The Glasmanns live from Disney - Day 7

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    Dec 30, 2000
    The Cast:

    Ron (32)
    Beth (31)
    Dreu (8)


    January 13-21

    Day 7

    Today is MK day, YEA! This is our favorite park. We were going to do MK tomorrow but decided to do it today because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. We head to Beaches and Cream to see what they have for breakfast. It’s a continental breakfast here, there is: 2 different kinds of mickey shaped donuts, bagels, muffins, hot and cold cereal, fruit and yogurt, juice and coffee, milk, juice and tea. We grab a quick bite to eat and Dreu finally gives up hope that he’ll score a donut as we head out the door and for the bus stop, lol. We wait about 10 minutes for an MK bus, it is nearly empty and we get to the MK quickly.

    Since we had bought our tickets for today at the resort we went straight to the gate. I always feel like a 5 year old when I first enter the MK, exciting! We walk down Main St. and take in all the smells, sights and sounds. I could live on Main St., think they’ll let me?? Dreu won’t quit asking if we can go on Thunder Mtn., it was closed last time we were here. We head over to Frontierland and there’s only a 10 minute wait so we go ahead and ride it. We still like the DL version better but of course this is fun. We decide to do Splash Mtn. while we’re over here. Dreu loves this ride. We have a panic moment at the end... the ride keeps stopping throughout when we reach the last big drop they have a bunch of us lined up to go. They let one boat go up at a time and don’t send the next until it’s over the top and heading down. When it’s our turn the other boat gets about 1/2 of the way up and we start going. HELP, lol. Dreu and I are writing our wills and Ron is laughing at us, lol. We came down right behind the boat in front of us... CLOSE! After we jump start my heart we head to the Haunted Mansion, lol. Have they changed this? I don’t remember seeing the hearse in the ball room before but maybe I just missed it, I’m not the most observant person so it’s very possible. I love this ride. I remember riding this with my niece (she’s a year younger than me) as kids and she was freaking out and crying, wuss LOL. I love HM!

    We head over to Fantasyland next because we have PS for Cinderella’s Royal Table at noon. We ride a few things and get a FP for Peter Pan. We shop and Dreu gets a new case for his Palm, a pen and a stuffed sorcerer Mickey. Ron gets one of the pens too... writes in black ink, red ink and pencil. You hold the side up you want and push the button, it’s cool!

    We are a few minutes early for our PS but are taken in right away. I LOVE the Castle!! I think this is the best meal at WDW and the ambience can’t be beat! We had the same as always... Ron the Major Domo’s Pie, I had the Prime Rib and Dreu had the cheese hot dogs. Ron tried a bite of my Prime Rib for the first time and decided that he’d have it next time because it’s so good! He’s been on a prime rib kick lately when eating out and thinks this is the best... I agree : ) !! There aren’t any characters here today and that’s ok with us, Dreu would rather not have to deal with the princesses LOL.

    After lunch we grab FP for Winnie the Pooh. We’ve never been on this before because none of like WTP at all. We think we should do it though just to say we have, lol. We had over to Tomorrowland, Ron’s favorite section. We do the race cars and then decide to do Carousel of Progress since we’ve never been on that. Ron and I really enjoyed this. My dad was born in 1911 so I always think when I see things like this that it must be amazing for him to have experienced such drastic changes during his life!

    We head back over to WTP for our FP and get right on. This is the only way to do this ride! Stand by was 45 minutes!!! The ride is cute and if you’re into WTP you would find it especially enjoyable and cute. After this we’re on to Space Mtn., 10 min. wait and we were off! We all love this ride and Dreu gets his need for speed fulfilled for a while, lol. Dreu decides he’s still not brave enough to do Alien Encounter again so we skip it, Ron loves this so is a little bummed but won’t do it without me. What a baby:P lol. We stop and have ice cream bars and then we’re off to Adventureland!

    We do the Pirate Cruise 2 times because we are TIRED and need the break, lol. After that we decide that we’ve done everything we wanted to and are ready to head out before the crowds. We limp down Main St. lol and stop to buy some Fudge. As we exit we make Dreu run ahead because there is a YC bus and we don’t want to wait for the next one.

    You guys should have been on the bus back with us, it was a ride in itself LOL. This chic was FLYING. People were slipping and sliding around in their seats and hanging on for dear life. On one of the exits the suggested speed was 25, she was doing no less than 55. On turns the bus was leaning so far over we had a great ground shot. I don’t know if she was late for a hot date or if she saw Speed one too many times, lol. She barely stopped to let us off at the YC and was off before the door closed, LOL.

    We decide to hop in the hot tub for a bit to help our aches and pains. It is WONDERFUL!! No one else is at the quiet pool and we get to stretch out in the hot tub. We let Dreu swim while we are in the hot tub, the deep end of the pool is only 4ft. We jump in with him for a while then decide to get a bite to eat. We didn’t feel like dressing for dinner so we donned our comfy clothes and ate at the Galley. We had onion rings (yes I could live forever without seeing another onion ring, lol!), I had a caesar salad and clam chowder. The clam chowder was AWFUL. It had Italian seasonings in it and was kind of a green color, Yuck! The waiter was nice and took it off of our bill. I would have paid for it but just didn’t want to eat it, lol. Dreu had mac and cheese and Ron the stew, both enjoyed their meal. After dinner we went over to Beaches and Cream for dessert. Ron had a milkshake and Dreu shared a banana split with me.... it was HUGE and delicious!

    We were exhausted by this point so went back to the room and off to sleep!

    Tomorrow is a free day and our packing day : (

    ºoº Beth ºoº

    Taking a break from reality, goin' to see the M ºoºuse!

    Yacht Club January 13-21, 2001
    Polynesian 11/00
    Disney Wonder 11/00
    Disneyland Hotel 5/00
    Disney Pacific 5/00
    Contemporary 2/00
    Port Orleans 2/00
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    You had a busy day. :) Splash always gets me just before the big drop but I love it anyway. :)

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    I love the Haunted Mansion - but my dd doesn't but I make her go on it - hey I ride RnR with her. Thanks for posting!

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