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Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by glennbo123, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    Welcome to my oft-requested, much anticipated, eagerly awaited (all much to my surprise, mind you) 2010 pre-trip report. I’m hopeful that with the participation of all of you witty DISers out there, together we can make it a fun forum.

    A great big :welcome: to everyone coming over from my 2009 trip report, "I Paid Someone $5 for a Catchy Trip Report Title, and This is All I Got". If you haven’t read it, that’s okay, but when you get a moment, why not take some time and check it out? After all, the link to it is right there. Just three sentences back. Now, don’t count sentences…just go back and click. Click it! Click it!

    It’s okay to lurk here, but it’s always nice to post that you’re reading along. And if you do, I promise to give you a :welcome: in return!

    This 2010 trip will be our fourth family trip to WDW. Part of the trip will be an incentive award for my wife’s direct-selling business, and for the remainder we’ll use DVC points. I don’t think I should spell-out the name of the direct-selling business, which isn’t too hard to figure out if you’re familiar with their line of kitchen tools, but I will undoubtedly need to refer to it a lot as I go along here in this PTR, so from now on I’ll call it “PChef”. ;)

    This leads to me discuss how I arrived at the PTR title, “The Most Expensive Free Trip Ever”. We had a few other good ones vying for contention. One, which followed the train of thought from my last trip report title, was “I’m Determined Not to Have a Lame Trip Report Title This Time -- Ooops, Too Late”. But I thought, if I don’t break the cycle now, I’ll never be able to. Plus, it’s kind of long. Another title contender (Ha! Literally, a title contender) referred to all of the pressure the readers of my 2009 trip report were putting on me to begin a PTR for 2010. I (and others simultaneously!) came up with, The “Because You DISers Made Me PTR” PTR. This was a very tempting title as well, and I had hard time deciding. I asked my family what they thought, and in typical fashion, we had no clear winner. In the end, as you can see, I went with the one that was the most descriptive of the trip (and the one my wife liked best -- gotta keep her happy!).

    So, what makes this upcoming trip a paradoxical, oxymoronic “expensive free trip”? Several things…first, the award is a trip for four people and we’re a family of five, so one person will have to be “bought in”, which is expensive in itself (maybe I’ll get into that in a future post). Secondly, a new development for this trip is that rather than supplying air tickets to trip recipients, PChef is including a “travel allowance”, and the amount will probably only cover about half of our airfare. Thirdly, we’re not sure yet, but because there are five of us we may have to pay for an extra hotel room, which we may split with another family. That’s yet to be worked-out, but potential additional $$. Add to that the cost meals, souvenirs, upgrading tickets, etc., etc., and well, you get the idea. And forgive me if I sound like I’m complaining. I know lots of you out there wouldn’t sneeze at receiving a travel allowance, a few nights’ hotel paid for, and four 3-day tickets. And I don’t begrudge PChef in what they’re including or not including in the award, either. Had Judy been able to earn a higher-level award, we would get a bigger travel allowance and nicer accommodations. Having different tiers of awards is actually a good way to be able to include all types of achievers and reward them appropriately. It’s just that other people hear about these trips and exclaim, “I can’t believe you won a free trip!!”, a statement with a couple of problems. First (here I got with these lists again, what is up with me?), when someone refers to it as “winning”, as if her name was drawn at random in a lottery, it makes the hair stand up on the back of my wife’s neck and her eye twitch, ‘cause it was a lot of hard work. She prefers to say she “earned” the trip, not “won” it. And then the “free” thing again. But the higher the award you achieve, the better the reward.

    Okay, it appears that the guy who had nothing to say in a PTR is rambling like a madman :crazy2:, so let’s get to some specifics:

    When – Sat. June 12 or Sun. June 13 through Sun. June 20, 2010

    Where – Split-stay Coronado Springs and AKL Kidani Village

    Who – the same cast of characters as last time…myself, DW Judy, DD16 Lauren, DD13 Marlene, DS10 James. Here we are, out at the Polynesian’s monorail stop after a great ‘Ohana dinner in 2009.


    And, the “Who” may be extended to bunches and bunches of PChef consultants and families. If you’re also in the World the week we’re there, you’ll know something is up, believe me.

    I was a little afraid to write a PTR, in that I didn’t know what I’d even write about, but in thinking about it, there are lots of things yet to be worked out. For example, it’s December and Judy hasn’t officially earned the trip yet :scared:, so we’ve got to follow that progress. She also has other consultants below her in the reporting hierarchy who are close to earning the trip, but may not make it. Then, there’s the whole aspect of traveling with her PChef consultant friends, and how do we make touring plans and ADRs around that?

    So, stay tuned!

    I’ll save this area below for links to pertinent installments:

