The Mckee Clan's "words can't describe how wonderful it was" Disney World vacatioin. Part

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  1. McKeeFamily3

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    Apr 23, 2000
    Part 10-The trip home

    December 22nd

    Well, the day had arrived. The day we had to leave the magic of Disney World behind :(
    We got up early, with heavy hearts. We ate breakfast and finished packing the car. We took one last look around our lovely rooms at OKW and left to begin the long trip home. We had plans of going to Kennedy Space Center on the way home. This is something George and I have always wanted to see and the kids were really looking forward to it. On the way however, Hannah got sick. She vommited all over the back seat of the van :eek:
    That put the nix on KSC. She started feeling better about an hour later and wasn't sick again at all.
    Now let me tell you, the trip down was fine. The kids behaved very well and everything mostly went fine. The drive home however, was horrid! The kids were terrible! Hannah and Andrew fought like cats and dogs. They wined and complained and just drove us all nuts! Angus cried for 3 hours striaght. At least it seemed like it. Everyone was misserable! We drove for 9 hours the first day and it felt like 99 hours! Finally we got to our hotel in Columbia SC. Once again, like the trip down, the hotel was awful! No connecting rooms as I had requested and they were smoking rooms. One of the rooms actually smelled like someone was smoking something illegall, if you get my drift. I also requested a crib for Angus. The girl at the counter said,"well, let me check. I'm not sure if we have one." She found one but I had to take it to the room! :mad: I went to give the kids a bath and I had to scub the tub out before I could. It was discusting! We didn't even want to sleep in the beds for fear of unclean bedding. We went to bed very early that night and left the hotel at 6 am for the last leg of the trip. Today was much better! The kids must have got it all out of their sytems the day before because they were very good today. It took us 10 hours to get to Pittsburgh but it seemed alot shorter of a drive than the day before!
    We arrived in Pittsbugh very happy to be home! Well almost home anyway. We actually live in Erie but were spending the holidays with Georges parents this year.
    The first thing we did when we got there was watch all the video we took! It was great to see eveything again. The kids still watch these tapes almost daily!
    This was our first trip to Disney World but definitly not our last! We are 100% Disney addicted now!
    Now all we have to do is wait for our next trip. DIS-Convention 2001 here we come! :D
    I hope you all enjoyed reading this trip report as much as I've enjoyed writting it!

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I just loved reading your reports. I'm sorry you had to miss KSC. Its really worth the trip over to see it. Maybe next time. Glad you are home all safe and sound. :)

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  4. My DS's favorite video these days is from our Disney trip. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  5. CarrieAP

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    Jan 29, 2001
    Thanks so much for sharing, I read straight through and enjoyed it so much! Though there were a few "mishaps", it sounds like you had a great time. The "mishaps" though do make for fond memories! We too follow your strategy of mid-day breaks at the hotel- it does help prevent meltdowns and enhances everyone's enjoyment of the trip. Flexibility and adaptability are also key and you seem to have mastered both!
  6. Goofball

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    May 5, 2000
    I just zipped through every one of your reports without stopping to comment! :rolleyes: I loved them - they are all a joy to read! :)

  7. Boots

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    Jan 8, 2000
    Great trip report!! I enjoyed the reading!!!

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  8. teachbrooks

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    Nov 7, 1999
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your report very much.

  9. 3D Disney

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    Oct 10, 1999
    I enjoyed your trip reports. Sounds like for the most part you had a great time. May your memories tide you over until your next trip. Hopefully you will be able to go back soon. :)


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    Oct 4, 1999
    Just finished reading all your reports. We are back already from our trip to OKW at the end of January. It really is a nice place to stay, even if you never step foot in the parks. I miss it already!

    Kids always get sick at the most inopportune times, don't they? ;) I'm glad to hear she wasn't ill the whole way home. That would have been awful for her, and you, too!

    It's also great when you have a spouse that is just as addicted to Disney as you are, isn't it? I'm sure you'll be planning your next trip soon! :D

    Thanks for sharing your trip. I really enjoyed reading it. :D

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  11. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Glad to hear you made it home safe. A great Disney trip was had by all. Thanks for posting!
  12. Jeremy'smom

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    Mar 21, 2000
    What a wonderful trip report. Thanks for sharing it with us I really enjoyed it. :D

  13. Casey's mom

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    Mar 15, 2000
    Thanks for posting you reports -- I really enjoyed them. Loved your picture of the month on your website!

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