The MKFan Family's trip: Day 8-Boats, Pools, TL and a pleasant surprise

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    MKFan-PR: Me, 34. Disney nut since my parents took me when I was 5. This is my 10th trip overall, number 6 with my DW and number 2 with my DD.

    Carmen: DW, 38. Her 7th trip (6 with me). Knows a little English but enjoys Disney a lot.

    Larissa: DD, 3.5. This is actually her 2nd trip, but this is the first that she will actually have memories of. Has been excited about the trip ever since she saw the vacation video.

    We live in Puerto Rico, so a trip to Disney involves quite some planning and investment; it is very difficult to go more than once a year. With Larissa starting school this will be the first time that our family will NOT be going off-season, and who knows when we'll be able to return, so this trip is extra-special for my DW and me.

    8/8: Day 8-Boats, Pools, TL and a pleasant surprise

    Woke up at about 9:15AM. I looked out the window and saw sunshine. It was great, since this day would be a water day: We'll do everything in the water today!

    We did the breakfast drill. Larissa was already in her dry bathing suit (we brought two for her). She put it on even before she hit the floor from the bed to get dressed! We let Carmen finish up, and we went to the boatyard and rented a Canopy boat. The water mouse boats were cool, but I wanted some shade so I went for the canopy. We had a great time. Larissa loved the trip in the 'big pool', and we saw a duck family (the 'mom' and about 6 or 7 ducklings).

    After we parked the boat, we picked up Carmen, and headed to TL at about 11:30 PM, only to find when we arrived that it was full! :( . They told us to return after 3:00 PM. SO we returned to CBR. We were determined to continue our water day! So we went to the Martinique quiet pool, and we had a lot of fun. After a while, we went to OPR and had lunch (Cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches and chicken strips). We strolled around a little more, went a little more into the pool, then at about 3:00PM we got into the car and returned to TL. We parked easily and went in. Many people were coming out, so we thought 'cool! more space!'.

    TL was fantastic! It was a bit worn, and at that time of day the chairs were a mess, but we loved it! Since it was just past 3:00, the sun wasn't so tough, so it was very enjoyable. We found some chairs in a shady corner near the wave pool, then we went to walk around. Larissa and me went on the Castaway Creek (the 'lazy river') and went all around. Carmen didn't go on. She's a little afraid of water, and she won't go on anything beyond a quiet pool. But she loves watching us have fun.

    While we returned she found the kid's area, so when we returned, she was waiting for us to take us there. Larissa was in heaven! She jumped around in the fountains and went through all the slides. At first I saw a height restriction, but then I discovered that it was a limit: you had to be shorter than the mark to use the ride. Yes! She went on a tube ride. We at first thought she would get nervous, but no! (I told you, she's fearless in water!) She absolutely loved it! Just then we realized that... darn! we left the camera in the bag with the chairs! Oh, well, we said, let's just enjoy it.

    We then got our first pleasant surprise: Pluto was there! We thought 'What? Characters in a water park?'. But yes, it was true. He played around with the kids, went through a couple of slides and posed for some pictures. It was great!

    We returned to our chairs, where Larissa started playing with the water fountains and ponds nearby. Carmen took care of her while I went on some of the slides. Since there was almost no wait and they were nearby I went on the tube slides a few times (Note: 'Midway Falls' is faster, and if you get turned around, it's really wild!). I decided to skip the body slides, then went back to the chairs to relax a bit. We I returned, the ladies weren't there, but returned a short while later.

    Larissa and me went on another trip in Castaway Creek. When we finished, the park was closing (it was now 7:00PM), so we headed for the exit and the car. What a great time we had!

    With so much action, Larissa of course fell immediately asleep in the car. Back in the room we decided to follow our DD's example, and we took a nap. When we woke up, we showered and changed.

    Our original plan was to go to DQ. But it was now 9:30PM, and since we figured it would close at 11:00PM (when we went laterwe found out it closed at midnight) and we hadn't had dinner yet, we decided against it. So then we decided to have dinner. But where? We didn't feel like Food Court dinner. The parks were closed or closing. What to do? Going to another resort could be a hassle, so we decided to try the Captain's Tavern.

    Our expectations were low, but we had our second pleasant surprise of the day: it was great! Our server was super-enthusiastic, some of the hostesses were from Puerto Rico, and the food was very good! (Carmen had Mahi-Mahi, I had prime rib). We sang happy birthday to a guy in the next table (the look on his face was priceless: 'Darn! Why did I say anithing?' LOL!). We were so glad we did it! Maybe it was just coincidence and the place is actually bad. But in any case these are the things that make our vacations here magical! :D

    We played a littel in the arcade, then strolled a bit more around the resort, before heading back to our rooms and into bed. Another wonderful day. But just 2 more full days left. :(

    Next - Shopping and the Mickey hug. :Pinkbounc

    Stay tuned!
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    Sounds like a lovely relaxing day.
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    Aug 10, 2002
    Sounds like fun! Thanks for the update!

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    Sounds like fun! Although I'm happy we got "upgraded" to AKL due to CBR's rehab, I'm still a little disappointed - I really wanted to go there. Oh well, just have to schedule yet ANOTHER WDW vacation!!!! Looking forward to your next report.
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    I've really enjoyed reading your reports. I love your laid back style. I'm eagerly awaiting your next installment. Thanks for posting.

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