The Many Adventures of...A Family With a New Baby! Jan - Dec 2016! May TR started 2/10

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by Imagineer5, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Imagineer5

    Imagineer5 DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2007
    I forgot to chime in on the strawberries. Aria had the right idea - they were weird. and messy! I didn't even eat them all. :( They were big but honestly would have tasted better just fresh lol.

    I just love La Cava. Can't wait to enjoy it again next trip!! LOL yes the sail thing didn't do much for me on this day!

    They do a nice job, although I think in the future as the girls get older I'd like to do more of the special offerings (same with F&W). I think they may only have the bubble tea during F&G but could be wrong (it was at the booth). They also have it at Skippers. It's definitely a hit for Aria, too! (I also enjoyed it!)

    Thank you so much! I spend WAY too much time on their wardrobes. I find a designer I like though and follow them - this one is from Primafashions and we own about 6 of her dresses - but Belle is definitely the most stunning to date IMO!

    Aw thanks so much!! That'll happen more and more as we travel with Maya and she eats more. So I hope you find my input helpful, although of course we were really just learning at the time. In August and even moreso in December (since Maya was eating) I will delve more into traveling with an allergy kiddo.

    I can't wait to hear all about it, you'll have to do a follow up post on that!! I don't think I've seen the ROL Tiffins menu yet - I am really waiting to make sure that there is something on there for my picky self ;) (I enjoyed my meal in December but remember really only loving the appetizers, which has me worried for a set meal).

    I rarely leave time to eat at the booths too - usually like to have my dining planned out. So it was really nice to include that (and it helped since I didn't know whether flights would be delayed or whatnot, so I deliberately didn't want to plan a TS ADR).

    Thanks!! Yes we have a lot of fun together, still do <3 she is my little sweetie.

    Agree completely - the rooms are HUGE and so nice to hide a PnP behind that partial wall for extra space. I can totally see staying there again even with 3 littles, which I can't say the same about most Disney rooms/studios (I'd want a 1 bedroom or more on Disney Property). With the DoD I pay the highest price - but for this trip got a really good room rate (89?) so that was awesome. The next trip I paid more like $140 which is still good, but I liked 89 better ;) Shady Shuttle would have been REALLY nice in December when I was 20 weeks pregnant, but with the big double stroller it just never seemed feasible.

    I don't do well with special diets. Of course it wasn't until JUST before the trip we made the decision to switch to Neocate, so I had actually written down the few things I could try that were dairy/soy free and did a lot of research on the restaurants and such. Actually it's why I had a last minute addition of the Star Wars dessert party - just because I could! LOL
  2. Imagineer5

    Imagineer5 DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2007
    I'm home from Seattle! Well, technically at work. I flew in late last night - had a good time, but man I missed my family!! I left Saturday morning (2/11) so Andrew was home Saturday, Sunday AND Monday (snow day) so I had lots of photos and Facetime those days. Then he had to work Tues-Thurs so I tried bugging daycare and got 1 photo out of her lol!

    No photos yet because they're all on my phone and apparently I used up about 4GB of data while out there, oops, but here's what I did:

    Saturday was a LONG travel day, plus the time change, so I basically just spent the afternoon shopping at University Village, grabbed a pizza to take back to family's house, and went to bed early. Disappointed bc the store I worked at in high school (Pasta & Co) was undergoing a 2 week renovation that was not mentioned on their website, and it was closed!

    Sunday I spent the morning driving around Madison Park, the area in Seattle I lived, and then decided to drive downtown to Magic Mouse Toys which is an awesome toy store in Pioneer Square in seattle. Left with a couple bags filled with toys to bring back for the girls lol (a couple I will give now, the rest I'll save for Easter or Christmas or whatever). Then drove back to family's house where the family got together that night which was SO nice! I met my little niece Annabelle (19m), saw her brother Charlie (4), and my step-sister, plus some distant cousins who have twins (11m). I missed my littles SO much!

