The Glasmanns live from Disney - Day 8

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    Dec 30, 2000
    The Cast:

    Ron (32)
    Beth (31)
    Dreu (8)


    January 13-21

    Day 8 & Back home

    We’re all bummed this morning, our last day at WDW :( . Dreu actually cries because he’s not ready to go home, he doesn’t cry all that much now that he’s a “big boy” so it’s a little surprising. Dreu also mistakenly thinks we’re going to do everything we haven’t managed to fit in yet LOL.

    We start our day at Cape May for the character breakfast. None of us were ready to get up yet so we’re not really hungry yet, LOL. The characters are: Chip, Dale, Pluto and of course Goofy. Our waiter is hilarious, he has a joke for everything and they’re actually not bad :) ! The food here is MUCH better than Chef Mickeys! Some of the same selections but they are right on top of keeping it hot, clean and filled. Everything is good that we try, even the bacon is at just the right crispness. The character interaction was great and the characters were some of the best we’ve come across. Chip and Dale “bickered”, Goofy was a goof and Pluto even posed in a “doggy” sit. Dreu’s new prized posession is his autograph book, Chip and Dale continued their bickering about who was the cutest in it. He got the biggest kick out of starting “trouble” by showing either Chip or Dale what the other wrote. Since Dreu is an only child you can understand that he misses out on causing trouble and tattling, lol. Dreu LOVES Chef Mickeys (we like the ambience too but not the food) but has deemed this his new favorite and said he’d rather do this than Chef Mickey’s.

    After breakfast we head back to the room because we need to grab the monorail stuff, we’re having it sent home. We toss around the idea of swimming one last time but it’s COLD! Instead we lounge around the room for a while then go for a walk on the boardwalk. Dreu plays the games and wins a monkey and lochness monster. We went into the gift shop because I wanted to buy picture frames. Dreu discovers pins for the first time, he’s just never checked them out before. EXPENSIVE HABIT!! I spent about $100 on pins and a thing to put them on. We spend a bit more time on the boardwalk then head back to the resort.

    We decide to do ‘Ohana for our farewell dinner. Ron LOVES this place in case you haven’t noticed, lol. We are seated in a great area again and with little wait. Dreu is psyched about the coconut race, he says he’s getting good at it but the people he runs his coconut into may differ with that opinion LOL. The food is excellent as usual, the turkey is especially juicy tonight. We save room for dessert this time. The white chocolate mousse is EXCELLENT! After dinner we have to ride the monorail, we haven’t been on it at all this trip! We buy more pins (did I mention we’re dangerous???!!!) and head back to the resort and head off to bed, we have to get up early :(.

    Day 9

    We had an incredibly smooth travel day! No problems returning our rental car or with our flight (Delta). There is SNOW here, what a shock after all the 80 days! Our dogs are happy we’re home but we’re ready to go back already!

    I’ll post some final thoughts and LOTS of pictures over the next couple of days. Thanks everyone for reading and for going on vacation with us :)!

    ºoº Beth ºoº

    Taking a break from reality, goin' to see the M ºoºuse!

    Yacht Club January 13-21, 2001
    Polynesian 11/00
    Disney Wonder 11/00
    Disneyland Hotel 5/00
    Disney Pacific 5/00
    Contemporary 2/00
    Port Orleans 2/00
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    Thank you so much for a great report. I'm glad you are at home now all safe and sound. :)

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    Jan 1, 2001
    Glad you enjoyed your trip and had a safe journey back. I have really enjoyed your trip reports and I look forward to seeing your photos. Welcome back! :)
  4. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    At the end of my dd's first trip to the world she was 6 and she cried all the way to the airport on the Mears bus. By the time we got to the airport she had everyone crying - nobody wanted to go home. Thanks for posting!

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