    Ch. 1 - An amorphous mass of unknowns and issues
    Ch. 2 - Organized thoughts have begun to replace the amorphous mass
    Ch. 3 - Master Plan boiled down to a spreadsheet
    Ch. 4 - How will I fare on airfare?
    Ch. 5 - The incentive trip year-end dust has settled
    Ch. 6 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 1 - Antwerp, Belgium
    Ch. 7 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 2 - More Antwerp Belgium
    Ch. 8 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 3 - Amsterdam Netherlands
    Ch. 9 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 3 - Glennbo's Gluttony in Antwerp
    Ch. 10 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 4 - Vienna arrival
    Ch. 11 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 5 - Touring Schonbrunn
    Ch. 12 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 5 - A Little Night Music
    Ch. 13 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 6 - Touring Naschmarkt
    Ch. 14 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 6 - Mozart Walking Tour
    Ch. 15 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 6 - Vienna by Night
    Ch. 16 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 7 - Touring Karlskirche
    Ch. 17 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 7 - Afternoon Wanderings
    Ch. 18 - Flashback PChef TR - Day 7 - Dinner at the Palace
    Ch. 19 - Snow Update
    Ch. 20 - Blizzard, but no Beach
    Ch. 21 - Where are we now?
    Ch. 22 - Good morning Miss Crabtree
    Ch. 23 - Sushi can be fast food
    Ch. 24 - Quick little game to get us back on track
    Ch. 25 - Quick little game results
    Ch. 26 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 1 - An alarming thing happened at Sonic
    Ch. 27 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 2 - Glennbo gets the run-around
    Ch. 28 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 3 - James' Journey to Atlantis
    Ch. 29 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 3 - Sea World shows, shows, and more shows
    Ch. 30a- Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 4 - It may be a Small World, but...
    Ch. 30b- Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 4 - It may be a Small World, but...(continuation)
    Ch. 31 - Ticket to Nowhere
    Ch. 32 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 5 - A three-hour tour, A three-hour tour
    Ch. 33 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 5 - Crown a new videogame king at Innoventions
    Ch. 34 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 6 - Popcorn in the rain at Animal Kingdom
    Ch. 35 - Forty days away!
    Ch. 36 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 7 - Star Wars characters at MGM, there are
    Ch. 37a- Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 7 - But Dad, what about my Jedi training?
    Ch. 37b- Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 7 - But Dad, what about my Jedi training? (continuation)
    Ch. 38 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 7 - Fantasmic! Take One
    Ch. 39 - Two dozen day planning update
    Ch. 40 - Backyard in Panavision and Camping pics
    Ch. 41 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 8 - Fantasmic! Take Two
    Ch. 42 - Flashback '05 PChef WDW TR - Day 9 - Saying goodbye to Port Orleans Riverside
    Ch. 43 - Fixin' to leave!
    Ch. 44 - We're back! (and replies to posts while away)
  2. jenbear123

    jenbear123 Disney Fanatic

    Feb 21, 2009
    Woot Woot! :woohoo: First post! I'm here to follow along on all the fun!
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  4. Tribilín

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    Aug 19, 2009
    Great title glennbo123 :lmao: right on the spot!

    Love that picture, it's absolutely perfect to present your PTR.

    OK, I'm in, let the show begin!
  5. winkers

    winkers <font color=blue>I was stuck in that position and

    Nov 9, 2006
    see, now wasn't that easy and pain free?
  6. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
  7. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    A collective :welcome: to the first posters - Jenbear123, Tribilín, winkers, and Jordan!


    Yeah, and congrats! That's a distinction I still can't claim, first PTR poster.

    Great to have you along! I always enjoy your perspective from south of the border.

    Yes, Cherie! I'm glad you're here!

    Yo, yo, yo! It's good to have you here Jordan.
  8. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2008
    I'm joining in! Found you over on Jordan's PTR. :thumbsup2
  9. Poolrat

    Poolrat I am alive, sometimes I wonder too.

    Jan 6, 2008
    Jordan's pimping led me here.

    Great start. Can't wait to hear all about it.
  10. pipersmom

    pipersmom DIS Veteran

    Sep 18, 2009
    Joining in here too...gotta respect the Pimp... :rotfl:
  11. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    :welcome: Lady Lallie, Poolrat and pipersmom!

    I'm so glad that Jordan's um, endorsement led you over here!
  12. mrsksomeday

    mrsksomeday My Prince uses a power wheelchair!

    Jul 4, 2006
    Pimpin Jordan led me here too, I'm in!!
  13. punkin413

    punkin413 feel the magic, dang it!

    Jan 9, 2007
    i'm joining in! be back later to catch up. just wanted to sub! :thumbsup2
  14. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    Yeah, more readers! :welcome: mrsksomeday and punkin413!

    Yes, Jordan has a way of directing traffic, doesn't he?

    Good to have you here Dawn. I've read a couple of your TRs, Vandygirls and Luke's bloody nose. They were fun to follow.
  15. All7OfUs

    All7OfUs <font color=darkorchid>We too are so very NOT into

    Dec 12, 2007
    As there's now another party to join- guess I'll have to.

    I even made page one!! Going back to read now....

    And since pimping out reports is such popular sport around here, I'll do it for my own. Come join the rest of us over there (link is the "strangers" one below).

    Edited to add:

    I think you'll have plenty to talk about, and keep us entertained with. No problems there!

    Love your leis!

    Sooooo, you haven't "reallly" earned the trip yet?? I think you definitely need some of this :wizard:, Keep up the hard work, Judy!!!
  16. norybell

    norybell DIS Veteran

    Feb 10, 2009
    Hooray! Glad you gave in to the PTR pressure.
  17. Millie12591

    Millie12591 DIS Veteran

    Apr 17, 2007
    Givin my Propers for the Pimping. :banana:

    Hey there Glennbo. :goodvibes
    Sounds good so far! Your family is beautiful. :)

    You now have pages because of me. :)

    Forgot to say good mornin....Mornin!
  18. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    :welcome: All7OfUs, norybell, and Millie12591!!

    Thanks for joining us from one of the 'Stans!

    Yes, I finally caved. It'll be fun though, glad you're here.

    Yeah! Thanks for getting me to page 2!

    Okay, so I've got some readers....looks like I'll soon need to get some actual content for this thing! :scratchin
  19. Krissy04

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    I'm in too! Love the title...and you didn't even have to pay for this one ;)
  20. manntra

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    Feb 19, 2007
    Hi there! :wave: Over from Jordan's could I not listen to a pimp wearing a blue suit with a pink shirt? :laughing: Or was it the feathered boa?

    And I see we are DVC neighbors :goodvibes Love AKV :thumbsup2

  21. FauntleroyFAN07

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    Jul 6, 2007
    fauntleroy is in the house.

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