The Loves Adventure-WL-Day Six

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    Jun 8, 2000
    Today is Sunday and we've met a lot of people who are telling us they were leaving on Saturday and Sunday.

    We decide to head for MK and bring our Mickey Ponchos, just in case. It rained here last night, Florida Orlando area needs the rain. The lakes are 6" below their normal level. The boat docks all have floating docks now to accommodate the lack of rain. Stan told us the drought was in it's 3rd year.

    Before we leave the lodge, we make PS for Fantasmic Dinner show for Monday at Brown Derby.
    PS at 4 pm.

    We caught the boat for MK and head over to Splash Mt, there are not a lot of people around. As we leave SM, it starts to drizzle. Head over to BTMRR, ride in the rain. Head over to Pirates of the Caribbean. One of my favorite rides. Still have not used FP. As we leave Pirates, it is starting to down pour. We have a neat picture of Frontier Land with no one walking down the street. We are headed over to Pooh ride in Fantasy Land. Everyone is in the standby line, they don't want to get wet. We get FP for 1/2 hr from now. Take a pit stop, and smoke break. DH is good about using the designated smoking areas, but a lot of others are either unaware or don't care. Gives us time to relax.

    This trip we are more relaxed that previous trips. No commando modes.

    We walk right on to Pooh with our FP. DH did not see this last year, as soon as we got on the ride last year, his pins started falling off and he spent the entire time, trying to get them back. He enjoys this trip. We look at our right hands in the dark and see all of the stamps for the returning to the parks. I wonder how long they stay on their and what use are they anyway.

    We then head for Buzz again. DH wants to beat my score this time. SP.Mt has 1 1/2 hrs. wait, Buzz is only 1 hrs. We decide on Buzz.

    We then did Tomorrow Land Transit, have never done this before. Nice relaxing ride. Still not time for FP, so we do CofP again. When we exit, it is really raining hard. Sneakers are even getting soaked. Good thing we brought extra sneaks. (I knew one of the trips we would run into rain).

    Walk on to Buzz with FP. DH beats my score. He made me steer.

    Headed for Cosmic Rays, too crowded, no one is walking around, everyone is either in line or getting food.

    We head for the Plaza, diner next to the Bakery. We've eaten here before and like it. No wait. DH had Reuben and DW had tuna, good. DH had vanilla shake and DW had coffee. We each had desserts.

    Headed off to Jungle Cruise, still no one in the park. Walk right on, amazing, have never, ever walked on JC. Tiki birds next, no one there either. Visited Haunted Mansion again.

    There is more of a crowd here, but nothing like previous days, Hoorray. On the way out CM scares DW. This is quite funny, since it was totally unexpeceted and DW usually is aware of all surroundings.

    Shopped on the way out, more Christmas presents.

    We took the monorail to GF to see the decorations. Beautiful as usual. Visited the pool area and hot tub. Still would not be comfortable staying here. Too high class???? or something.

    Back on Monorail to boat launch. To the HOT TUB. We stay in the hot tub while it is pouring out. Quite the experience.

    We then change and decide on on DD again. We take the bus and have dinner at Captain Jacks, not impressed and quite expensive. This usually happens to us once a trip, we pick a not so good place to eat and spend too much money.

    Over to PI and the Adventures Club, like this spot. This was a different show, really.

    Oh we also visited the Wildhorse Saloon.

    DW getting tired, we head home.

    Tomorrow is Monday, we leave on Wednesday. Glad the crowds are disappearing.


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    Feb 11, 1999
    You might not be doing commando mode, but it sounds like you're getting a lot done.

    I'm glad the crowds are starting to clear out a bit.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Another fun filled day. Thanks for posting!

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