The Mckee Clan's "words can't describe how wonderful it was" Disney World Vacation. part 9

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    Apr 23, 2000
    Part 9 EE at MK and EPCOT

    December 21

    Today was our last full day at Disney World. We were all sad to see our wonderful vacation come to an end but we were reallly looking forward to today!
    The kids were especially excited about EE at MK. We hadn't really done too much in Fantasy Land yet and they really wanted to go on these rides!
    We arrived at the gates to MK just as they started letting people in. We took our time walking down Main Street enjoying the peace and quiet of our magical surroundings. We made our way to Fantasy Land and there was barely another person in sight! The first thing we did was ride the caurosell. We had already ridden this earlier in the week but we couldn't pass it up. There were only a handfull of people on the ride and we rode it 3 times in a row. Next we did Dumbo 2 times without getting off. We did all the other rides; Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Tea Cups and Small World. We walked on to every single ride! I can't tell you how much we enjoyed EE! After we did all the rides we still had a while before official opeining so we did a little browsing in the stores. About 8:45 we headed over to Toon Town to wait for rope drop. There were about 15 other people in line. When they dropped the rope we went right to Barnstormer. Amber, Andrew, George and Hannah went to get on the ride while Angus and I waited for them. A few minuets later Hannah and George came back out. Hannah decided the roller coaster was way to big for her! After Amber and Andrew got off the ride we went through Mickey and Minnies house. They were so cute! I'm glad we went when we did. I can't imagine touring through the houses with large crowds. We had time to really look at everything and play around in Minnie's kitchen. Hannah loved that! We already had all of the characters autographs that are at Toon Town so we went over to the train station and took the train to Frontier Land. Angus loves trains, he was in 7th heaven! It was still on the chilly side today so the train ride was cold! When we got to Frontier Land, the lines for BTM and SM were HUGE! We decided to forgo these rides as the kids were too scared to try them anyway. We went to Tom Sawyer Island and explored that for a while. The kids were very dissapointed that they didn't find a paint brush.
    By this time the kids were hungry so we went to Pecos Bills for an early lunch. The food here was very good. The topping bar for the hamburgers is awesome! They also have a chicken wrap sandwich that is very tasty!
    After lunch we decided to head back to OKW. We rode the horse drawn trolly back down Main St. The kids really liked this alot!
    Back at OKW Angus took a nap and the the rest of us played some games. After our afternoon break we headed over to EPCOT.
    We went right to the World Showcase. We made our way around the world and the kids did their masks at the kidcot stops. This is really a neat idea. The got thier masks in Canada and at each country they got to add something new. When we got to Morrocco the early TON started so we got a spot and watched. We really enjoyed this parade, the music is increadable. When we got to Germany it was almost time for our PS at the Biergarten so I went in to see if they could seat us even though we were a little early. No problem. If you like German food this is the place for you. If you don't, you are out of luck! Poor Hannah, the only thing she liked were the beets and saurkraut. Andrew loved the Saurbrauten. He was the only one, he ended up eating everyone elses! George was in heaven, he's part Irish and part German and he loves German food, not to mention the beer, LOL! We were seated with another couple. I felt really bad for them, because I could tell they were trying to have a romantic dinner. That's kind of hard to do when your seated at a table with 3 young kids. The man was seated right next to Angus who kept showing him everything he put in his mouth :eek: I was so embarrassed!
    By the time we were finished with dinner the later TON was going by. We all liked the evening parade better. The puppets look so much more dramatic all lit up. One of the puppets reached down and touched Hannah and Angus. They still talk about it! We made our way through the rest of the countries and then it was time to leave :(
    But not before one more ride on Spaceship Earth! This was Hannah's favorite ride! On the way over to SE we came accross one of the talking water fountains! This was sooo cool! The kids were totally amazed! Of course they had to walk over the sidewalk that has all of the little lights in in it too. This was one of the reasons they loved EPCOT so much. They still talk about the lights and the jumping water fountians and all of the other little things like that. We made it to SE and there was no line. We went right on and enjoyed our last ride at Disney World. We walked very slowly to the tram and we all looked back at the same time and sighed. George said, so when can we come back?!

    Back at OKW, all tucked in, we were dreading tommorow and leaving the magic behind :(

    Next, the trip home.

    <font color=red>First WDW trip Dec 2000 PO and OKW</font>
    <font color=red>Next WDW trip Nov-Dec 2002 AKL and OKW</font>

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    Its always sad to ride your last ride and walk down Main Street the last time. At least your DH is looking forward to going again. Hope your trip home is smooth. :)

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  3. Sounds like your family had a great trip! Thanks for posting.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    That last day is always so sad. A fun filled Disney day for all. Thanks for posting!

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