The Magical Vacation - 5/28 Monday - Day at Sea - LONG & DETAILED

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    Jul 6, 2000
    Our Happy Group:

    Me, 36, compulsive planner, hoping all goes perfect
    DH, 44, good sport, in need of a good vacation
    Teen DD, 15, excited but in a cool way
    Youngest DD, 13 months, oblivious to goings-on, just her generally happy self

    My parents and sister (25) were traveling in our group as well. This is the first time we have all traveled as a group and it went surprisingly well!!

    I will warn you now - these daily reports are going to be long - really really really long. So, if you don't like detailed reports go ahead and hit that back button now!!

    I wrote this information as much for me as for all of you. I want to remember as much of it as possible - hence the ad nauseum detail.

    Read, skim, or skip completely - whatever works for you!! I will post these by days and then add some general overviews on certain subjects. Please ask questions if you have them!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

    5/28 Monday Day at Sea

    We slept late again and had to go to Topsider’s for breakfast as we missed the sit-down option for the morning. Had waffles this morning, which were good, and DD had fruit and scrambled eggs.

    My mom and my sister and I wanted to go to the Art of Entertaining presentation. So, I left DD with DH and headed to Studio Sea. This was a very fun and amusing presentation about making the Australian dessert called Pavlova. Corey, the adorable chef, and Natalee, the emcee, had great chemistry and were very funny together. At the end of the presentation, everyone got a taste of the dessert and a small glass of Asti Spumanti. Altogether a fun event. Wished I had been able attend all of these – oh well, next time.

    DH and I decided to try a sit-down lunch at Lumiere’s today. It was nice and quiet and the food was good. We were seated at a table by ourselves and had a chance to talk a bit. My DH just wanted a hamburger and fries, I had the roasted chicken (very moist and tasty), and DH had macaroni and cheese. Very good lunch – I will try to make time for more sit-down lunches on our next cruise.

    Since we had scheduled for our DD to be in Flounder’s from 2:00 – 4:00, we figured we’d make use of our free Rainforest Room pass. So, we changed into swimsuits, dropped of DD at the nursery, and headed to the spa. We stayed about an hour or so and enjoyed the steam room, the sauna, and especially the heated lounge chairs. I had a nice conversation with a spa CM and the lady next to me while in the lounge chairs – I love meeting new people!! We had to leave by 3:10 since I need to meet up with my mom and sister for our 3:30 tea reservation.

    So, back to the room to quickly clean up and change for tea. DH also cleaned up and wandered around taking pictures of the ship and then picked up DD from Flounder’s.

    We originally had a reservation for 3 for tea but ended up changing it to 5 since our DIS friends Cindy and Kathy wanted to come as well. Since tea is from 3:30 – 4:30, they only use a few tables so as to leave the vast majority of the restaurant ready for dinner. Therefore, reservations are hard to come by. The 5 of us enjoyed the hour we spent together – it was a nice relaxed way to get to know each other better and share our thoughts on our vacations so far. They served us two plates of finger sandwiches (I know there were curried chicken, cucumber and cream cheese, egg salad and something else I can’t remember) as well as a beautiful and delicious chocolate éclair for each of us. A server brought the tea cart around and allowed us each to select our loose tea. Unfortunately, the table we were sitting at was in full sun and it was VERY HOT. We told this to several servers but apparently there was no other table available so we just had to make do. With the heat, two of us were not at all interested in HOT tea so we passed. The hour passed quickly and we all enjoyed the experience especially considering there is no charge for this tea.

    I returned to the stateroom at about 4:45 to find DH and DD just waking up from a nap. Good timing as now we were all relaxed and ready for the evening.

    Earlier in the day, the Captain had announced that we would be stopped in Puerto Rico for a medical evacuation. So, DH and I decided to head up to deck 9 to watch since we were supposed to arrive around 5:00 or so. There were lots of people watching this event. The view of Puerto Rico is lovely with the old forts, churches etc. as well as the skyline of San Juan. We docked and watched as the little boy (about 7 or 8 I would guess) and his family disembarked. The little boy was on a gurney and was loaded onto a waiting ambulance. I heard varying reports as to his condition – I heard it was an injury due to diving in one of the pools to an appendicitis attack. Whatever the reason, I think everyone felt sad for the family that their vacation ended this way and wished them good luck. In fact, many people yelled “Good luck” to the family as they were disembarking!!

    It was quite interesting to watch the boat maneuver so adroitly into the dock. We took quite a few pictures and enjoyed the great view. We headed back to our room and we were able to watch for several minutes more in dock and then had a great view as we moved out of port and back out to sea. An unfortunate stop but an interesting one nonetheless.

    Tonight, we were eating in Animator’s Palate for the first time. Since this was not a formal night, we were going to get to see the “show” during dinner. (Note: if your first visit in Animator’s is on Sunday which is a formal night, you will not see the “show” until your next visit.) A few of us had decided that since the restaurant is decorated in a black and white theme that we would dress to “match.” I got the cutest Minnie Mouse dress for DD that was black and white with just a tiny touch of red – too adorable!! A ship’s photographer came by our table that night and the pictures turned out very good with all of the black and white.

    For dinner that night, I had the smoked salmon on a crisp potato cake (very fresh and tasty) and Caesar salad (very good) for appetizers, the pan-fried veal chop in a parmesan and herb crust with corn risotto and asparagus (excellent!!) for an entrée, and double-fudge chocolate cake (yumm). Others at my table had the lobster and shrimp wrappers and baked stuffed tomato for appetizers, cheese cannelloni and roasted chicken breast for entrees, and New York-style cheesecake for dessert. Once again, no complaints were heard and everyone seemed to enjoy their food.

    After dinner, it was time to go back to the stateroom to change DD into pajamas and drop her off at Flounder’s. Tonight, we found another towel animal. This one was a rabbit and he was once again wearing sunglasses and holding the next day’s navigator like he was reading it. Very cute and we of course took a picture!!

    My parents and sister were waiting in line for Hercules so that we could get good seats. We didn’t want to end up missing this as we had the show the night before. We arrived just as they started letting people in the theatre and got good seats in the center.

    We really did enjoy this show. I have read quite varying reviews about it and so I was prepared for anything I think. They definitely managed to consolidate the story well. The musical numbers were fun to watch and Hades was very very amusing.

    Teen DD and I wanted to get t-shirts to wear on the excursion the next day so we stopped by Mickey Mates and picked out matching bright yellow shirts with Minnie on them. They also say “Sea Diva” and are very cute. We also picked out a few pins, postcards etc.

    After shopping, we got out the navigator to see what our options were. My DH enjoys karaoke on his business trips to Tokyo so we thought we’d try out the Family Karaoke in Studio Sea. There were plenty of people but it was not crowded. They did, however, quickly fill up the list of people wanting to perform. My sister performed “Cabaret” and did very well – she has done quite a bit of karaoke in the past also and is definitely comfortable on stage. There were performers of all ages and talent levels – it was pretty fun for everyone. We did begin to get tired by the time it was over and we decided to head back to our room. We got the room prepared for bedtime and then went to pick up DD from Flounder’s. She was sound asleep and went right back to sleep when we got back to the room. We also turned in at that point. Teen DD came in around 1:00 but once again did not disturb any of us.


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