    Monday - headed downtown, shopped Pike Place Market and visited See's Candies where I filled a box of chocolates to bring home for Valentine's day. Met up with a HS friend for lunch at Wild Ginger. This was the LOW of the trip for me - Wild Ginger has had the same Seven Elements Soup on the menu since I started going there when I was 15 or so. Up until 2 weeks ago it was still there, and we made an Open Table reservation. Well, when we got there, they had literally JUST changed the menu and removed it! I was NOT happy. It didn't help that Asian overall doesn't sound good to me currently (preggo weirdness, I normally love it) so I had a curry salmon dish and it was just OK, but not my soup. I told our server about my displeasure and he said they have had a LOT of feedback and most likely will be bringing it back - but that didn't help me that day!!

    Anyway after that, I said goodbye to my friend and went to the Chihuly Glass museum near the space needle. This was STUNNING, new since I lived there, and I would totally revisit it it was just beautiful. Then drove out to Keyport where I was staying the next 3 nights.

    Tues/Wed I had meetings and really did nothing exciting. My room had a huge whirlpool tub so I enjoyed some relaxing warm (not hot!) baths and that was about the extent of my solo fun lol.

    By Thursday I was SOOOO ready to get home!! That was a very long travel day too, though, with leaving the hotel at 5:45AM, driving 2 hours to the airport in traffic, flight delayed due to overweight baggage and having to remove some from the plane (way to go, Alaska!) and then waiting on the Boston end for a spot to open up, then my bag didn't show up. I got home around 8:30PM. Andrew kept Aria up (not that she was upset about that!!) and I got to see her, so that was fun! This morning I got to see Maya and she was happy to see me, so very nice to be home - and walking into a 3-day weekend!

    I'll update on the TR as soon as I can! <3
  3. cindianne320

    cindianne320 DIS Veteran

    Oct 27, 2010
    Welcome home! Glad your trip went well!
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  5. DisneyMom2Many

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    Feb 27, 2016
    Love your trip report! We have done Disney with a 6 week old and are doing it again, with most likely a 6 week old, in June. One quick question, where do you get the super cute Disney outfits that your girls are wearing in some of the pictures?
  6. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    Sounds like a long week! I'm sure it was nice to be able to shop and dine in peace without little kids to corral, but I can only imagine how much you missed your family. It's hard to go a long time without your kids. (I tell my husband all the time that I could never do his job and be gone so long.)
  7. mousehappync

    mousehappync Mouseketeer

    Feb 17, 2013
    Glad your trip is over-- I can only imagine how hard to be away from the kids! Solo time is nice, but that many days was difficult, I'm sure! It sounds like you had fun, though-- nice to see family who are so far from you! Bummer about your soup-- Sounds like your restaurant luck wasn't ideal thus trip!
  8. Imagineer5

    Imagineer5 DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2007
    I made it home just in time for Aria to get a stomach bug - so my 1 normal work day last week (Friday) I had to leave early to pick her and Maya up. The rest of the weekend was spent dealing with that - now she seems to be 100% and I got the bug overnight. But alas I'm at work today because I have no more leave to stay home :( This stinks!!

    Thank you!

    Aw thanks so much, and congratulations!!

    Oh man, they are from all over the place. Kpea, Matilda Jane (not Disney, just cute outfits), lots of customs - Princess tutu dresses are from Primafashions, then I have some custom made by Laura Kae Designs, a friend of mine just started up Mischief & Wonder and she has a number of super cute things, then Nicole Rose is a designer too. All of these can be found on Facebook! I have a whole closet facebook page and it's sort of my obsession :-D

    I also have a ton of upcycles although I have kind of gotten away from that style, but there are a few resale groups for those on Facebook too.

    It was especially hard because I had a whole trip planned to Seattle for April 2017 for the family but we cancelled that due to Baby #3, so there was a lot I wanted to experience with them. But no, I have no intentions of doing that again anytime soon! I tried to appreciate the time I had away though, knowing it would be a long time before I have that freedom again!

    Yeah it was a lot all at once, for sure. I did have one little tag-along though, and it was kind of nice to get a little time to focus on her and how she is doing, kicking, etc since I don't get a lot of time like that at home.

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