talk. They didn't go to the movies, they didn't go to church, they just sat for about a week. I went on one of these "vacations" before we were married and hated it. When my family visited each other, we always had fun. My family lives in New Orleans, so we go to the French Quarter, eat, go crabbing, and generally have fun. His family was boring.

So I had the task of making him realize vacations were fun. We got married in June, 1999. Of course, we had to go on a honeymoon, so we went to Charleston, SC. We went sightseeing and had a liesurly break. It was nice. The next summer, I managed to take him on 2 beach vacations. By the end of the second one, DH was a vacation enthusiest, so I knew it was time for WDW!


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