The Mckee Clan's "words can't describe how wonderful it was" Disney World Vacation Part7-D

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    Apr 23, 2000
    Part 7 Down Town Disney, Wide World of Sports and Animal Kingdom.

    December 19th

    We set aside today to relax a little bit. George and Andrew are going to Wide World of Sports and the rest of us are going to Down Town Disney Market Place to get some Christmas shoppingn done!
    Those of us going shopping were to take the bus while George and Andrew were taking the car. This would only be our second experience with the Disney Bus system. We were not looking forward to it since our first experience was so awful (see part 3) Well, we were to be pleasantly surprised! The bus stop was a short 2 minuet walk from our building. As soon as we got to the bus stop the DTD bus pulled up and we were the only passengers. Much nicer than our first standing room only bus ride! We were at DTD by 9:15. I thought the stores opened at 9am but they didn't open until between 10-11am. So we just walked around taking in the sites. We took the kids over to the Lego Land place. This was sooooo neat! When we got there the CM's were just setting up and there were about 10 other kids waiting to play too. They put out all the legos and the kids went nuts. They all built little cars and were racing them down the ramp. It was really fun. We really liked all of the HUGE lego sculpters that they had placed around the place. The dragon in the water was really cool. Angus loved how it blew smoke out of his nose. He loves dragons! After they played for a while it was time to do some serious shopping. We went to alot of stores and got A LOT of shopping done. I didn't do any X-mas shopping before we left home. I had planned on getting all of my gifs here so I had many gifts to buy. I can't tell you how much I grew to love the package delivery! It would have made for a miserable day if we had to lug everything we bought around with us all day! After some heavy duty shopping we went to McDonalds for lunch. After that we let the kids ride on the carrosell. After some more shopping Hannah realized that she did not have her bag that contained the earings she had bought earlier. I had wanted to carry the bag for her but she begged me to let her carry it so I gave in and let her. She was so upset when she lost them. We went to lost and found but nobody had turned them in so we filled out a form in case they turned up. The CM really felt bad for her. She went in the back room and came out with a picture of Minnie Mouse for Hannah. Luckily Santa found the earings while he was in Disney World and put them in Hannah's stocking. Hannah decided that this was all the proof she needed to believe that Santa was real :)
    After spending half a fortune in the various stores we decided it was time to go back to OKW before we ended up spending the other half of the fortune.
    Oh yeh, one other thing about DTD. While we were in one of the stores Hannah saw a lady with a lanyard full of the Disney pins for trading. She started talking to the lady to see if she wanted to trade with her. The kids had really gotten into the pin trading. I think they traded there 4 pins about 100 times during the stay! Anyway, the lady said no she didn't want to trade. Hannah said ok and started to walk away but the lady stopped her. She said, I don't want to trade with you, I want to give you a pin. She let her have her pick of any of her pins. Hannah picked a Daisy Duck pin and I thought she was going to die of happiness. What a wonderful person this lady was! Another wonderful moment to add to our already large list of wonderful moments at DW! We met so many great people. Hannah couldn't wait to get back and show Andrew!
    When we got back the boys were sitting in the living room eating lunch and watching football on tv. They had a great time at WWS! They did the Quarter back challenge or whatever it is they have there. I can't remember and I'm not a big football fan so I really had no idea what they were talking about. But they had a great time and that's what counts! They are both huge football fans and this was a dream come true for them. George says that he reccomends finding the time to do this if you like football at all!
    After Angus had his nap we headed over to AK. By this time it had become very chilly outside. It had been colder and colder as the day went on. We wore our winter coats to AK and by the time we got there it had started to rain pretty hard. We didn't care though! We put our rain ponchos on over our coats and covered the stroller with a piece of clear plastic that I had picked up at Jo-Ann fabrics for just this occassion! I also brought a roll of heavy duty tape to attach the plastic to the stroller. Angus was in heaven, he thought this was the coolest thing! He laughed the whole time. We got alot of envious looks from other parents who had miserable, soaking wet kids in strollers. The crowds were very light. The other guests were leaving in droves due to the rain. We saw Tarzan Rocks and let me tell you it really rocked! We loved this show! We also saw Flights of Wonder. George loves birds so this was a must see for us. It was a good show and we even got to see the Eagle take a big poop! :D IT was hysterical because just as the animal trainer said "here is something not very many people get to see in the wild" the Eagle pooped! How's that for being right on cue :rolleyes:
    After the bird show we went over to dino land. The kids did not want to go on Dinasour so we just went to the boneyard. They played there for a little while and then we went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner. This place gets alot of bad press on the reasturaunt board but we really wanted to give it a try. We were really glad we did! The theming alone is worth a visit here! We were seated right next to the big aquarium in the wall. The kids really liked this! They also got a real kick out of the rainstorms. We saw 2 of them. Angus laughed hystericaly at the gorrillas when they did thier thing! The food was very good. I had the Asian Beef (I think that's what it's called) and it was delicious! The pizza here is wonderful, Hannah got that. Andrew didn't eat any of his food. He was complaing about not feeling well earlier in the day and by this time he was feeling pretty sick. We hurried through our dinner so we could get him back to the hotel and put him to bed.
    I was supposed to go to a Dis Meet that evening but with Andrw sick I didn't feel right going.
    So, I just put the kids to bed and we spent a nice evening at home.
    So, another great though cold day at Disney World has come to and end.
    Next time....part 8 EPCOT and MGM!

    <font color=red>FIRST TIME TO WDW!Port Orleans December 15-16!! OKW DECEMBER 17-22!!</font>

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    So thats what happened to you :D I'm sorry Andrew didnt feel well. Hope we can meet next time.

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    Wonderful pin trading story . . There are many many wonderful people out there.

  4. That was really sweet of that lady to give your daughter a pin. :)

  5. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day for all. Hope the sick child is better by morning. Thanks for posting!

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